Soldiers' Homecomings

2012 is bound to be a very happy year for our soldiers returning home from Iraq.  To them, we thank them for their service.  For those that made the ultimate sacrifice, God Bless You.  Prayers for them and their families.
Below is a compilation of soldiers returning home.  Many happy faces and many happy tears!  Great way to start 2012…

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Dr. Eowyn
Dr. Eowyn
9 years ago

Thank you to all the brave men and women of our Armed Forces for your service! May 2012 be a better year for all of you.

9 years ago

Well, you certainly made me cry for the New Year! These men and women sacrifice so much. I do know that communciation for most is alot better than when my husband served during the Vietnam War. Kids today can email and use skype which keeps them connected. It is invaluable for their marriage but also for the children so they can still see their parent while they are away. I can only hope that our Lord will take pity on our armed services and protect them.