Snake at 65 mph

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Snakes give me the willies. I believe our fear of snakes is programmed in our DNA.
Rachel Fisher, a young mother with three young children in the back of her SUV, was driving at 65 mph along a freeway toward Memphis, Tennessee. A snake suddenly appeared on her windscreen.

As she screamed and giggled hysterically, her husband Tony recorded the incident on his camera phone and then posted the video on YouTube.
After two or three minutes, and with nothing to hold on to, the snake fell off. The couple believe it had crawled up in their engine the night before when they were parked in a wooded area, and slithered out when it got too hot.
Source: Daily Mail

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0 responses to “Snake at 65 mph

  1. It’s pretty amazing video. I know it’s not rational but I am scared of snakes. Good thing it fell off!

  2. Yikes gives me the creeps just watching it!

  3. OMG, y’all, I am going to have nightmares now!!!! I have had field mice crawl up in my heater/ac fan on numerous occasions. We have had a Timber rattler in the enclosed garage before. I must quit typing now about this–too much to think about. Thanks, guys.

  4. I once helped a friend with a python that appeared on the floor of a rented moving van. Apparently, it had gotten loose and escaped during a previous move and had been living up under the dashboard. Who knows for how long…my friend stopped for lunch, opened the door to get back in the van, and there it was! The man from the pet store who came and got it said this is more common that you might think.

  5. I DO NOT like snakes,never have,never will. Let’s just say when I get done with them you can’t tell what they once were.

  6. This was terrifying. I do not know how she kept on driivng. I also know that I would NEVEr park or walk in that wooded area. YIKES!


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