Skippy reaches a new low…

Obama’s Job Approval Rating Sinks Below 40%

Well I wonder why….
The Blaze reports that President Barack Obama’s job approval rating sunk below 40 percent for the first time, according to Gallup’s daily tracking poll. Data posted Sunday showed just 39 percent of Americans said they approve of Obama’s performance as president, while 54 percent said they disapprove.
His approval ratings have been in the 40 percent range for much of the year, ticking up to the low 50s in May when Osama bin Laden was killed. At two and a half years into his presidency, Obama‘s approval ratings are lower than former President Bill Clinton’s were in August 1995. Former President George W. Bush’s Gallup ratings did not drop below 40 percent until October 2005, two months after Hurricane Katrina.
Gallup polled 1,500 adults from August 11-13. The margin of error was plus or minus 3 percentage points.
How anyone can approve of him with the terrible economy, S&P downgrade, disastrous foreign policies, and policies that are ruining our economy is beyond me.  After the S&P downgrade, my lib mom said she is “still on the fence” about Obama. Guess you can’t fix stoopid!

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I can’t figure for the life of me how this illegal muslim treasonous fraud has stayed at 40 for so long???? unless soros is buying his approval ratings,which most likely is the answer.

Dr. Eowyn

Meet the face of our real enemy. It’s not Obama. It’s the 40% of Americans who still think he’s doing a good job. Those are the same people to whom Obama addressed his speech about “not being even halfway there yet.”


In Dave’s America, this Muslim commie import from Kenya wouldn’t have any ratings at all.
-As there is no way in Hell he would have ever been elected.
If this country has any real chance at surviving as it was founded, the moochers, leeches, and ticks must be kept out of the voting booth.

Clifton Lee West

Obama is an excellent example of what you can do if you have enough money to buy the right people for support. The Liberals/Progressives have this type of money and a great deal more and we handed it to them! Look at all the Hollywood people who endorse Obama and the money they fork over. The same with Soros, he makes his billions off the backs of hard working individuals who don’t do their homework, and he is smart enough to do what he does, sit back and reap the benefits. We can’t fault them for being smarter than we… Read more »


40% percent is rather optimistic. No doubt as optimistic as the unemployment statistics (i recommend Shadow Stats)but the cult of O, the true believers and cool-aide drinkers…the self-loathing progressive liberals…the socialist -marxist drug smuggling gunrunning traitors and fifth colomn media propaganda tools are still against American (that is to say, Christian) values.Apathetic, amoral and self-serving citizens in luke-warm money grubbing “churches”/community centers/schools have abandoned the pretense of moral instruction and critical analysis and discernment between good and evil choosing instead situational ethics …. the idol of Political Correctness . I believe it was Johnathon Edwards who had an apt sermon… Read more »

Am I The Only One?
Am I The Only One?

On the bright side; Obama still has an 80% approval rating with Muslim Americans!
George W. Bush’s Approval Ratings never went below 40 %, and only had a 7% approval rating with Muslim Americans!
From That,What Have We Learned People?


But this is Bush’s fault too, of course.

Gypsy Dave

When they came up with 40% they gathered up the “Black Community Leaders” in Chicago and polled about 100 of them, this is what they got. Screw Obama and his anti/un-american policies. I want my country back but I can’t do it alone. It is good to know there are good people out there.