Sobering Video On Demographics

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H/t my ol’ friend Sol.

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0 responses to “Sobering Video On Demographics

  1. immigration? — IMMIGRATION?
    We DON’T have an immigration problem in this country — get it you stupid right wing communists
    We have a Marxist –a right wing Marxist, aka Das Kapital “Capitalist”– INSURGENCY.
    Why does no one recognize this? Why do you applaud use so milquetoast a term — immigration.
    This goes back to communist Teddy Roosevelt (land grabber and gun grabber)
    … to communist Herbert Hoover (who financed Lenin and Trotsky and the Bolshevik Revolutions through his Wall-St. cutout operation, Belgian Refugee Relief Fund; and, who set up the Bank of International “Settlements” which is even more of a criminal operation than the Federal Reserve, which by itself is criminal enough, both have sufficient power to create in secret, without any public accountibility, as much “US national debt” as they want — it’s a fraud)
    to communist Richard Nixon (whose as lap dog for Kissinger and Rockefeller, both who are openly communist and openly hostile to the Christian values of this country, and both who own the banking system of “China” by funding it with the debt fraud they “gained” from us — and what are we doing in Afghanistan? — why building oil pipelines to banks and industrialists in “China,” which are controled by bankers Kissinger and Rockefeller)
    to communists Ronald Reagan and GHW Bush (who surrendered US sovereignty to NAFTA & WTO; and, who opened the floodgates for the current MARXIST INSURGENCY from the south)
    Yes, Obama, Clinton, Carter, etc. were marxists as well. But just because Democrats are clueless stomach-thinking Marxists does not mean that Republicans are not Das-Kapital Marxist idiots as well.
    The Marxist Federal Reserve-Pentagon Complex (and yes, it is Marxist –Fourth International & Trotskyite to be specific– the bankers control the Joint Chiefs and their Pentagon, and the Pentagon indirectly influences ALL industry in this country, by disallowing certain technology and controling their research and development programs … I digress) … Gen. Philip Galligher, who trained Uncle Ho Chi-minh or North Vietnam, who financed and armed Uncle Ho so that he could kill more American soldiers in S. Vietnam and keep the war going until Chairman Mao had fininished his extermination of 30 million Christians in China (yes the Pentagon-Wall St complex was running BOTH sides of the Vietnam war — Marxism!)
    back to insurgency as an act of warfare versus milquetoast immigration, Uncle Ho’s first act of war, under guidance from CIA and Pentagon, was a Reaganesque INSURGENCY — He opened the floodgates for the Montagnards, cheap labor from the Chinese mountains, to flood into North Vietnam and destablize the local economies by destabilizing labor markets.
    use of INSURGENCY by MARXISTS like Reagan and Bush, to destabilize an economy, so as to force a takeover BY Pentagon MARXISTS, is not a new technique.
    But hey! let’s all push our fat right-wing (Marxist “Republican”) heads into the sand – sing praise to God as Money (since “Money is King” in DasKapital Amerika, and Money Makers (the openly Marxist Fed) are Gods — our Christian values hardly rating mention, let alone a second place) … and characterize a Marxist insurgency as an … “immigration” problem.
    It’s a Marxist INSURGENCY and you got no 2nd amendment because you got no steel mill — you got aluminum noodles for gun barrels. All your aluminum noodles don’t add up to a valid 2nd Amendment. meanwhile the Mexicans are armed with Chinese made military-grade AKs with 120k steel bbls, and, after helping Mao exterminate Christians in China, and after building oil pipelines across asia to serve Kissinger-Rockefeller controlled factories in “China” our own Marxist-banker controlled Pentagon “special forces” are being trained to go house by house and run road blocks on Christian Americans.
    ARGHHH! immigration problem indeed.
    Folks, we don’t have an immigration problem. It’s much much bigger than that.

    • mole, ya better do your homework before stating there is no immigration problem in this country….I realize the video was probably hard to follow because it included some math…
      You could round up all the so-call Marxists you mention and they still wouldn’t compare to the biggest Marixist of all that currently occupies the WH.

  2. Dude, in your case, we have a leftwing sense problem– yes, it’s your opinion; could you at least be coherent about it?

  3. molecule,
    Is that the size of your brain????
    You have a ton of rhetoric and less than an ounce of evidence.
    You are right about a couple of things…There is a conspiracy on behalf of the government to take over the country, but Osama the slobo has already told us about that.
    You need some new conspiracy theories.
    Whatever the Progressives did during the Teddy Roosevelt presidency has little to do with what Osama is doing today. You have the two mixed up. The progressives have been around for a lot longer that Teddy and they will be here in the future no matter what we do today.
    We already know that politicians are always working toward taking the rights of the people away form the people and we know the immigration problem is a diversion, but what you do not understand is that Osama is actually doing what the rest of them tried.
    You think this involved a few politicians? Give me a break…The takeover of this country by the government goes back to the time of our founders.
    Politicians hate our Constitution and they do everything in their power to circumvent it.
    Believe me molecule brain, rhetoric will not end this problem. When the people get tired of it the cycle of government will prevail.

  4. I hit the up button accidently for molecule! molecule you are in left field buddy,wake up and smell the coffee! Have an eval, better yet you are a classic example of what is wrong with the picture.


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