So God made a patriot

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The narrator of this video, Fred Thompson, passed away yesterday from lymphoma cancer. He was 73 years old.
Thompson was an attorney, a U.S. senator (R-Tennessee) from 1994 to 2003, a 2008 presidential candidate, and a former actor.

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0 responses to “So God made a patriot

  1. He was a good man , r.i.p.

  2. He made me feel a measure of safety due to the fact that he exudes being a good man, a competent man, an honest man, one who could lead and those who followed knew they were on the right tract. I have no doubt that Heaven greeted him with open arms. He will be sadly missed.

  3. I was (am) not at all comfortable with his efforts on behalf of reverse mortgages. Reverse mortgages are not a step in the direction of luxury living. Reverse mortgages mean you have nothing to leave to your children.

    • People who take reverse mortgages need the money to live on. Leaving the nonexistent money to their children is the least of their concerns.

    • It’s the parents house . They have earned the right to do as they see fit . They are under no obligation to leave a ” bundle ” for their kids .

  4. RIP Fred.

  5. He was one of the good ones, may he RIP.

  6. I was sorry to hear of Fred’s passing. I didn’t even know he was ill.
    He was the proverbial real deal, and his best acting role will always be Admiral Painter in The Hunt for Red October. Nobody could have carried off that role better than he did:


    • That is a classic line . He was good in ” Law and Order ” as Arthur Branch . One show in particular stands out in which he ripped Roe v. Wade .


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