Socialism works! Panera closes pay-what-you-want community cafes; Canadian basic-income recipients sue government

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Many years ago, my erstwhile, faux socialist friend Stephanie exclaimed, in a moment of great frustration when I disagreed with a stance she took:

“I’ve made up my mind. Don’t confuse me with facts!”

Stephanie exemplifies one of the stubborn attributes of the Left: They persist in advocating socialism/communism, in spite of the testimony from history that it doesn’t work. Bearing silent witness are the bones of HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of those whom communist regimes had slaughtered in the 20th century. But the Left insist that “they” didn’t do socialism/communism properly, and that “this time” they’ll make it work.

Here are two recent examples of the failure of socialism which, once again, will fall on deaf ears.

(1) Panera

Panera Bread Company is a chain store of for-profit bakery-café fast-casual restaurants with over 2,000 locations in the United States and Canada.

In November 2010 in a pious TED talk, Panera founder Ron Shaich announced the inception of Panera Cares — a chain of six nonprofit “community cafés” in Dearborn, Portland, Chicago, Boston, and St. Louis, which operate on a “pay-what-you-can” model “to help raise awareness about the very serious and pervasive problem of food insecurity (hunger) in the U.S.”.

Customers pay whatever amount they “can” for food, while others are encouraged to pay more (“donate”) in accordance with “suggested donation amounts” listed for all menu items “designed to help you understand the cost of ‘paying it forward’ and assisting those who struggle with food insecurity.”

In other words, the model of the Panera Cares community cafés is not even socialism. It is communism — Karl Marx’s “To each according to his needs, from each according to his abilities”. In truth, the community cafés should more accurately be called “communist cafés”.

Alas, human nature being what it is, although some people paid their “fair share” (whatever that means), many others simply took advantage of the communist “pay-what-you-can” model by paying little or nothing. The cafés reportedly were “mobbed” by students and homeless people looking for a free meal.

As an example, the Portland-based Panera Cares communist café was reportedly only recouping 60% to 70% of its total costs because of students who “mobbed” the restaurant and ate without paying, as well as homeless patrons who visited the restaurant for every meal of the week. The location eventually limited the homeless to “a few meals a week.” (DailyWire)

None of the communist cafés was self-sustaining.

In February 15, 2019, Panera Cares closed its last communist café, in Boston. In an emailed statement, Panera Bread says: “Despite our commitment to this mission, it’s become clear that continued operation of the Boston Panera Cares is no longer viable.”

In 2016, Panera went private after being sold to a private equity firm, JAB Holding Company in 2017 in a $7.5 billion deal. In November 2017, founder and CEO Ron Shaich stepped down and was replaced by former Panera president Blaine Hurst. (Nation’s Restaurant News)

(2) Canadian Basic Income

Not only is human nature such that we will take advantage of socialist/communist pricing like Panera’s “pay-what-you-can,” we will exact revenge if welfare offerings are withdrawn.

In Gibralta, the baboons and macaque monkeys that freely roam the rock are a big tourist attraction, and are fed by kind tourists. Alas, the simians became so used to the welfare that they feel entitled to the free food — they actually throw rocks at the tourists if they are not fed. Gibraltar’s tourism minister Ernest Britto said, “Children are frightened. People cannot leave their windows open for fear of the monkeys stealing. Monkeys can bite, and contact with them runs the risk of salmonella or hepatitis.”

Like the baboons of Gibralta, recipients of a basic income (BI) pilot project in Canada are enraged at the project’s surprise cancellation and are suing the government.

Tacey Lindeman reports for MSN, Feb. 4, 2019:

Members of an internationally lauded basic income pilot project in Canada are taking their province to court over its surprise cancellation, arguing that the Ontario government’s decision is unethical and that it was made in bad faith.

One of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit is Tracey Mechefske, a basic income recipient in Lindsay, Ont., who receives CDN $2,803 (US $2,125) a month although her husband is employed.

On February 14, 2019, in a unanimous decision, Ontario Superior court dismissed the lawsuit on the grounds that “the pilot project is a government funding decision which does not give rise to individual rights enforceable on judicial review.”

See also “Hungry in America is a myth“.


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16 responses to “Socialism works! Panera closes pay-what-you-want community cafes; Canadian basic-income recipients sue government

  1. Socialism was created to destroy us

    There is no morality to accepting extinction

  2. At one time I ran a food bank as part of my job, to address “food insecurity”. Free food (USDA surplus, donations), all were welcome. None of them looked as though they had missed too many meals, most in fact were in various stages of obesity. One woman actually used to drive up every week in a BMW. When I mentioned it to her she said, “Well, it’s not new.” Poverty redefined: the inability to afford a new BMW

  3. Why in Dearborn, MI, the home of the hajis. No wonder they are closing there.

  4. The proof of the failure of socialism is everywhere but few seek the facts and even less believe them.

  5. While its semantic, I actually think we get this backward. The Communists (Marxists) CREATED what we call “liberalism” or highjacked it, you decide. Just like they “created” a civil rights movement out of a desire to use the alleged “victims” for their own ends.

    It is obvious from any angle that this cannot work. It can only “work” in an atmosphere of total repression and control and for only so long as the resources hold out.

    What it actually is is a return to monarchy without the responsibility. At least in classic monarchy a ruler OWED a responsibility to his/her subjects. In THIS model, all bets are off.

    Once they’ve “leveled” everyone into abject poverty the culling will begin.

  6. To the bonehead who gave this excellent article only “one star,” go soak your head in the toilet for five minutes until you are able to think more logically.

  7. Helped run a free kitchen in a major city some years ago. Food was donated, obtained and cooked by the community group’s volunteers. The group decided to shut the free kitchen down after a few years, however, because the original intent to help homeless, especially kids, had been subverted by a passel of “regulars” who simply went from one group/church’s free kitchen to another on the various days of the week (this was before elastic-use EBT cards); many of those “regulars” discovered and shared ways to “work the system” citywide. Ironically, some of the “regulars” would complain if the food served were not up to their standards of “cuisine” (there were days when restaurants had donated leftovers of fancy dishes) even if the cooks, who were volunteers also, had done their best with whatever donated ingredients we had available–those “regulars” had such a sense of entitlement decades before the refinements of the current welfare system. Human nature, I guess.
    That was an urban environment, of course. Currently friends and I help out with a more rural area food bank project, and similar behaviors occur among some of the regular users (possibly already socialized elsewhere or over much of their lifetimes into “how to work the system”–very apparent at major holidays when certain social groups score multiple turkeys per small family instead of the officially allotted one per small family, which is hard on making supplies last to distribute to all comers, and somewhat on practical aspects such as planning and funding). Thankfully most people in our current area understand that the current group’s volunteers are neighbors looking out for neighbors. But heaven help us all if/when SHTF!

    • Arche N . . . . God Bless you for your Christlike compassion for those around you who are in want. Also, it was very interesting to hear tales from the “frontlines” so to speak.

  8. I was certainly very happy to learn that those in the province of Ontario had their monies cut off. The lady who was getting over $2,000 a month, although she had a husband who was working . . . this just outraged me. She hardly appears to have missed a meal in her lifetime. Perhaps she just needs to find gainful employment. It is such an outrage that free-loaders such as these folks want to suck the life out of those who get up every day and go to work to earn a living. It is outrageous.

    What I am going to say next may be very offensive to some of the FOTM family members. I am not a “racist” and in my family I have a nephew who is half Chippewa, and I have a great niece who is half Mexican, and two nieces and one nephew who is one quarter Mexican, so I do not have an axe to grind when it comes to having links to countries South of the boarder. Thank goodness each of these individuals are of average to a little above average intelligence.

    The fact that our immigration laws were substantially changed back in 1965, in large part due to a big push by Ted Kennedy, we have had in these past six decades seen an influx of non-European immigrants (the average IQ in European countries, at least before the influx of so many Muslim peoples, is among the highest IQ’s, together with Asia, where the very top IQ’s come from.) When we look at the average IQ’s of the following countries, where the preponderance of immigrants to the US are coming from, we find:
    Mexico-IQ 88; Guatemala-IQ 79; Honduras-IQ 81; El Salvador-IQ 80; Nicaragua-IQ 81; Costa Rico-IQ 89; Panama-IQ 84 (all these IQ stats are “average for the specific country.” )

    The average IQ for US citizens of European ancestry is somewhere around 100. Now, our citizenry is being diluted with peoples whose IQ’s average around 20 points lower than the indigenous people to be found here.

    When there is the phenomena of more and more individuals who suffer with low IQ, you can just bet on the promise that these people will need financial help in order to subsist, because they do not come to the job market with the intelligence, and skills to do jobs that are available.

    I just read that the average IQ in the United States is declining; people who generally have higher IQ’s are having less and less children, as opposed to the fact that lower IQ individuals have more, and more children, which perpetuates individuals with lower IQ.

    I would say that the problem of “food insecurity” or just plain greed on the part of some of our citizens, is going to worsen because we are having a burgeoning class of people who are less and less able to take care of their own needs, and the responsibility for caring for these individuals is being shifted onto those who are able to make a go of things.

    It just so happens that I ate at the Panera here in Portland before it became a pay what you want restaurant. I looked at the reader board, saw a lovely turkey sandwich that looked good, and I paired it with a bowl of French Onion soup, that had croutons, and shredded cheese on top, along with a drink . . . all this came to $14.00. I can tell you the S-L-O-P I was served I would not have paid more than $6.00 dollars for. There was one micro thin slice of turkey (whereas the reader board showed a very generous portion of turkey,) the bowl of soup was one half full, NO croutons, NO shredded cheese. Since the drink was self-serve, there was no complaint there. I was so angry at that major rip-off . . . I never went back.

    Why would a business that is in business to make a profit think that patrons want crappy food, or want to sit next to homeless individuals who may not have had a bath in some time? This is the problem with these idiot “do-gooder” individuals from the left–somehow they just don’t have a clue. I must say I am very glad that they had to shut down!

    • Very nice write up, Lulu. I’m not “racist” either. I do say what I think, I’m not ashamed of that. Often I do not make life that way, I just comment on what I find.

      The IQ thing probably plays a part. Those in Mexico and further South are essentially what we would call “Indians”. Although, if you believe the anthropologists (I don’t), we’re ALL Africans, at some point.

      So, without getting into a much-needed discussion about the implications of a single ancestor and how that apparently isn’t true, I’ll leave it at the fact that those “natives” to the South being of a different “race” (as defined genetically).

      Whew! With that said, we are left with “culture”. The culture South of the border appears to be one of primary poverty. It is true that many have been exploited, it is also true that many have done nothing about it.

      Given a free trip North, left on their own, they would resume their normal lifestyle of getting by with the least effort possible. There are some who will work hard for more. To me the issue is why they don’t “work hard for more” at home?

      We too have a corrupt government. If we don’t take certain steps, and soon, it will probably resemble the Mexican one. Certainly the globalists wish that to happen.

      As you point out, lowering standards is part and parcel of their whole plan. As these invaders drag our standard of living downward, things like these restaurants will be introduced in the hope that they will become “normal”. In that way the cattle can be slopped cheaply.

      I think the takeaway for me is, if I didn’t ask for it, I don’t want it. I don’t need anyone manufacturing memes for me. I don’t need to have new methods that lower my standards imposed on me. It’s time to get angry and to totally reject such things. That’s why I will not go to the “self-serve” counter in any store. I will refuse service by any “robot” they choose to install as well.

    • I agree with Auntie Lulu that Panera is way overpriced fast food. I had lunch a few times there with a friend who eats that stuff and it was an awful experience, waiting in a long line to order and then taking a radio device to the table, etc, one step short of riding on a conveyor belt to enrich greedy creeps who’re analyzing the employees’ and customers’ every move on cameras to squeeze every last nickel out of every last visit—and the bread? who cares. Just tell your marks that lumps of industrially manufactured dough cooked in industrial ovens on site are “artisanal” and they’ll eat sawdust to be hip.

      But there’s a multi $trillion handout that never shuts down, and that’s free (ZIRP/NIRP) money for players on Wall St, in major corporations, and even the local players in pastel socks on Main St. Major corporations’ leaders are almost all ultra pro-lgbt, not just because being where they are means being no Christian, but because apotheosizing coprophilia and being anti “toxic masculinity” is the sine qua non of Wall St financing and government permission. As Spengler wrote a century ago, money is an intellectual commodity that can be printed out of thin air as it now is to “trick a profit” off the honest labor of every working class slob on the planet.

    • As for IQ averages you didn’t mention the Chosenites who claim that their average IQ is 112. It isn’t, although it may have been in previous generations due mainly to a small cohesive culture that emphasizes academic discipline. They have been privileged because of their faux “sufferink” for so long now that the latest generation is showing signs of intellectual sluggishness and laziness. Jared Kushner is exhibit A. As for Africans it is indisputable that they created no civilizations or cities, nothing of enduring value or greatness, despite having Africa to themselves for thousands of years. It isn’t racist to say this, it is simply factual. So the average IQ of African-Americans is around 85 and that of second or third generation South and Central American immigrants is about the same. Personally I’ve always gotten on well with blacks, possibly because I grew up in rural Maine where blacks were almost non-existant. So I had no preconceived ideas about what they were all about. As a general rule blacks are not as bright as people of European ancestry but during the course of my life I’ve encountered many intelligent, sometimes highly intelligent, blacks. They are the exceptions that prove the rule however, IMO

  9. I thank my parish priests for warning me about Communism when I was growing up in the 1950s and 1960s. If it were not for them, we might not have been alert.

    And now, with public schools and colleges indoctrinating students into the cult of Karl Marx, we have an increasingly large number of menacing socialist voters.

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  11. Socialism is the threshold to communism. God forbid we don’t become a socialist nation, socialism is slow to penetrate, if we allow it, it will make its presence by 2050’, when the roots take hold they are indestructible, communism is an opioid that destroyes the family institution, hate and power put brother against brother, destroyes dignity, and gives way to meaness just for pleasure. It took the USSR 1918 through 1991, Cuba 1959 still going, Venezuela 1998 to present, Nicaragua 1979 to present, people become slaves of the government, I know, what I’m telling here is the truth, I lived in Cuba and slowly saw how the nation began to collapse, my brother lives there! I saw how families collapsed by the ideology, denouncing one another childhood friends destroyed, killed, jailed, is best to be dead than come under the grip of communism. And countries and peopleNEVER EVER recover from it. Let’s unite and NOT let it happen tothe United States of America, you will never forgive yourselves of such horror.


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