Some fun on my Saturday afternoon…

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Today we had a beautiful, rare sunny day in the Pacific Northwest.  So what did I decide to do?  Go to the indoor gun range 🙂
I thought we’d be shooting a .357 yet we ended up renting a Glock 22 pistol.  I had never fired this model before and found it to be extremely easy to operate.  Kickback was nothing compared to a .45 or the .30-06 rifle I’m used to shooting!

Yes, I wore my heels!

I need to work on my aim…

Yesterday Steve did a post on “More Rules for Gun Fights“.  One way to make sure you win a gun fight is practice, practice and more practice!  And that I’ll be doing again real soon. 
Hope you had a great Saturday!

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0 responses to “Some fun on my Saturday afternoon…

  1. You go girl!! that’s a neat shooting range. I just use a tin can,up and down the hill. We don’t have anything that fancy here. Too small a town.:)

  2. I would ban handgun ownership and require that hunting rifles be rented when needed for hunting season.

    • I thought you weren’t coming back here?
      How exactly would you enforce banning guns for criminals? Don’t you think that would open up an even greater underground market for guns? Silly, criminals don’t follow the rules.
      Fortunately you aren’t in charge….and I’m clinging to my Second Amendment right whether you approve or not.

    • Boo! 🙁

    • lowtechgrannie


    • is that ban before or after the fight?

    • Funny you say “when needed”…isn’t that the time you need a gun when someone breaks into your home? Think the perp is going to wait while you go rent a gun?

  3. Great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. 😀

  4. Gunfire, the sound of freedom.

    • Yeppers, ya gotta love it! Although I’m a christian of the Religious Society of Friends [Quakers] persuasion, I champion the right of non-criminal citizens to Constitutionally keep and bear arms. We should model after the Swiss, who issue a current NATO rifle to arm a citizen as s/he comes of age, to be kept as part of their self-defense militia, same as our National Guard.

  5. “When seconds count, the police are just minutes away….” That’s great!! If this line is yours, Grouchy Fogie, let me know so I give you full credit, otherwise I’ll steal it….

  6. I checked out the Glock, and it’s .40 cal., so that group is way good enough to stop several bad guys/girls! As for the heels, well maybe the tilt they impart helps to offset the blowback….

    • Ha, that’s it! Though doubt I’d ever wear them while shooting .30-06….I’d probably fall over 🙂

  7. Looking goood…those Glocks ARE fun (my son lets me shoot his)
    but I still have a special fondness for my HI-Power in 9mm….
    but my .357 S&W has enough knockdown for hunting and I can
    practice and plink with ‘specials’ which are as mild as the 9mm.
    My shooting range is just out my backdoor…and my .22 Ruger is
    always ready to slip the magazine into (although I’m a better shot
    with my old Marlin) if the critters don’t respect the garden fence.

  8. GF..I have my dad to thank for my desire to shoot and protect, if necessary. He had me shooting at 12 and we still do whenever I visit him.
    If it wasn’t for a strong father, I may not be so strong. Well maybe 🙂

    • I get what you meant GF…thanks!
      And you would have to cover my back, as you can see my aim isn’t the best (yet) 🙂


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