Socks, the dancing Shetland pony

Dance, dance. Happy feet!

The Shetland pony is a breed of pony originating in the Shetland Isles, northeast of mainland Scotland. Shetlands range in size from a minimum height of approximately 28 inches to an official maximum height of 11 hands high. The harsh climate and scarce food of the isles developed the ponies into extremely hardy animals, used for riding, driving, and pack purposes. Shetland ponies have heavy coats, short legs and are considered quite intelligent.
For its size, the Shetland is the strongest of all horse and pony breeds. It can pull twice its own weight under circumstances where a draft horse can only pull approximately half its own weight, as well as many being able to carry up to 130 pounds. Shetland ponies are found worldwide, though mainly in the UK and North America.

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Awe, this reminded me of my Shetland that I had when I was a kid.. Then my cousin forgot to lock the stall door and she got out, parents called in Sheriff’s posse to find her. She somehow got out again and that was it. No more pony. 🙁


My experience with a shetland ponies are horrible! They are mean. They’ll bite you and kick you every chance they get.