Social Justice is Seattle's Goal

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Fairness for "noncitizens"

Controversy Over Seattle’s “Social Justice”
Yesterday Fox’s Megyn Kelly did a report on Seattle’s “Social Justice” Program to protect illegal immigrants. Seattle has several goals: One is to reduce prosecutions of those driving with suspended licenses (third degree), because it’s a racial and social justice issue.
Also, the City wants “noncitizens” to serve lesser sentences on certain crimes because they want to avoid them being deported. They would be sentenced to 364 days as opposed to 365 to avoid an automatic deportation.  Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes does claim, “that is true”.  Megyn points out it’s a federal issue and Mr. Holmes notes the City is “hands off” in enacting federal policy. Defense lawyers had often requested 364-day sentences for gross misdemeanors for people with questionable immigration status, but the City Attorney is doing it for everyone, and at a judge’s final discretion.
The City of Seattle justifies this by saying, “it equalizes treatment of citizens, noncitizens charged with crimes“. When this new law was announced in July 2010, a Seattle Times reporter called it “a smart tweak that imposes fairness and proportionality to crime and punishment for citizens and noncitizens alike”. “But the new approach will be of tremendous help to people here legally who commit a minor infraction and find themselves caught in the tangle of deportation rules.” How about both legal citizens and illegals start by not committing infractions in the first place?  And if you do commit one, you suffer the consequences.
Washington State ranks 11th in the nation in the number of illegal immigrants with an estimated 150,000. They make up 2% of the state’s population, but account for 4.5% of those in Washington prisons. In Franklin county, 14% of the jail bookings are illegal immigrants. Over half of the individuals on the Washington State Patrol’s Most Wanted List are suspected illegal immigrants.
Yes, Seattle has its priorities straight. I’m sure Griselda Meza who was killed in front of her 5 year old son by an illegal immigrant and the woman who was raped by an illegal immigrant that been deported nine times would not approve of Seattle’s “Social Justice” Program.

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0 responses to “Social Justice is Seattle's Goal

  1. Otherwise known as “Communism.”

  2. this is sickening,and wrong. There has to be some Patriots there somewhere,stand the hell up. Run these commie bastards out of there.

  3. Candance Moore

    More and more of our cities are turning this way. I don’t bother telling people “the American people know better” anymore, because the truth is the majority of us don’t anymore.

  4. lowtechgrannie

    It’s absolutely true! The City of Seattle site’s own, with literature available in multiple languages is here
    The basic message is, regardless of qualifications, accomplishments and education, white-owned businesses wishing to contract with the City of Seattle and whites applying for employment with the City must be sidelined while preferment is given to minorities even though their qualifications and education are lacking.
    This “summary” says it is a National Model!

  5. lowtechgrannie

    There’s a big scandal in the Seattle School District right now. The newsflash from 5 minutes ago is that they just fired the superintendent. It feeds right into this whole “racial justice” issue where incompetent/unqualified people are placed into positions of power based on minority racial status. The state auditor found a 1.8 million dollar bombshell and heads are rolling. I feel badly for the superintendent. I don’t think she really had anything directly to do with the problem; but, she’s at the top of the food chain and has to take responsiblity.


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