Smartphones Are Debasing Society

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The following appeared on Henry Makow’s excellent site:
Thanks to smartphones, people are always
distracted. They are not interacting with people
or places in the moment. Baby boomers like
David Douthit have banished them from their lives.
by David Scott Douthit
Everywhere, people seem to be glued to their smartphones. I was at one of my son’s baseball games. My ex-wife and my daughter were in the bleachers behind home plate. Neither one saw any of the game, as they were both busy texting the entire game. My son hit his first home run. After the game he asked his Mom if she saw it. She answered, “Saw what?”
I tried the smartphone thing around ten years ago. The problem was people kept calling me up. They would call when I was walking the dog. They would call when I was taking a nap. They would call and expect me to call them back immediately, and get mad when I didn’t. The smart phone was much more an inconvenience, than convenience. I threw it away, and have not had one since.
My wife and I had to put a sign on our front door that reads “Turn that bleeping smartphonr off!” because her kids kept coming over to make phone calls, or at least that is the way it seemed. It was aggravating when a visitor comes over and just had to “take this call” or that call after call. Or, they would be sitting on the couch looking at the smart phone and texting. You get schizophrenic trying to converse with someone who is some place else mentally all the time.
Then there is the matter of electromagnetic radiation waves emitted from the smart phone into the users brain.
There is ample evidence smartphones cause brain tumors, as well as a host of other maladies. I make it a point to tell all my family and friends about that risk. It is usually dismissed with a, “So what? Everybody dies sometime.”
Although my son has a smartphone, I do not allow him to put it up next to his brain, or carry it in his pocket next to his testicles. Organ tissue is much more sensitive than muscle or bone. My boy is only seventeen, but I would like him to use his brain, and father some grand kids someday.
This generation will be stunted. They have conceded their cognitive ability to computers and cell phones. It appears this has enabled them to argue and bicker with people non-stop. The smartphone is a extension of their sour attitude. Grammar and good manners are gone.
This generation has no morals. The breakdown of morality has a lot to do with rise of technology. You would think technology would not have affect morality, but it has enabled the wolves among us to be more wolf-like. Guys brag about bedding hundreds of women. They attribute the ability to meet more women to modern technology.
Most modern men have absolutely no standards. The only standard they have is their ability to use other people. The exact inverse of the Golden Rule.
I also try to stay off the computer. I have to admit, it is addictive. The pixels excite the brain in a drug-like fashion. I have spent too much time on the computer in the past. It didn’t make me any happier or wiser.

Knowledge and wisdom are two different things. Knowledge is accumulated information. Wisdom is the ability to know the right way to use it. Wisdom is gained by negotiating difficult situations, crises, real life moral dilemmas. Time spent on the computer is not real life experience. I think I will go for a walk and exercise some wisdom and my legs.

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Makow comment- And David doesn’t even get into the surveillance aspects.
First Comment from Dan:
I’ve lived with dial phone ‘land lines’, sending letters by postman, and writing checks. “New” isn’t always better; it’s a always a trade-off. Switching from land line telephone to ‘smartphone’ exchanges one set of inconveniences for another, more complicated set.
At the moment people remain concerned mainly about the loss of privacy [1] that goes with storing every byte of information about you on these GPS tracking, hand held chipset.
But you’ll get over that. Now that they’ve got you hooked on ‘convenience’ , heavily invested into it (iPhones ain’t cheap), and visually dependent upon digitally processed images do recognize what you’re seeing on that little screen as ‘real’, privacy will become less important. – See more at:

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0 responses to “Smartphones Are Debasing Society

  1. First, I have to make this confession…..
    I do not have a cell phone. I had one once, for use in emergencies when away from my home (it did come in handy when moving from New Jersey several years. The rental truck broke down in the middle of Pennsylvania, and I used it to call the emergency number). I don’t need one now, and have no intention of getting one.
    I find it annoying that people always have one of the damned things stuck in their ear, talking to…. everyone…. about things that really aren’t all that important.
    Not long ago, while sitting at a red light at a very busy intersection, I started to go through the intersection when the light turned green. A car, driven by a woman gabbing on a cell phone, came barreling through from the left, running the red (for her) light. Never looked left or right. Never aware of her surroundings. Never giving a damn about whether or not she might kill someone in her four wheeled ‘unguided missile’.
    It wasn’t all that long ago that people got along just fine with constant contact with others through a telephone. But, it’s now been long enough that we have an entire generation that have been raised with them. They can’t seem to even breathe without one.
    Which possibly accounts for the blatantly lower IQ of society as a whole these days. Younger people cannot read. They cannot write. They cannot even hold an intelligent conversation.
    And, they certainly do not respect others……
    I think cell phones should come with a packet of K-Y jelly, so someone like me can shove the damned things up the user’s ass when we get sick of hearing them……
    End of rant.
    Thank me very much.

  2. In proofreading my post above, I see that I omitted a word here and there. I meant to write ‘New Jersey several years ago’..
    And, I also meant to write, ‘people got along fine without constant contact’….
    I did, however, get the ‘K-Y jelly’ paragraph without error…..
    … my apologies…..

  3. this article will soon be regulated to history. bio-chip is much more convenient. all instruction will be downloaded into the cerebrum. no need to dial. and with the smart bio-chip, one will not even have to remember to breathe.

  4. You stated, “Most modern men have absolutely no standards.” That’s pretty darned misandrist if you ask me! If men have no standards now, they were led down that path by women, who abandoned all standards a generation ago.
    Trust me – I know. I happen to be a woman born two generations ago.

  5. Smartphones and the Internet make people functionally illiterate… write someone a stock 6th Grade business letter and they’ll complain they “can’t understand” you though “all this verbiage” because it’s not a 140-character Twitter tweet.

  6. Actually, I sense the Darwin Awards are on their way – and lots of them, too.
    If enough of these smart phone zombies step off curbs into traffic, I imagine their ranks are going to be thinned out pretty quickly.
    LOL – I nearly took two out during one trip to Publix yesterday.

  7. I also used to be a cell phone user. At times I carried two. I wanted a simple hello goodbye phone and people were abusing my requests, please to not text me. I gave them up 4 years ago. I have a land line now and love it. I feel free and liberated. We had thought of getting a simple prepaid phone to take for traveling and emergencies.
    Those of us that grew up with landlines, can probably find it easier to give them up. The kids today, that never saw a landline, will most likely find it hard to give them up. When we go out to dine and in public in general it is sad to see the lack of face to face conspversation.

  8. I got rid of my land line 4 years ago because
    A-the sound quality was terrible,no matter WHAT phone was connected.
    B-It was getting expensive-long distance was costing a fortune out here,and I had nothing but trouble with the $35.00 POS phones;the cheaper ones were worse.
    C-I missed out on a LOT of business because I was out taking care of business and missed the calls.
    D-In my area,there are places I went where it would have been a two day hike to reach any kind of help if my truck broke down,-OR I could dial my cell phone and have friends on the way in minutes. (That happened 3 weeks after I got my cell phone.)
    I still have,and use,my cell phone-NOT a smart phone,just a very basic stupid phone. (It takes me so long to send a text message it’s quicker to just drive there and tell you to your face.) I don’t have a problem with shutting my phone off when I’m talking to someone or going out to dinner with friends,and don’t take it personally if I call and get,”Hi-lemme call you back.”,because others have lives to live,too. I wear a “Trucker’s Blue-tooth headset” much of the time,so I can work and talk and not drop my phone into my work,but move it away from my ear when I’m not using it so I can hear someone speaking to me. In MY world the cell phone is pretty much a necessity,but it’s no excuse to be inconsiderate.
    And Bob,if some A-hole on a cell phone cuts me off and tries to kill me when I’m on my Harley,I can assure you that if I’m able to get on my feet I’ll get his/her phone properly implanted in their rectal cavity WITHOUT the K-Y,thank you. (If I CAN’T stand or walk,I’ll make sure to accomplish that “implant” after I’m done with my Physical Therapy-I’m willing to wait.)

    • Like television and the Internet, cell phones too are simply a medium of communication — means to an end that can be used to good purpose or bad.

  9. I’d be willing to bet , one of these days you are going to go to a wake of a young person and they will have their smart phone in their hand … they can communicate from the “great beyond “…( Sarcastic yes , but so appropriate )

  10. Well it isn’t just that they cause “stupification” but also that they are the leading cause of the porn pandemic, you’ve got children being given smartphones or cameraphones sometimes even pre-loaded with porn (yes that has happened), and then you’ve got sex ed classes (ala the ones in seaside, OR) teaching what amounts to sexting… the U.K. is already having major troubles with students producing porn of other students without regard, and for “sextortion”, just like the devil worshipers… I imagine the puppets of evil must be elated with the school system and phone makers for accomplishing that. and of course with hacking, and with pedophiles/hebephiles/child lovers whatever other rebrand they want to be called, lurking around things like omegle, sticam, skype and other chat services it isn’t long before such pictures end up on the dark web and get used by such woeful vilely afflicted people around the world. The only way to stop it is to stop the “sex ed” in schools, and to stop giving such vile spy telescreens to children. If this is not done I fear things will get much worse. (I’ve already heard of a porn shop in a nearby town posting for a bacchanal pagan “spring rite” and if you know what a bacchanal is, you know how bad that is.)

  11. My entire career was in the computer industry until I retired, but I never had any use or desire for social media or smart phones. I have seen all too clearly how they have damaged 2 generations, basically turning them into mannerless zombies. I have an aging dumb flip phone, which sits in my shoulder bag turned off. I use it for emergencies.
    Young people have asked me how I get onto the Internet and I tell them I have a nice desktop PC with a big monitor for that. They cannot seem to fathom how I get along without being connected 24×7, nor do I watch mainstream television.
    Another thing about the young that concerns me is their total trust that they an bare their entire lives on their smart phone and in social media, believing nothing will harm them. I have gotten into debates with them trying to educate them that parts of their personal life should be private. Their response is always “If you have nothing to hide you should not fear sharing yourself online.”
    A couple of them I have debated with about uploading sex pictures or homemade porn videos, sharing concerns that “nothing ever dies online and some day those same pictures, videos and texts MIGHT hurt you in the future.”
    I suppose because I am pushing 70, I’m just some old antique dinosaur
    The picture at the top of the post says a lot. I see the same wherever I go. The fine art of face to face personal interaction is almost dead.

    • What gets me, beyond posting sexual pictures, is the personal information they post as well. Information such as address, vacation plans, etc. How irresponsible to think that no one is going to use this personal information to harm them/rob them, etc.


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