skippy's health plan and water.

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In Texas there is a town called New Braunfels , where there is a large German-speaking population.
One day, a local rancher driving down a country road noticed a man using his hand to drink water from the rancher’s stock pond.
The rancher rolled down the window and shouted:
“Sehr angenehm!
Trink das Wasser nicht. Die kuehe haben darein geschissen.”
Which means: “Glad to meet you! Don’t drink the water. The cows have pooped in it.”
The man shouted back: “I’m from New York and just down here campaigning for Obama‘s health care plan. I can’t understand you. Please speak in English.”

The rancher replied:
“Use both hands.”

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0 responses to “skippy's health plan and water.

  1. It’s on its way to my list! Und danke sehr fuer diese!

  2. Ja, eine gute Witze!

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Dumb Ass!

  4. DUMB ASS…..That translates in ANY language! And they believe we are the ignorant ones!

  5. AND take as much home with you as you want

  6. Any idiot who works or campaigns for Ovomit was already FULL of B.S. and crap before he arrived in New Braunfels. Therefore, I doubt that the stupid moron would even notice the difference between the taste of the drinking water in Washington, D.C. and the rancher’s stock pond !! (LOL)

  7. Personally, I think you should not refer to Barack as Skippy or Michelle as Moochelle. It shows a lack of respect. If want respect, you need to show it.


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