Some Compassion For The Gender Confused

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This 27 minute video shows a side of today’s gender confusion that we all need to see.

Let’s remember that there are many victims of the false gender narrative of today. Let’s remember them in love and prayer.

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18 responses to “Some Compassion For The Gender Confused

  1. Why didn’t we have gender issues before the corrupt liberal media started treating their situation as the fresh raw meat that they could identify.

    Because you posted it I’ll watch the video. Jim

  2. I have not watched the video. However, it is difficult for me to comprehend the gender confusion.

  3. Me neither.

    All a “confused” person has to do, is look down their pants. If the person has a tallywhacker, then the person is male. If not, the person is female.

    • I wouldn’t say that too loud unless you want it to rain dykes. Imagine, packs of buzzcut lesbos in Prius’ chasing you through the streets of Chicago. These thundering lumps mean business and want you to check your “privilege”, especially YT.

  4. This confusion is demonic. God created human beings male and female. Satan hates God’s creation and natural order and tries to foment rebellion against basic truth. The lunacy of gender confusion represents an extreme form of satanic spiritual deception. Pray against the deception.

  5. CogitoErgoSumantra

    Anybody else notice they removed RT from Pluto TV’s lineup last week?
    Guess they felt it was too conservative, too Trumpian, or too “Russian”? At any rate, as I understand it, they’re produced here in the USA. And NOT entirely friendly with Putin’s regime. I watch(ed) it occasionally; seemed like a more polished version of NewsMax, maybe closer to SkyNews. Not as “right” as Fox News, but certainly more realistic and balanced than MSNBC, CNN, etc.

    • I read that they had done this today. There were around 500 other publications and blogs as well. RT is very good, in my opinion. All the hype against Russia and Putin is ridiculous.

  6. If you want to understand exactly how established and coordinated these globally-pushed Queer and perversion campaigns are, review carefully through the various listings which are at the link below, and don’t stop at just one section. Review them closely to see how they inter-relate to cover all aspects and avenues. Remember, too, that these are only some of ones which are publically acknowledged.

    While we White and patriotic men and women remain disjointed within all our countries, caught up in the planned chaos and marginilized to legal sidelines within our own society, everything which we and our previous generations of great peoples have stood for, are being attacked in systematic and planned ways which have international breadth and depth. These enemies are another aspect to planned globalism.

    These attacks which pretend not to be racial, may not appear to be racial on their face, but as we can see that these actually are both a racial attack against us, and also an attack against the values and the standards of social reasonableness which are held by all decent people of all colors and races throughout the world.

    We know where these campaigns had their origins, but like the muzzie invasions also engineered by those forces of jewry, these have become independent monsters of their own rights [though most of them still propelled by jewry, and most operate out of the “US”] and they are out to destroy us and our cultures in the same way which control by unconstrained Muslim hordes, or continuing undue influence by jewry, would also accomplish our complete destruction.

  7. The media, Hollywood, and MSM jews use their sickos and perverts in order to convince the gullible public that it is “all of our society” which is screwed up, as a part of their cultural Marxism conditioning program, when in actuality it is by far and for the greatest part, merely those jews and their fellow perverse ding-bats who are emplaced solidly within the mentally-deficient legions of jewry’s relatively-recently “legally” “protected classes”.

    Gullible people merely shake their heads and say that “it hurts no one so let it go, and it’s weird, but kind of funny”, thinking that it doesn’t really affect them or society at large, but it’s being used to train the next generations who are directly under their influences, and as a battering ram against all those of our past cultural heritages.

    “Transgender man identifies as a DOG and says chasing sticks and playing on all fours has brought him closer to his husband”

    •Tony McGinn, known as ‘Tony Bark’ to his friends, enjoys animal role-play in LA
    •Tony, who was born female and is transgender, is supported by his husband
    •Andrew accompanies Tony to regular play dates with other role-players
    •Andrew said: ‘I provide him with lots of attention and tell him he is a good boy’

    “Tony McGinn, known as ‘Tony Bark’ to his friends, says he has been into animal role-play his entire life, and refers to himself as a ‘human pup’.

    The 30-year-old, who was born female and is transgender, is supported by his husband and ‘handler’ Andrew who accompanies him to regular play dates with other role-players in their hometown of Los Angeles.”

  8. As described in the previous article, the overall goal of CM is the establishment of a socialist/communist utopia. The achievement of this goal will require the abandonment of the existing political, cultural and governmental order which is based on Judeo-Christian thought, and replacing it with order based on Marxism. Further, in the attack on Christian-based thought, the CM constituencies of what they call oppressed groups must be maintained at all costs: the ends justify the means, and truth is often the biggest victim. And part of that maintenance includes the demonization and marginalization of all opposition, with no concern about the ethics of the means to accomplish their overall goals.
    It was also pointed out that the SELLING of the revolutionary Marxist ideology is done in a stealth manner: the true goals and objectives are hidden from the masses, and the propagation of the ideology takes place at a different level: the propaganda realm, with the most important tool being “political correctness”.

    Cultural Marxism – Part 3 – Political Correctness

  9. A relatively uncommon aberrance has been made common through the implementation of globalist plans imposed on humanity in order to reduce our number and will. BHO played a big part in that, the destruction of the work of God.

  10. I’ve long wondered how much “gender confusion” is related to actual environmental factors, like chemicals (birth control pills, vaccines, pesticides, industrial toxins, etc.). Clearly, much of it is psychological, a confused reaction to trauma, or inadvertently “taught” by a parent or mass-media. But what if there’s some environmental toxin that’s causing a statistically substantial number of “trans” people? What if this push to normalize the trans/gender confused is a way to eschew (or obfuscate) liability?

    I don’t particularly care what people do in their own time, on their own dime. What I REALLY dislike is the politicization of any subgroup: that’s inherently “revolutionary”/Marxist. And remember: Alinsky called Satan the first radical.

    • CogitoErgoSumantra

      Well, there was a group of chemists working at a big pharma lab decades ago who found out that an unexpected side effect of a drug they’d been developing (which afterwards was dropped) caused chicken (IIRC; may have been frogs) embryos to change genders in the egg.

      A quick check of Google shows that such drugs can be obtained in India today (and I’d bet also in other countries where there is over-population, limited resources, limits on #children permitted per couple, etc.)

      But personally? I think trans-genderism is a personal choice for most who choose it. I think they are folks who feel like they don’t “fit in”, so they think changing their sexual identity (their “gender”) may allow them a better life.

    • Recynd, that’s interesting. How much is “nature”, how much nurture, and how much chemical? It seems obvious that a great deal of it is simple faddishness. I live near a high school and I see this every time the kids are walking to and from school.

      The girls seem more smitten with this than the boys, but there are still quite a few “soy boys” who are at least androgynous. Now I know that they like to tell you that many were “in the closet” and now they’re “out”, but I really don’t believe that the percentage of queers in the population was ever significant.

      I, like you, don’t care personally what they do. I still think its a sin and probably a mental illness, but if they want to slink around doing strange things to each other that’s their affair.

      Where I do have problems is this demand that we somehow acknowledge them as proper and wonderful. I won’t do it. I also can’t stand official efforts devoted to this end, especially in schools.

      Anyone can read the literature on how Marxism has singled human sexuality and family life for attack. It is well known and I doubt that its even in question. The chemical cocktail may contribute as well. I don’t know much about that end of things.

      It is obvious and undeniable that they are conditioning people to accept this as “normal”, maybe even “superior”. Coupling that with this idea that we must never “offend” anyone is just too cute.

      We are under prolonged and concerted attack. There is no question about it. This is just one of the major areas of concentration.

  11. The tail is wagging the dog. Less than 4% of the World’s population is LGBT etc etc….& yet….they are consuming far MORE than that in percentages of our energies as a nation right here in the USA, &…from our elected legistlators & their time/interests, from our media—social & nationally broadcasts….from nationally-enacted BS…like labeling all my middle school bathrooms to be used by BOTH “sexes” as determined by the user…..same for the PE classes ….COME ON—THESE KIDS ARE 11-13 years old……!!!!! Can they NOT use the bathroom until age 13 according to the genitalia that they were born with?????? After that???? Who knows. So….IMO what I am experiencing as a middle school teacher ( kids as of age 12 can state/demand that they be recognized by the gender they choose, even without notifying, without “permission” of parents)… a big bag of irresponsible BS!!!! WHO gave me this edict? WHO decreed by law that I had to adhere to this age perameter? WHAT INPUT did the parents in the state of Mexifornia have in this arbitrary age for transgenderism (?) upon which they were excluded from their child’s “choices?” Why are all other “adult” decisions in a minor’s life remanded to the parents…except birth control, abortion, and sexual identity…..restricted until the minor achieves the age 18?

    OK…so FOTM contributors…please reply….in my husband’s words….”follow the money.” Tell me what are the benefits, and to whom, for making the age of majority/decision -at age 18…EXCEPT for birth control, abortion, and gender issues. All of a sudden, at age 12, you can “responsibly” decide and manage all these WITHOUT the counsel of your parents or family….but you can’t drink, drive a car, buy a house,or enter into most contracts, adopt a dog from a shelter, etc etc….BECAUSE YOU ARE ONLY 12 YEARS OLD!!!!!

    • So, by your stats there are more queers than Jews. Of course those groups aren’t mutually exclusive. I don’t know what the official numbers are, but I’ll bet the “real” numbers are lower than that. Also, it would depend on precisely what category one was looking at. Surely 4% of the population aren’t transvestites. Many are probably just ugly!

      I notice with the high schoolers that they seem to be experimenting with this. I doubt if that’s good. Of course the promoters of this anti-Christian campaign would argue that this type of experimentation is “good” and “natural”.

      Without using any sort of scientific method, I have been rather observant in my lifetime. I have know quite a few “gay” men and women. I find them to belong to many subgroups within that description. Many have severe and obvious neurosis but a few “seem” to be rather well-adjusted.

      I suppose one overarching observation would be that we are not “enriched” by this. For those who seem to come by this condition without consciously experimenting with it, it seems ultimately to be more of a burden than a blessing. I am absolutely convinced that it is an illness. Treatment is necessary.

      I also note that some states are now trying to make it illegal to treat for homosexuality. Does anyone besides me find that more than a little odd? So they’ve moved it from being an aberration (it is), to required “acceptance” (even praise), to illegality for those who would dare to object.

      Well, my opinion of this hasn’t changed. Having the inclination is an imbalance that needs to be treated. Acting on the impulse is sinful. So now the sinner is in need of medical attention as well as spiritual counseling.

      • As usual, Lop, I agree with you. “Conversion therapy” WORKS (it’s how they’ve pushed homosexuality and gender-bending on us), which is why they want to ban the use to treat homosexuality. What makes it REALLY disgusting is that ADULTS can’t even choose it for themselves…yet CHILDREN can choose to take hormone blockers or get an abortion (but not get their ears pierced).

        Transsexualism and homosexuality ARE mental illnesses. Just like any mental illness, the sufferer should be the one to decide what treatment they want, if any. But don’t crap on my cupcake and call it frosting! And don’t make ME pay for any of it.

      • It’s to degrade our culture and lower our birthrate. (((Their))) goal is to genocide us, our cultures,societies, & nations. Kalergi Plan they even give out the Charlegmagne Prize to its most useful treasonous traitor, Angela Soros Merkel & war criminal Neanderthal Kissinger are past winners.


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