Some Good News

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I posted previously about little seven year-old Jorelys Rivera, who was kidnapped from the playground in the apartment complex where she lived, taken inside a vacant unit where she was sexually assaulted, brutally beaten to death, and her body then placed in a dumpster.
Yesterday, law enforcement authorities made an arrest in the case, and took Ryan Brunn, 20, who was employed as a maintenance worker in the same complex, into custody.
He is currently being held in the Cherokee County jail without bond.
You will find the whole story here.
It is a relief to know that the person responsible for this heinous crime has been incarcerated and thus no-longer able to harm anyone else.
The community where Jorelys lived is about a twenty minute drive up I-575 from where I live, and a lot of parents around here were understandably concerned.

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4 responses to “Some Good News

  1. Good, now fry ’em!

  2. Canton is located on my way home from Atlanta, up Hwy 575. Our children have friends who are young couples that have moved up there because of the safe, small-town feel, away from the crime of the city. No child is safe anywhere any more–such a sad day.

  3. Glad they got him! My heartfelt prayers go out the little girl’s family.

  4. Death penalty in Georgia… lethal injection, not Ol’ Sparky, though.


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