Socialism Sucks

Socialism Sucks
By Tom in NC
Columnist for Fellowship of the Minds
Any rational, intelligent person knows that Socialism Sucks. But do we know what Socialism Sucks?
Socialism Sucks the money right out of our pockets and into the grubby hands of socialist stooge politicians so they can distribute it to the dregs of our society.
Socialism Sucks the jobs right out from our economy so the victims can become dependent upon the government.
Socialism Sucks the entrepreneurship out of our citizens and reduces the will of the people to take a risk and start a small business.
Socialism Sucks the healthcare out of the hands of our physcians and into the incompetent hands of government stooges who then make life and death decisions based upon the socialist handbook written by those same incompetent government stooges.
Socialism Sucks our sovereign borders away so illegals, murderers, drug traffickers and terrorists can pour over our borders, attack our citizens, get free healthcare and education, and all the while not paying a cent in taxes.
Socialism Sucks much needed money from our military during a time of war, thereby putting the lives of our brave troops at risk, especially our pilots who are still flying a Bomber (B52) that is over 60 years old and some fighters that are over 30 years old. It sucks the morale right out of these Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines.
Socialism Sucks the education out of our classrooms because the money for our kids is used to line the pockets of the NEA for their big fat pensions going to their big fat cats. What little money does actually make to the classroom is used to fund worthless diversity training and socialist indoctrination.
Socialism Sucks the integrity out of the Unions, who used to look out for and benefit their members, but now for the most part just launder money, pay off government officials and strong arm opponents and political enemies who are wise to their crooked enterprises.
Socialism Sucks the honesty out of our government and turns men and women into greedy corrupt ideologues who care nothing for the will of the people but cheat, lie and use their buddies in the unions to bully and attempt to intimidate their opponents.
This is what we are up against in this election. They have already begun with the dirty tricks and smears and it will only get dirtier as the election gets closer. We need to stay on message, expose these socialists, show the damage they have done and continue to do and show the American people our better plan to recover from almost two years of unbridled socialism that has failed us on every level.
Obama and the other socialists in our government have purposely brought us to brink of collapse. Come November 2nd, the tide will change and we will bounce out of office the Reids, the Graysons, the Boxers and the Feingolds along with the RINOs.
That sucking sound you will hear on November 3rd will be the last gasps of socialism in our beloved country.

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