Skippy's New Army

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~Steve~                H/T Umm, Grouchy I think. Lost the email, kept the vid.

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0 responses to “Skippy's New Army

  1. That looks like the Joint Chiefs of Staff (infections0>

  2. So funny! 🙂 Love it!

  3. they pranced well but their skipping needs work 🙂

    That is hilarious!

  5. America’s post-DADT Army!

  6. Oh my…General Patton would have had a stroke right there on the spot.

  7. The “First Gay President” orchestrated the repeal of the military’s DADT policy and has invalidated natural marriage to give the 2% mutants a green light. Hollywood mutants/marxists will scratch and claw to try to save him in November and keep their ill-gotten gains but I believe the POS is going to lose big-time and it will be up to Romney to put a stop to sodomy based marriage and give relief to the 98% of normal society that is offended by perverse LGBT public display activism. He must restore DADT and gays may be tolerated but NOT condoned. We are all waiting to see if Romney is the right stuff. We can only pray.

  8. alright guys,I am blocked out,want to see the pictures (I guess) but they are all blocked out???? something weird going on here. Big Sis???


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