Slide Show Explains Agenda 21 Vendetta Against Property Rights

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Dr. Michael Coffman has provided an excellent slideshow explaining the basics of Agenda 21 and how it’s been implemented to take over control of vast swaths of land across America.  I strongly recommend sharing it with as many people as possible.   

Here is a link to the full Slide Show  “Taking Liberty by Taking Land” website.  The above video was just the brief introduction to whet your appetite.
H/T to our beloved Tina!  You’re a peach, kiddo!

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0 responses to “Slide Show Explains Agenda 21 Vendetta Against Property Rights

  1. LTG-we can’t ship the U.N. out of America fast enough. So many people out there that need to be reached and educated on these evil beings.

  2. I have to admit that there was a moment on 9-11 when I had a fleeting hope that that the UN had finally been “evicted” with prejudice…but then immediately repented because there might be
    a couple of souls in that vipers nest worthy of being sent home….

  3. Agenda 21 is downright evil!


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