SNL’s Pete Davidson apologizes to US vet and congressman-elect Dan Crenshaw

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Last Monday I told you how SNL’s Pete Davidson mocked then congressional candidate (he won!) Dan Crenshaw. See “When they go low: SNL’s Pete Davidson mocks US war veteran who lost an eye in war.”

Dan Crenshaw appeared on SNL on Saturday night and Pete Davidson actually apologized.

Good job guys!


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5 responses to “SNL’s Pete Davidson apologizes to US vet and congressman-elect Dan Crenshaw

  1. Oh, yeah, in the first place he should have not ever mocked the Vet and Congressman. It is very embarrassing to make a fool of himself and then apologize in front of millions watching; he will be remember for being not funny but disrecpful and foolish.

  2. I have to say,though,he handled it well. Actually,they BOTH did. Now I MOSTLY dislike Davidson,instead of REALLY HATING him like before his apology.

  3. Davidson reminds me of one of those dog turds that sits out in the hot sun too long. Teh new civility commie rat pieces of shit, suck on it.

    • No ill feelings for you, but…A little harsh, Skid…could we not just say ” A day late and a dollar short?” Or, maybe even, after your first sentence, “He still stinks the first time and the last time…..” or similar???? I appreciate your ardor, and agree, but I love this site and I want people to take our comments and opinions seriously in the greater discussions in which we participate. Peace out.


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