So Much for Doctor/Patient Confidentiality – 20,000 Patient Records

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Patient Data Posted Online in Huge Breach of Privacy

Published: September 8, 2011

A medical privacy breach at Stanford University’s hospital in Palo Alto, Calif., led to the public posting of medical records for 20,000 emergency room patients, including names and diagnosis codes, on a commercial Web site for nearly a year, the hospital has confirmed….
….The spreadsheet contained names, diagnosis codes, account numbers, admission and discharge dates, and billing charges for patients seen at Stanford Hospital’s emergency room   Full Story

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0 responses to “So Much for Doctor/Patient Confidentiality – 20,000 Patient Records

  1. When you think of what people go to the emergency rooms for: domestic violence, gun shot wounds, rape, etc. There’s nothing like having all that info on the web for anyone googling your name to come across!

  2. But it’s all for “social justice” so illegal aliens can get free healthcare and vote Democratic, you know… a small price to pay in leftards’ view.


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