Skippy Lobs some Cruise Missiles Into Libya

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Just Breaking..
U.S., British militaries join French in action

against Gadhafi’s forces in Libya
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President Barack Obama says the United States has launched a limited military action in Libya against the forces of Moammar Gadhafi.
The president, speaking during a visit to Brazil, said the United States and its allies had not sought this outcome but that Gadhafi had given the West no choice. In Obama’s words: “We cannot stand idly by when a tyrant tells his people there will be no mercy.”
Obama says he is aware of the risks of taking military action. He declared once again that the United States will not send ground forces into Libya.

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0 responses to “Skippy Lobs some Cruise Missiles Into Libya

  1. Wow just wonder how he’ll manage all this…hope we get in and out quickly in Libya.

  2. Headline on Drudge: “War No. 3: US Fires Missiles Into Libya”
    Nobel Peace Prize recipient Obama made this decision while he’s yukking it up in Rio de Janeiro. The world’s so much more peaceful since The One became prez!

  3. Candance Moore

    “We cannot stand idly by when a tyrant tells his people there will be no mercy.”
    Unless that tyrant lives in
    A) Saudi Arabia
    B) China
    C) Venezuela
    D) Iran
    E) Cuba

  4. Lets see how long it takes for the lefties to justify this attack! Those kind peace loving folks…you know them. Obama didnt much care when Saddam Hussein used WMDs on 300,000 Kurds. He said it was the wrong thing to do by going into Iraq. Anyone with the brain the size of a pea know Hussein had WMDS…WMDs can be one gallon of sarin gas that can wipe out 100,000 people in no time. How hard is it to hide a gallon of sarin gas in a country the size of California. How freaking stupid are the kool-aid drinkers? Now the metro-sexual is lobbing missles into a sovereign country because some people have been killed in civil unrest. HMMMMM..lets see now. How about lobbing some into North Korea, Iran and/or Cuba. How about the 2 million Christians that were killed in Africa (Sudan) by Muslims in the religious war (not civil war like the kool aid making media feeds the sheeple? This twisted, demented little evil liar needs to be IMPEACHED immediately. Then send him the the Hague and the ICC to try him for crimes against humanity….those missles lobbed into libya will kill innocent civilians….For you who voted for obama…How do you like this change?

  5. We’re hiding behind the friggin’ Frogs.
    I am sorry, but we are not a super power anymore.
    Thank God Gen. George S. Patton, Jr. did not live long enough to see this abomination, as it would kill him fer sure.

  6. Question:
    When the Frogs turn tail and run, are their government-issued white flags going to be ingested into the engines of our cruise missiles, thus causing them to fall well short of their programmed targets?
    Just wondering.

  7. Steve, have the knack for making me laugh.
    “Skippy” in the headline was priceless.
    I agree with the valid points made by my previous posters.
    It is depressing that America has sunk so far diplomatically and militarily during Obama’s “reign of cowardice”.

  8. Steve, Skippy has been concerned with making NCAA picks and manscaping for his trip to Brazil. Who’s applying the wax, Moochelle or Reggie Love?

  9. the british have planes yea the spitfire, sopwith camel and the mosquito.
    maybe we can resubmerge the u.s.s. wolverine and lend it to the british.
    i don’t think there has ever been a world leader with his head so far up his ass as is obama. he must tickling his own prostrate with his tongue. maybe we should invite the russians to overthrow the obama administration. and just like 100 b.c. when the jews invited the romans to settle a dispute among two different factions and the romans decided not to leave…(the saddicies and the pharrisies.)

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  11. Skippy,is busy selling more of the United States out to Brazil. He has the brass CEO’s with him again. Had to go to a foreign newspaper to find this out. He has also had some major protesting going on against him and had to move his speaking locations around,Brazilians don’t like him either.


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