Smoking ban on private property?

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Rocklin Considering Banning Residents From Smoking Outside Their Own Homes

CBS News (Sacramento):  A Placer County town is considering a ban on smoking that some say goes way too far.  The Rocklin City Council is considering making it against the law for smokers to smoke anywhere outside on their property.
The city council is considering the ban after one home owner complained about smoke coming from their neighbors’ backyards saying it caused health problems for their kids.  But before going to the city council, the family first asked their neighbors to stop smoking.

One couple agreed, according to their son.  “They felt that there wasn’t any reason to put the household in any sort of health risk,” Eric Croslin said explaining his parent’s position.

But some smokers and even some non-smokers saying this ban goes too far.  “So what about people who have children in their home and they don’t want to smoke in their home?” asked non-smoker Tamara Davis.
“As a smoker, I think that smokers should be considerate,” said Rocklin resident and smoker Ryan Malonson. “But on your own property, that’s unacceptable…It’s not going to pass.”
It is already against the law for smokers to light up near businesses, parks and playground in California.
While I’m not a fan of smoking (my father use to smoke and I have friends that smoke), I’m certainly not a fan of banning activities from your own private property. 
Smoke causes health problems for children?  Yes it can.  So can car emissions.  Can I force my neighbor drive an electric vehicle because their auto emissions are harmful?
Regulating what people can do on their private property in the guise of “health issues” only gives the government exactly what they want – more control over you and your freedoms (or lack thereof).

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0 responses to “Smoking ban on private property?

  1. Smoking cigaretts is a personal weakness, failure and Vice. I remember in the late 1950s, a Berkeley Professor of Political Science proclaimed, “The way to enter people’s private lives is through their Vices”. That is what is called an “Opener”. Political Crooks, even though they themselves are infested with Vice, know how to use them on others. They are some what relative to Safe Crackers in their thinking patterns. If they want to get you, they will find a chink in the public armor.

  2. …it’s for your own good. (Sure.)

  3. V. I. Lenin once said: “We recognize nothing [that’s] private.”

  4. Did Lenin have a frog in his pocket?

  5. Next they will be coming after our Webers.

  6. I have chronic bronchitis which I blame, correctly or not, on exposure to second-hand cigarette smoke when I was a young adult when most people smoked. In our family we did not smoke. Now I am sensitive to the odor of cigarettes at 50 yards if I am downwind. If people must smoke, they should do so indoors or away from everyone else.

    • I believe those that smoke should be mindful of others around them. Takes a polite question to ask them to smoke elsewhere.
      The issue gets down to regulating whatever is perceived as harmful to others, correctly or not, and the government deciding their decision trumps our personal freedoms to live your life as you decide to do so on your own property.

    • The world doesn’t revolve around you. Go get a life – and if you don’t want a life in a FREE COUNTRY — move to a communist country. But leave the USA, pretty please, if you are a little commie who wants to control your neighbor because you are a control freak with no sense of BOUNDARIES. I don’t care if you don’t like the smell of smoke. Maybe I don’t like the smell of your backyard BBQ. Maybe I don’t like the smell of your cologne. Maybe I don’t like the smell of the flowers in your yard. Maybe I don’t like the smell of your laundry detergent. Maybe I don’t like the look of your clothing. Maybe I think your female family members should all wear burqas. FREE COUNTRY. Learn what it means and get your *** INDOORS and don’t go OUTDOORS if you cannot handle your neighbor smoking outside. STAY INSIDE YOURSELF — and be the CLOISTERED ISOLATIONIST a control freak like you needs to be when things don’t go your way. GET YOUR *** INDOORS — cuz you’re not the control freak who gets to tell your neighbors how to live becuz you don’t like what you experience OUTDOORS. STAY INSIDE YOURSELF THEN CONTROL FREAK!!

      • excellent and I agree

      • I got home after working a 13-1/2 hour day — and saw THAT. That this man with TOO MUCH TIME ON HIS HANDS — thought he would manage my life for me on my property based on his whiffs and whims. Enuffs enuff. How I really feel… could be described as a “growl”. Look out for the bite. 🙂

        • lol. You know what?? If “they” had their ways, we would be living in a walled cell in their basement. And, truth is, these ppl are sick and perverted. You know what would happen in their basement. This “care for us” — is a sick desire to own another human being as a slave — and we know what kind of slave. Seriously, you allow this “nanny state” to have it’s way — and you learn that these sickos who lack boundaries and want control — are the sickest ppl on the planet. EVERY cult leader… control freak… resorts to the most depraved form of abuse towards the most innocent. That’s all I’m saying.

          • Yeah, they would want us filmed at all times in our homes like in the 1984 movie. For our own safety of course – voyeurism aside.

          • Steve-
            They do on all of the politically correct cartoons! (wear a helmet in the shower)…! 🙂
            My little boy doesn’t understand why his dad freaks out when he asks to wear a helmet while on a horse, moving cattle!
            {To all of y’all who will comment that I am a bad parent….let me tell the reasoning……WE WANT OUR SON TO GROW SOME BALLS!}

        • That would probably satisfy the occutards

      • Give an inch... they take a mile

        Love it!

    • My Land is just that My land you dont tell me what to do on my land… and if it bothers you that much stay in your freeking bouble… What a Fu&k Tard

    • I have some advice for you. Stop getting that yearly flu,and pneumonia shot loaded with aluminum, and mercury that they have convinced you you need. Don’t worry if you die from COPD you won’t know it because you’ll have alzhiemers. I’ll just bet your on several immune system destroying corticosteroid drugs, and probably 10 others and you think its your neighbors second hand smoke causing your problem?
      When your out enjoying the fresh air make sure to look up in the sky when they are spraying you with chemtrials.

      • ‘Amen Peggy, I have never gotten an “absolute must” flu shot and I never will. I’m 78 years old, have never, in my senior years, had the flu when those around me who have, are coughing and hacking their insides out. I don’t take pills, never have and never will do that either. I grew up in a family where every adult smoked. Heck people walked down the street with a cigarette or cigar in their hand, puffing away. I may not like the smell of the smoke, but I don’t go around telling people they should not be doing it. If it is SOOOO bad for you then why does the government still allow tobacco companies to produce them and allow their sales in all stores, gas stations and yes, even Tobacco stores???? Ya know why???? CAUSE THE U.S. MAKES MONEY OFF THEM…that’s why. Now they’re trying to tell us we can’t smoke on our own property???? What a crock!!!!!!!

        • Got an even better question Dill. If cigarettes are so bad then why does the Government allow the tobacco companies to put more Nicotene and other chemicals to enhance the uptake to the brain making it even harder to quit?

    • Really?
      Are u for real?
      I’m sorry I just had to ask….I bet you are one of those ppl that goes to the freakin EMERGENCY ROOM every time u get a sniffle right? I just luuuuuvvv hypochondriacs, they are absolutely fabulous people! Everything wrong w/them has got to be someone else’s fault!

  7. I saw the Rate This sign beside and under the statements, but they don’t have a phuck off rating. I have quit smoking, but I choose to, On my property, I’m King.

  8. There is something SERIOUSLY WRONG WITH YOU if you want to control what your neighbor does on THEIR PROPERTY. You’re a PSYCHO. That simple.

  9. The city of Boulder, CO already did this. No smoking outdoors, inside the city limits. If you smoke in your car, the windows must be rolled up all the way. At home you must be indoors, not on the porch.

  10. Smokers should use the exact same line of BS that the gay community has successfully used. “We were born this way. There’s absolutely nothing that we can do about it. It’s cruel to expect us to control ourselves or to change our habits. So accept us and if you don’t then you are a BIGOT and a HATER.” Actually, it’s scientifically proven that Smokers were actually born with an identifiable smoking gene. There is no such identifiable gay gene.

  11. TickedoffAmerican

    If people don’t get together and stop this BS… won’t be long before they make farting on your own property illegal…..just because it offends someone……I have a neighbor who has bad breath from eating garlic……are they going to make that illegal too…..even in Russia and China you can smoke wherever you want without people hasseling you

  12. Another problem with a stupid law like that is: Who is going to enforce it? The Chiefs of Police should just say NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT! They are understaffed and overworked already. Just think about it— This article suggests that people could reasonably calling 911 to report that their neighbor is smoking a cigarette. That’s absurd. It would completely overwhelm the 911 system and the police force. This is really crazy.

  13. It amazes me that many who want smoking outlawed are also pro-abortion. I say to them, my body is none of your business…isn’t that what they say? Oh, there have got to be some A**holes around, because the world is full of shiite.

  14. The answer is to not live in Democratic controlled areas because Dems are psychos who just can’t control their urges to control everything in sight. Get out of California and live with intelligent freedom loving people. Go to Texas.

  15. As a recovering native Californian,and truth be told ,I have only lived 15 of my 62 years there,I can in all honesty say ” California SUCKS!”.I learned early on that California is a magnet,a virtual “open house” for every perverse ideology on the face of the earth.I do believe that the first liberal crawled out from under their rock in San Francisco sometime in the Cretaceous age.They need to crawl and or slither back.
    Wild Bill

  16. My 45 acp smokes a little when I fire it…. Hmmm, I’ll have Obammy apologise to everyone for me.

  17. First they want smokers to smoke outside, now they want smokers to smoke inside. Sounds to me like they don’t know what they want! Guess they just want to keep sticking their nose where it doesn’t belong. If you don’t like being around smoke then by all means go somewhere else. I’m sure no one is making you stay close enough to smell the smoke. One more thing, thanks for letting the smokers go back inside to smoke, does this mean now you’ll stand out in the cold when you go to visit someone who smokes?

    • No Gloria, It means they will pass a law allowing the person that is visiting you to report you if you smoke and they don’t. Have you forgotten the Nazi brown shirts who were trained to report everything and everyone. Have you forgotten Big Sis , If you see something, say something.

  18. Put a frog in warm water he gets comfortable. Raise the temperature a little bit and he adjusts and is still comfortable. Raise it a bit more – and a bit more and a bit more and soon he is BOILED ALIVE … but “comfortable”!

  19. Give an inch... they take a mile

    Well my children feel threatened, are in fear for their lives and have nightmares caused by liberal democrats living in our neighborhood and teaching in their schools… therefor they should be banned from teaching at the schools and run out of town! And I want a law passed making it illegal to speak in public … ANYWHERE… while expressing liberal views…!!!!

  20. My thought is this….all smokers should buy an electronic cigarette and use it anywhere smoking is banned. If they get arrested, what’s a judge going to say… your guilty for pretending to smoke…or you are perceived as a threat to public health because your electronic cigarette contains a lithium
    battery. These retards will come up with any excuse to control your life and eliminate your rights.

    • Dev, for public use I have a pink electonic cigarette that emits a harmless vapor. The smoke nazis still object! Tobacco products are legal and highly taxed. I am within my rights to smoke in my own home and outside in my own yard. If anyone objects, I am happy to forego their company.

  21. How about these idiot judges who even hear these cases? They should just throw their stupid asses right out of court. As for these whiners, I guess their mamas never taught them like mine always told me, “The world doesn’t revolve around you!”

  22. Los Angeles Cty. banned frisbees on the beaches!!! I agree with and applaud those here who recognize the real threat to us, the government doing all it can to control everything we do. And they have a lot of help from control freaks in our society. Just remember all that has been taken away/or enforced: prayer in schools, control of our speech thru political correctness, control of our childrens’ minds (in CA homosexuality is to be taught starting in kindergarten),taxpayers must pay for abortions, and the list goes on. But we are to blame, we have remained silent while “other people’s” rights were taken away. We have given the government and liberal judges the power over us. Be careful, YOU are next.

  23. Voice from the wilderness

    I think this is absolute proof that Americans have become stupid beyond belief and as docile as sheep. I honestlly believe the vast majority of people no longer have the mental capacity for logical thought or reason. I know the education system is no longer a place of higher learning, but is in fact a brainwashing experiment. But, it was not that many years ago when the most uneducated person had common sense, and knew they had personal freedoms and liberties and ” unalienable rights,among them, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (property).” Which means INDIVIDUAL rights. No one has the right to deny anothers right (s). I would simply tell those neighbors, they have the right to stay indoors, or move. As for the government , I would try every way possible to get them thrown out of office, by forming a resistance group and blast them with emails, petitions, and attend everyone of their public meetings and picket their private meetings. Citizens against tyranny. Any sane person would make the neighbors and government show conclusive and indisputable proof that they are actually being harmed physically, of course they are already mentally disabled so that should be considerd a pre existing condition.

  24. If the gov. Is so concerned about our health, then why don’t ban outdoor BBQ’s? There r more carcinogenics from charcoals pouring into our backyards than from cigarettes!

  25. This is a really good example of Semantic deception. Convince everyone that the Government is looking out for you by banning smoking while the GMO foods, pharma drugs, chemtrails, water floridation, neurotoxic vaccines slowly poison you. Convince you that your neighbors second hand smoke is causing you to be sick so you don’t focus on how they are slowly killing you.

  26. Phillip McMillian

    Just an FYI…your rights end where mine begin…

  27. OMG can you believe this….people we got to stop these stupid remarks like this….are they wanting to start a revolution…..keep it up and they will…..

  28. the only way you can ban smoking on private property is to ban cigarettes and cigars all together. I don’t smoke anymore, for over 12 years now, but I don’t agree with this ban. smokers pay a lot of taxes for the privilege of smoking, considering 90-95% of the cost of a pack is some kind of tax. like the others said, are you going to ban grills and gas cars etc. leave smokers alone on their own property.

    • My guess is yes, that is exactly what they wil do. People should take some time and google Agenda 21 and sustainable communities map called the Wildlands project. Look closely at this map where people will be allowed to live in communities of 10,000. Then ask your self where all the other people will live. That is what scares me. Where did rest of the population go? These liberal loons have a lot more to worry about than second hand smoke.

      • Yes Steve I have seen and read all about this. In fact Agenda 21 curriculum is being taught deceptively in the public schools systems. These kids are not being taught to be individuals but collectivists. Its all about the sacrifice for the greater good. However the sociopaths that are behind this will be living like kings. None of these rules will apply to them because they are the masters. There is also a call to depopulate by 80%.
        This is the new Global community and it is being implemented by stealth with deceptive laws like public smoking bans. it is subtle conditioning. Little do they know the plan is NO private Property every one lives in the sustainable communities. These idiots need to open their eyes.

        • Can’t remember where it is but there is legislation being drafted to stop Agenda 21. Of Course the republicans are drafting it. I don’t really trust either party these days but some are waking up. Not that long ago Agenda 21was considered a conspiracy theory, now its out in the open. I’ll try to track it down and post it..

        • OK Steve, Good news there are many legislators fighting against it . It is being pushed through under another name called ICLEI International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives. Go to this page and scroll down to see the list .
 sit l

      • Please people, go to the library and pick up George Orwell’s “1984”. It should scare the hell out of you because, even though it didn’t happen in 1984, it IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. Last week I read an article about the “Lunch Police” at some school. “LUNCH POLICE” no less….Get and read “1984” It’s happening people and we’d better put a stop to it before there is no longer a Free America….

        • Hi, Dill. You’re new here, so it’s really not a good idea to be presumptious. If you take a look at the Pages under our FOTM masthead (e.g., Creeping Big-Brother State, The Obama Chronicles….), you’ll know that not only do we know about Orwell’s 1984 and regularly reference him, we’ve done many many posts on the increasingly tyrannical govt in America.
          Welcome to FOTM. 😀

  29. Totally ridiculous….being dictated too by your neightbours, what you can do on your property……UNLESS, they want to pick up and pay my mortgage and property taxes…..then, I would (maybe) consider it……if you want to make rules, the you must be prepared to pay.

  30. The president of the United States smokes. Does this mean Obama can’t step outside the White House to have a cigarette, which is what I understand he does?

  31. any e-mail addresses? people need to stomp these asshat communists right straight into the ground- the entire CA state govt is like this,time for the known socialists,communists,marxists,homo’s,muslims to be removed as they have absolutely no place in local,state or fed govt.

  32. Why is “Smoking” so all iimportant here while our freedoms are being encroached upon from thousands of different angles? Certainly nearly all of us agree that we Americans are being burried alive by the encroaching Green Monster, but just why is “Smoking” so all important?
    Obviously millions of Americans are suffering from a multitude of personal failures, such as, “not improving ourselves by strengthening our personal strength and integrity”. We can become far stronger as Americans once we begin giving up, “displaying our weaknesses”.
    This argument using “Smoking” as all important to our freedoms just shows how weak, puny, and addicted we really are.
    “SMOKING” is just a readilly available handle for tha enemy to use against us as individuals and or Americans.
    Pot Cards………………Anyone have one? If you do, you have signed your life over to ………………….What more can be said?
    Give IT up.

  33. everyone in the world smoked cigarettes when i was growing up. my father smoked 3 packs a day. i guess thats why i never noticed 2nd hand smoke, it was my normal atmosphere. why did anyone back then live to be 40 years old ? i can’t answer that question, maybe our intelligent politicians can. burn your neighbors house down, if complains about your smoking in your own house and tell him/her to get a real life.

  34. Steve. Are you so very weak? Give up your vices. If you are MAN enough. Show the world how strong you are, you waste your breath on me. If you really enjoy giving the controllers a handle on your life, have at it. Enjoy your weakness.

    • Rich,you are missing the point! this is not like you. COMMUNISM needs defeated here in the United States of America.

    • Rich….
      I do not smoke and this really bothers me! They are taking our own property away from us! I do not think smoking does near as much harm to children as same sex parents do….and they can adopt!

  35. Anytime someones freedoms adversely effects another there is a problem that needs to be resolved.
    Anytime someone’s freedoms adversely effects another there is a problem that needs to be resolved. Be it by law or by respect for another.
    The fact is that cigarette smoking produces a toxic smoke. Logic would have it that it is unhealthy to be downwind from that smoke.
    If all smokers acted like they were aware of these facts, or respected the rights of others to breathe clean air we would not have to consider or pass such laws.
    All smokers have the right to smoke and all non-smokers have the right to breathe healthy air!
    Remember, in the USA we have around 19% of the population smoking. That means that 19% are affecting the clean air rights 81% of the population.
    Clyde in NV

    • When a smoker is outdoors, there is more “toxic smoke from passing cars and dog farts then from smokers. If I want to invite 20 people over to smoke in my yard, it is my yard. You have missed the whole issue. Wait, no, I’m wrong, you libs just don’t want to be bothered with facts and logic.

    • Who gets to define the term “adversely effects” and in which situations it applies, and at which locations? You? Your mom? My dog? Or would you rather let the government decide for you?
      I have the freedom to sleep with whomevere I choose. If I have unprotected sex, catch an STD, and pass it along to someone else thereby adversely impacting their health, does that mean government can enact a law to solve that problem?

    • Hey Clyde-
      I have a neighbor, who has dog that yelps ALL NIGHT LONG beside my little girl’s window. The dog keeps her up all night long, keeping her from her 8 hrs a night, which then attacks her immune system. So based on ur comment the city needs to outlaw dogs in private yards. That is what u are saying right? Even I wouldn’t support that!
      We didn’t need a law to ban dogs….my husband just has a set of his own balls…he took care of it! If ppl like u would grow a pair the United States would be way better off!

      • Sounds like You and I have met someplace else before.

        • Rich-
          I think your giving me a compliment right? (Sorry I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed). But if you are….high five! 😉
          Ps….I thought it was really honorable the way you handle things further down in the Convo. You most definitely have my respect! And thank you for fighting for my freedom! We should tell soldiers that more, God knows they deserve it! Catcha later!

  36. This article is so full of crap. I grew up in a house where everyone smoked or used some form of tobacco product. I grew up playing football and running track. I practiced martial arts and went on to compete in national and international competition. I also finished a career in the military (31 years). Today I’m a senior citizen, I smoke and I also run 10 miles per day 6 days a week and still practice my martial arts. My adult children state to me that they hope they are in such physical condition when they reach my age.
    So your argument about first hand and second hand smoke is so misleading and false that it is nothing more than a load of B.S.. People, stop worrying about what others think and live your life worry and stress free.

  37. I am not a smoker but seriously, if you side with the State to limit your freedom, sooner or later they will come for you in the name of health. Don’t be a control freak!

  38. Nice name….you are obviously one of those “oh so tolerant” folks. Too much hate? You are too stoned to realize the irony in your statement.

  39. So what does being conservative and legalizing weed have to do with losing our Constitutional Rights????????

  40. Your name says it all. And you lecture us about hate. Liberals have more hate than anybody. You can’t tolerate anybody with a different opinion yet you lecture us about tolerance. Whet is the word I’m looking for. Wait, I think I know what it is. “HYPOCRITE!!!”

  41. To smoke is to take sides with invasive government. Looks like the Smokers are winning. A weak and lazy people get the form of government they deserve. A strong public/people form the government into a government that works for the people.

  42. Steve, I served in the Marines for 11 years fighting people with an idiology like yours. I have given up leg, an eye, and the left side of my face. What have you done?

  43. More propaganda being thrown about’ I doubt the smoke comming from a cig,outside can be smelt or a bother. The air disapates it quickly. A lot of these comments are from people that have never smoked and know nothing about it. Second hand smoke is a big lie to get people to stop smoking. Cancer is not caused by smoking as much as car emissions,and ingreadiants in some of the food we eat. Most smokers I know have pets. I have yet to see a dog or cat with lung cancer. Everyone in my family that has quit smoking,has died 2-17 yrs later of Lung cancer, and it was’nt the type caused by smoking’

    • It is a sin to say anything negative regarding smokin? Addiction projects a reverse image in the mind of the abuser. Smokers like heroin addicts have the same shared psychology. When I was supervising High Security Segregation Department at Leavenworth there were plenty of recovering heroin addicts(returning from Vietnam) trying to end their lives by hanging themselves or swallowing sharpened spoons wrapped in toilet paper.They saw heroin as the great way to happiness. Steve, like I said before, “Before we can be a free people, we must first free ourselves from our vices before we can free ourselves from the controllers.” I am not talking about myself, I am talking about all of us Americans who are allowing themselves to be placed under control.” We have become a weak and lazy people who blame our controllers for what we have created.
      A strong people is a free people. We are no longer free.

      • Rich-
        IMO….I really think you are totally missing the point of this article….It is not justifying smoking or taking up for smokers! It is talking about the freedoms you have bravely fought for. I do not think attacking Steve is the right thing to do. If they ban smoking on private property then it would only make sense to ban Junk food from our private fridges b/c junk food causes obesity….(the article about MooCow &Wally World). Please do not type something u might regret later….b/c you have misunderstood the reason for the article.

  44. Rich,there is not one person that regularly posts on FOTM that does not appreciate you for your service. I can see what your point is. A little off from the posted article. Yes we are still free as far as I’m concerned,they are not going to tell me what I can or can’t do when it comes to something as petty as this. By the way- Steve is a co-founder to this great blog,and is a helluva good guy. Lose your chip-please.

  45. Let’s get some things straight. I started smoking at 13 (Chesterfields) at 2 packs a day till I quit, started again 10 years later and quit permanently. I liked smoking as a stress reliever. Now! I was walking by my TV in Ohio one day and a reporter asked the head of The James Cancer Clinic (The Ohio State University) a question I have wondered about for years. “If smoking causes cancer, why do people who don’t smoke get lung cancer” and “if I hang out around smokers why don’t I get lung cancer from second hand smoke” Here is his answer to the reporter, “We know that smoking doesn’t cause cancer. 40% of the people on our data base either have never smoked or haven’t smoked for 5 years.” My own father smoke 2 packs of Camels a day since he was 13 and didn’t have cancer, asthma or empahsyma (sp). Within 4 weeks, the head of the American Cancer Society said the same thing and on TV. “We know smoking does not cause lung cancer. As I said I smoked for about 20 years at 2 packs a day. I am 69 and have no lung problems at all.
    The BAD news. Nicotine in cigarett smoke is a basal constrictant(sp). It will eventually lead to major cardio vascular problems based on the constriction of the blood vessals(sp) Even that may not be a cause/effect issue since there are people in their 80s that have smoked all their life.
    Conclusion: we are all different and react differently to external stimulus. For God’s sake let someone do on his/her property what ever they want if it’s legal. They should KEEP THEIR DAMN HANDS OUT OF MY LIFE AND POCKE!T
    This reminds me of the hoax that CO2 is harmful. The last Science Course I had in Grade School said that my body takes in O2 and produces CO2. Green trees take in CO2 and produce O2. Let’s see, maybe we could burn all the trees down!


  47. One recent weekend on my private property, I was burning fallen limbs in my burn barrel-grilling meat on my Weber- and smoking, all at the same time. Take THAT Al Gore ! Let freedom ring.

  48. The citizens should start a Recall Amendment for any of the City Council Members who proposed this ban, and get enough signatures on te petition to kick these Nanny State City Council members asses of of the City Council where they obviously do not belong. Your citizensof this town and other towns lke this one do not need Control Freaks that like to use government force by enacting Draconian laws that violate the freedom of all citizens t do what ey wish on their own property. The time to take a tand against theNanny Staters is way past due. Get-R-Done pople before it’s topo late. Recall petitions, Recall petitions,Recall Petitions.

    • Give an inch... they take a mile

      HERE… HERE…!!!! I SECOND That…!!!!! This needs to happen in every City, County & State…!!!!!

      • Dang it! Sorry Give an Inch….I was trying to give u thumbs up and I pushed down! I’ve been known to do this before! Sorry! I “Thumbs up” ur comment! Oops! 🙂
        So sorry!

  49. People that live in condos and apartments are getting fed up wwith secondhand cigarette and cigar smoke drifting into their living quarters from smokers in adjacent apartments. I do not begrudge any non smoker from sticking up for their rights in pushing to ban smoking if it is indeed, affecting their health. I am a lifelong Republican Conservative and Business owner.

    • Apartment owners have the right to ban smoking on their private properties. And condos set many rules through their associations.
      How far are we willing to go to protect your health rights? What if I get an STD and give it to someone else and it adversely affects them? Do we now set laws regarding your sexual activities you practice in your home?

    • Give an inch... they take a mile

      There are many things one KNOWS that comes along with living in apartments and condominiums. It’s a given FACT…!!!
      If you don’t want to live with neighbors…
      -Being so close to you,
      -On top of you,
      -Re-arranging furniture,
      -Having company over on the weekends,
      -Conversations right outside your screen door (with fowl language),
      -Traffic coming and going at all hours of the day and night… (many of those either half dressed or with their pants hanging down like they have a loaded diaper on that needed to be changed a week ago),
      -Starting their loud cars with exhaust coming in your windows,
      -Car alarms going off everytime a cat jumps on it,
      -And Yes…
      -People smoking cigarettes or cigars ……….
      …….Then find a house to rent or buy!………
      I am so sick and tired of the biased blah, blah, blah about cigarette smoke! The amount of crap I tolerate from other people from the time I get up in the morning til the time I go to bed at night is, at times overwhelming, but is part of living on this earth. Everyone needs to get over themselves and stop thinking that this World, Country, State, County, City, Neighborhood, Apartment / Condominium Complex revolves around them…..!!!!!!
      You all might also want to stop believing all the lies being spewed from our corrupt government via the corrupt media regarding cigarettes, cigarette smoke, and an unfathomable amount of other things and start thinking and learning for yourselves. You all are looking like and becoming a bunch of helpless, stupid, inept bunch of lambs being led to the slaughter! It’s time to grow up, take the initiative to think for yourself and do some research for yourself instead of being the lazy asses sitting back and buying into every lie and intentional miss-truth being broadcast.
      Absolutely sick of all the feckless, moronic, asinine, inattentive, obtuse, pathetic brood of people…!!!!!
      Maybe we should find a way to make it illegal for all of you to continue infringing upon my personal liberties and peace of mind! Get a fricken LIFE!

    • You do have the freedom to stand up for your rights….SAY SOMETHING TO THE SMOKER…no wonder we cannot get the damn Government out of our back pockets….ppl want them to be the principle during a school yard tiff!
      THAT is what is bringing the government into our lives…the whiney “It’s Not Fair-I’m going to throw a temper tantrum until I get my way” type of ppl! Man-up and take care of it yourself!
      Good grief…I don’t even smoke! (frustrating!)

    • If you are for government control over private property then you are no Conservative.

  50. Dear Dr Eowyn & Steve, Sorry my post came through late and after our settling our varying opinions. I am with you all the waY.
    Miranda, yes, I am like talking to a wall.
    There are four terms that are ‘escape clauses’ in any discussion of this type. 1: At this point in time. 2: Your point of view. 3: My point of view. Worst of all is, #4: At thispoint in time. God does not recognize ‘”Time” because he does not have a pocket watch. God does not have “Points of View”, because he is “All seeing”. These things are for we confused humans every time we lack an accurate answer.
    Mind is an unidentifiable/intangible thing we all see as real. That is the Illusion we all are manipulated by.
    Are we not throwing these things out here/there to find solutions rather than start fights?
    Both invasive government and personal vice go hand in hand.
    An evil government cannot survive if we are constantly bettering ourselves on our own. Think about it. We can beat the bad guys if we “work ou at self improvement” every our of the day. We are a lazy and slothful nation that is ripe for destruction.
    Take it or leave it, This is about Good & Evil.

    • Rich…I see where you have been coming from…it’s like me biting my nails until they hurt (hang w/me). When I do this I cannot be the best parent that I want to be. It hurts to button the kiddos jeans, wash dishes, or clean on the house. If I would give up my vice then I could be better equipped to be the mom I strive to be. Am I at least warm? 🙂
      The problem is, we are all human and a vice can be a way to channel stress….if it was easy to quit biting my nails, I would b/c I want beautiful nails. I smoked until I got pregnant and quit cold turkey, but I think I used to smoke b/c it was something I could control. There has been many times since my kiddos came along that I have wanted to start back up. Especially staying at home w/them b/c I have no control over anything in my life! (LOL)

      • Work. All is Work.
        Working our way up the Hgh Road.
        Better than working our way down the Low Road.
        To think that our kidzes will be pushing our wheelchairs…………………..Kidzes remember your good work, all life long.

  51. Look at me; chained to the garage, and my bowl is just inches out of reach. no control at all. I think the IRS is calling…………

  52. This is just an erosion of our freedoms and liberties from a government bent on control. It is no longer, We the people of the United States of America. It is We the government of the United States of America… Our government will take control one way or the other. Obama and his minions are living proof. A Kenya born man as president and the other 554 do nothing!

  53. This is pure crap! My property, my rules and screw all of them!


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