Skippy's illegal uncle gets a pass

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Onyango hands over his license

Boston Herald:  Onyango Obama — the president’s illegal alien half uncle — admitted to sufficient facts today in his drunken driving bust and his case is being continued without a finding for one year — but he must surrender his license.
Obama, 67, was ordered to give up his license for 45 days, effective today, a Framingham District Court judge ruled. He left court without speaking to the press.

Obama had been waging an aggressive legal battle against Framingham cops ever since he was pulled over Aug. 24 for driving erratically and blowing 0.14 on a Breathalyzer. But his attorney today said it was time to move on.  “After a thorough review, we felt it was in his interests to end the matter without any further proceedings. He’s glad to have this behind him,” said Obama’s attorney P. Scott Bratton.  The attorney added that Obama wants to “get on with his life” and to “get on with his normal quiet existence in society.”

As for Obama’s illegal alien status, his attorney added the deportation proceedings were due to his failure to “renew immigration paperwork.” Bratton said he expects that to be resolved, but he did not elaborate.
When he was arrested by Framingham police, he suggested his first call should be to the White House. A spokesman for the president told the Herald that call was never made. He actually called his boss at Conti’s Liquors.
Obama, who has been living illegally in the United States for nearly 20 years, has returned to work at Conti Liquors in Framingham.
Middlesex District Attorney Gerard T. Leone, Jr. said Obama has accepted responsibility for the “essence” of the charges.  “By admitting to sufficient facts today to operating under the influence and failure to yield at an intersection, the defendant has admitted responsibility for the essence of the crime he committed and has now been held accountable for his actions,” Leone said.
The DA added Obama almost crashed into a Framingham police cruiser the night of the arrest. Once pulled over, the DA said Obama’s speech was slurred, “his eyes were red and glassy and there was an odor of alcohol coming from inside the motor vehicle.” Obama then failed several field sobriety tests and his blood alcohol was almost twice over the legal limit.  Obama was also put on probation for one year.
Only in America can you be an illegal citizen for nearly 20 years, almost hit a police car while driving drunk, and get just a slap on the wrist.  Let’s just hope this guy doesn’t get behind the wheel of a car while drunk again and actually cause some serious damage.  And maybe he can finally get around to getting his immigration paperwork done.

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0 responses to “Skippy's illegal uncle gets a pass

  1. He should be promptly deported.

  2. I thought it was illegal to employ an illegal alien. Conti Liquors? How does he work without a SSN? Or has he got one of his nephew’s, the ‘president’ several spares?

  3. Onyango Obama is just like his brother — Skippy’s (alleged) dad, Barack Obama Sr.
    Obama Sr. was a drunk and had at least 3 serious auto accidents — two requiring long hospitalizations; one in which he lost a leg; and the last, which killed him.

  4. But, let any LEGAL American blow even an 0.081 we spend the night in the slammer, get a whopping fine and, maybe get our License suspended IMMEDIATELY!
    On top of that – would they have us believe that Onyango actually had insurance? You bet your sweet bippy that HE DIDN’T – what happened to THAT charge and the accompanying fines and license suspension?

  5. Mr.Smith, his name is ‘obama’. No charges can be laid against him just like his nephew whatever his name is.

  6. Well looky here:
    “Just a week after he copped a plea in a drunken-driving rap, President Obama’s illegal-alien uncle has landed a hardship driver’s license from the Registry of Motor Vehicles, making it perfectly legal for him to drive in Massachusetts — even though the feds say he doesn’t belong here.”


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