So Much for Tolerance…

Starbucks CEO cancels church speech after protest

Tolerant liberals is an oxymoron…they claim to accept all, yet if you disagree with them they will do everything in their power to stop you.  They went after Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz.
Via Komo News: Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz cancelled an appearance at one of the most prominent megachurches in the country after an online petition condemned the congregation as anti-gay – a charge the church denies.
Schultz had been scheduled to speak Friday at The Global Leadership Summit organized by the Willow Creek Association, based in South Barrington, Ill. The annual event draws tens of thousands of viewers via satellite. Past speakers have included former President Bill Clinton, GE’s Jack Welch and rock singer Bono. (How come they didn’t target those liberals? /sarc)
However, at the start of the event Thursday, the pastor of Willow Creek Community Church, Bill Hybels, said Schultz had cancelled suddenly after a petition was posted on the Internet a week ago that said his participation would be unacceptable.
The petition at accused the megachurch of “anti-gay persecution” over Willow Creek’s past relationship with Exodus International, a Christian ministry that offers to help gays and lesbians change their sexual orientation. Willow Creek cut ties with Exodus in 2009, church spokeswoman Susan DeLay said.
Hybels said that Willow Creek does expect its members to follow biblical ethics and reserve sex for marriage between a man and a woman, but welcomes worshippers of all backgrounds.
“To suggest that we check sexual orientation or any other kind of issue at our doors is simply not true,” Hybels said. “Just ask the hundreds of people with same-sex attraction who attend our church every week.”
Hybels asked members of the audience to write Schultz “with genuine Christian love” and say he’d be welcome at any future summit.
I don’t know if Schultz is a liberal or conservative.  I do know he’s a jerk for selling our Seattle Super Sonics out from us! Why couldn’t they just hit Schultz the hardest – in the wallet – and boycott Starbucks?  Nah, that wouldn’t get them the attention they demand!  Once again proving that tolerance is only acceptable if you agree with them.

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Clifton Lee West

I managed to live seventy-two years and never concerned myself with who was and who wasn’t gay. I never cared, and still don’t. This last five years, however, all we hear is discussions on the internet, on cable, on the radio and articles in most newspapers about homosexuality. For the life of me I can’t figure out why. Is it because Obama is gay? Is it because a number of prominent people are gay? I say again, who cares? Do I want homosexuality to be taught to our grandchildren, no, a thousand times “no.” Am I afraid of homosexuality, no?… Read more »


If you don’t believe homosexuals are sick just visit a homosexual bar.

Dr. Eowyn

For the Left, it’s always “Tolerance for me, but not for thee!”

Dr. Eowyn

That, too, Rigal!
It’s otherwise called “double standards,” aka hypocrisy, aka just plain lies and deception. 😀

In Russet Shadows

This is disappointing. Starbucks faced down the anti-gun nutballs by refusing to go above and beyond what state law specified (i.e. in concealed carry states, concealed carry was OK in SBUX). They also continue to make their Christmas blend available every year, which I’m sure torques the ACLU off to no end. And actually, SBUX coffee is good stuff — especially the Frappachinos and the Caramel Bulee lattes. Nobody else even comes close to that stuff, and I’ve tried a bunch of coffee houses. This was an error by the CEO, so why don’t we pray for him? I’d like… Read more »

Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf

The usual Liberal sh@@e! “See I have told you beforehand” Matt 24-25.