Singer John Mayer says we need a new “male contract” to get rid of toxic masculinity

John Mayer sounding the warning of toxic masculinity…

John Mayer is a 40-year-old American singer. He is not married and has no children.

John wants to tell you how to raise boys, including making sure that they know they are not entitled to every woman.

Mayer has a long list of ex-girlfriends and a reputation as a womanizer. Here’s a list of women he’s been entitled to (that we know of):

  • Katy Perry
  • Renee Zellweger
  • Taylor Swift
  • Kim Kardashian
  • Scheana Marie
  • Jennifer Aniston
  • Minka Kelly
  • Jessica Simpson
  • Rhona Mitra
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt
  • Vanessa Carlton
  • Cameron Diaz
  • Rashida Jones
  • Colbie Caillat
  • Mandy Moore

Typical Hollyweird hypocrite.

From TMZ: John Mayer wants to can the idea that men must be alpha males and take what they want — including women — and replace it with a new doctrine focused on respect and sensitivity.

The guitar-slinging crooner was doing a cancer benefit show at the Modell Performing Arts Center in Baltimore when he went off on a tangent about toxic masculinity, which he called a “bulls**t” alpha male contract that’s nailed into boys’ heads from a young age.

He says the sentiment that a man should get an erection at the sight of every woman he wants is crap. John added the so-called “trauma” men might feel when a woman turns them down … is something men just have to get over.

His new idea on how to raise boys … teach ’em that the world isn’t theirs, and they’re not definitely not entitled to every woman. It’s worth noting this rant came right after John performed “Daughters.”

He never calls him by name, but it’s pretty clear John’s referring to newly sworn-in Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

There was some awkward silence as he made his point, but eventual applause once he got it all out. He later apologized for talking about such a sensitive subject during the concert.


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Dr. Eowyn

Just another Leftist hypocrite.
Looking at the long list of women Mayer’s hooked up with, Hellywood and the pop music “industry” must be a cesspool of veneral diseases.

Mad Celt
Mad Celt

Is there something in the water that makes them stupid or are they trained in stupidity?


My guess is that he thinks this is his new ticket to get laid. A predatory soy-boy.


A REAL MAN does not have to name all the women he has “dated” women are not trophies; it makes me wonder if he is so traumatized by one of these women coming out saying he is not a “performer” but just a “talker”.

Kevin Lankford
Kevin Lankford

Of course he fails to acknowledge that it is hollywood and the entertainment industry that is the true center and source of today’s youths conception of relationships, morality, and sexual proprieties.

So few today are even raised in a proper family atmosphere, which can also be linked to hollywoods long term programming.


“People who believe in nothing, will fall for anything” (Mentally ill Liberals)


Maybe we should send him a pussy hat – or three, along with some Midol and Vagisil.

Steven Broiles

Any entertainer is entitled to any opinions he wants. But these should be unloaded on a talk show or in an interview: When I go to a concert, I want to escape the political. (I no longer go to concerts or even organ recitals because of my hearing, but you get the point). And here’s another thing: I really don’t want to hear the bullshit any more from these famous people. But I get it: They’re not educated in the moral law and neither is the audience, for that matter. I am surprised that Rene Zellweger is on the list.… Read more »


Another “celebrity” man w*ore, attempting to teach men how not to be men.
Adding him to my reasons for refusals of misfits and losers in hallyweird.


He probably believes no animals were tortured to produce that coat.


The guy is twisted. Since when can a guy not be masculine and still be respectful and sensitive? I think he is the the one with the perverted actions.
I love for a man to be a man, smell like a man and act like a man. I like my doors opened for me and seats pulled out and coats helped on. To be an equal and treat me with respect. To share and laugh.
Most men don’t want to be included in Mayers sissy classification.