Six months down, four more to go!

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Today marks the end of six months my soldier Matthew has been in Afghanistan. Now we are counting down the last four months!

I’m not going to lie, it’s been stressful. They were rocketed on Christmas, Easter, and whenever the Taliban feel like throwing one out there. Most recently, four soldiers were killed by a rocket attack at Matthew’s post 🙁

Thanks for all your support and prayers for Matthew. Please keep him and all our soldiers in your prayers as they serve in the sandbox.

Bring them all home safe!



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0 responses to “Six months down, four more to go!

  1. Remember the old song we learned in grade school, “Keep the home fires burning” for him and all the others….

  2. With so many of us praying for Matthew’s safety, he will be okay. You’ve passed the halfway mark. It’s all downhill from here! 😀

  3. Hopefully your Matthew comes home in one piece in body and mind .

    As to your 2nd para. ,,,,,,,Ever wonder if Mecca was rocketed during Rhamadan ( misspelled on purpose ); what would be the outcry from the people who walk around in circles ?

    • Rocket attack in A’stan (this one in Khost) is something like this… they wouldn’t like it, that’s for sure:

  4. Just a silent reader here, the Patriot guard loves to do welcome homes,
    For Heros of all kinds,

    Terry two

  5. 🙂

  6. Keep the faith!!!


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