Singer James Taylor thinks Obama is the greatest president ever

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James Taylor bald
Mesfin Fekadu reports for the AP that in an interview on Wednesday, May 13, 2015, folk singer James Taylor, 67, said:

“I’ve been watching politics since (Dwight) Eisenhower and Adlai Stevenson, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, and Obama is my favorite, favorite president. I am just thankful for every day that he’s in office. I am so proud that he represents my country and I think he represents me — I think he represents the America that I know.”

Taylor also called Obama “sane” and “balanced,” and his family “precious.”

The singer continued his effusive praise of Obama — the president who is bankrupting the U.S. economy with record debt, worsened race relations, imposed massive NSA surveillance, heartlessly left 4 Americans to die in Benghazi, and alienates our allies while appeasing America’s enemies:

“He promised to give us a health care system, it’s a work in progress, but he has put us on a road to that. I’m so grateful for what he’s done for gay rights and for the emancipation of gay people. Particularly from my point of view, I think that was so overdue and so important, and so important for America to be ahead of the curve on this. Every day that Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are in the White House is a day that I am thankful for.”

Obama isn’t the only politician Taylor is supporting. He’s a big supporter of Hillary for President 2016:

“And aside from the fact that she’s a woman running, she’s the right person. … The whole point — black or white, male or female, gay or straight, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, atheist — it doesn’t matter what these other connections are. “ur country needs to come together and the question is, ‘Is this public servant someone who will bring us together?’ And I think she is.”

I think James Taylor’s addiction to heroin has fried his melon.

Here’s to you, James Taylor!

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0 responses to “Singer James Taylor thinks Obama is the greatest president ever

  1. When you wonder what has happened to America, you need only look no futher than the entertainment industry. Our favorite show the other night was singing the praises of islam and how wonderful, kind and caring that ‘religion?’ is. I guess they forgot to mention the evil that is terriorizing the world right now in the name of islam? Oh Lord, Oh Lord, please come quickly!

    • David Cameron

      Holy crap!!! What program was that? I guess the program also forgot to mention that Islam has murdered literally hundreds of millions; estimates are as high as 275 million since Mohammad first emerged from the Arabic toilet.

  2. Having heard good music before (real talent presented in great voices, instruments, and works of composers and arrangers from the forties back to the time of the baroque), I spent as little time as possible listening to James Taylor. His view of life is even less appealing.

  3. David Cameron

    It just goes to show that an IQ of 10 is that’s required to carry a tune.

  4. I have said it before, and I will say it again, “NEVER NEVER NEVER ask a person in “show business” anything about anything except “where is the X you are supposed to stand on!” They KNOW the answer to that one. People in the “Hollywood” industry don’t live real lives like the rest of us. Most of them are uneducated, or poorly educated. While some of them are pretty well traveled most of them don’t take head of the country they have gone to, and carry their “little America” with them where every they go, so even travel isn’t an advantage for them. I would honestly be more comfortable with you walking into a Hilton Hotel, and grabbing one of the house keepers and asking THEM what ever question you have. They are more “in tune” with what’s happening in the world than actors and music performers.
    ALL I want to hear from a performer, is “Where is that darned “X” anyway?” THAT is a question that, not only do they know, it’s one that they have experience in answering. Otherwise, pass them by for “opinion” or “comment”. They don’t know.

    • David Cameron

      An actors only talent is an ability to convincingly pretend they’re someone they’re not. Unfortunately the entertainment marketplace consists of hundreds of millions of people who like to go to the movies or listen to music and consequently singers and actors end up getting filthy rich. Unfortunately hundreds of millions of people are also mental midgets who think that if someone is on the screen and/or filthy rich they must also be smart and insightful and their opinions must be from the gods and we end up with a big chunk of the masses believing the ravings of twits like James Taylor so shut the f**ck up James and sing.

  5. Lance Jackson

    I know james taylor spent time in and out of mental hospitals when he was younger, sounds like it’s time for him to check in again. Someone mentioned the entertainment industry…..we all know who dominates, owns and runs all media, murray shecklestein and all his relatives in banking, business and education….”oy vey, some of the goy are on to our communist scheme

  6. Another reason to ‘Just Say No To Drugs’…you don’t want to turn out like this nitwit and his cronies.

  7. That performance where Kerry was holding the microphone for him told the story about them both.
    Career change!
    Taylor should be on the Democratic Ticket for 2016. He is clearly a bigger idiot than Bidden..
    No ideas for Kerry.

  8. Please realize the entertainment industry was taken over by the CIA in the 60s.. these people are FORCED to say these things otherwise their career is over or they’re killed.. think of Brittany Murphy who died a few days before she was scheduled to speak out at a trial..

  9. “particularly from my point of view..” Well, I see he’s as narcissistic as both politicians he loves.

  10. I saw him in concert back in the 70’s. Can’t believe I ever liked this guy. Now his music would make me sick!

    • You were a victim to your environment/time and place. Congratulations on your recovery, have great pity on the children of this day. Those abusing our offspring through debasement in education, entertainment, and green screened news fiction skits, to mention but three offenses, graduate students who can not write cursive. It is enough to make one speak cursive. If the Nimrod NWO people have their way, the proles will be limited to a way of relationships through a method very much encouraged three or four decades ago, “non-verbal communication.” So cool, bonding by acting like apes, squealing and picking through each other’s scalps looking for insects.

  11. Is James going to do a duet with Kerry on Letterman.It’s been like an acid flashback thru the land of the living Dead (not all of them but some)
    Here’s another snapshot of James Taylor

  12. is he retarded or giving praise as a thankyou for his career from the powers that gave it to him

  13. Man, tough room.
    James is breakin’ my heart. I saw him a couple times over the years, most recently at the Greek Theater in L.A. circa … 2012? That was a spiritual experience, under the stars and surrounded by huge majestic pines. I cried three or four times, overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of the milieu and his poignant music. I’ll remember that night fondly for the rest of my life.
    I’d love to know who the haters in these comments endorse, since JT is so terrible. Just saying “I hate ’em all, the entire entertainment industry can suck my Patriot balls.” isn’t gonna win many hearts and minds.
    JT has stepped into “The Sinatra Syndrome:” must I now loathe his artistic output because I don’t like the human being? Sinatra cheated on his wives and beat people up, but “One More For the Road” is still a killer.
    And I must say, if nationalized health care and gay marriage are your two big issues, James is probably right to adore Jughead. We know Obamacare is on a timetable to collapse under its own financial impossibility, but until that happens Jughead was in fact responsible for movement on those two issues.
    The NSA spying? The $4.5 million taxpayer dollars spent on luxury vacations? The accommodation of ISIS, the assassination of an American ambassador, the vilification of his fellow Americans, the lies, arrogance, and deceit about EVERYTHING (GDP, inflation, unemployment, etc. etc.) are of lesser importance to James, I guess.
    The guy’s nearly 70, and like Tony Bennett I think his political affiliations are mostly just fossilized remnants from when all of us were Democrats back in the 70s, before the party embraced full-tilt Communism.
    Knowing his political inclinations means I’ll boycott all future live performances, which makes me a little sad. But as to that magical night at the Greek, to reference the Chairman of the Board one more time, “They can’t take that away from me.”

  14. Kevin J Lankford

    I wonder if he took that nude arts exam?

  15. I cannot believe I am taking the bait.
    Here I am trying to figure out port forwarding and instead am sparring with someone over JAMES TAYLOR?
    OMG; ROTFL, Gag me on the spoon, or whateva.

    Whenever an entertainer uses their microphone to go political, they know they may alienate a portion of their audience. They may also win new audience. Putting JT on this blog on a weekend was like batting a hornets’ nest with a baseball bat.
    Conservatives and Constitutionalists are being victimized by Obama and the Clintons, It’s a fact JACK. and we are apt to react negatively to some wealthy stoner who has been held in high regard as a singer and songwriter for decades and now thinks its cool to use his podium to spew what is really unbelievable crap out about people folks who read this blog regard as public enemies #1,2, 3 and 4.
    If that was me singing to the French guys with Kerry like that, I would have cranked up some AJAX and then dug a deep hole and jumped in it.
    The Conservatives are fighting for votes one at a time to save The Republic and the idea that JT might sway an independent voter, or some loQ low information driveby voter over to the democratic side using nostalgia and emotional blackmail drives us nuts.
    What kind of moral or intellectual beacon does JT serve as a known drug addict?
    Screw him and screw Massachusetts too.
    Who cares if you like his music. Good for you. All I know is when I hear the song “you’ve got a friend”, I know he’s NOT talking about most of the scumbags in Washington DC. they aren’t our friend and I feel like my head is going to explode.
    Must be time to take my ‘medicine’

  16. Hey, he’s gotten more high-profile gigs in recent years because of this admin than anyone else…

  17. Well, to be honest, Taylor was never the roundest marble in the bag.
    So many in entertainment, did I just say “entertainment”? Are jumping on the bandwagon, it is cool…..not realizing just how stupid they sound.
    Taylor is the perfect example.

  18. Truman Capote, no matter what you thought of him as a person was a brilliant writer and observer of human nature. I remember hearing him once say that actors and entertainers were not that bright and tend to follow whatever the popular culture likes. They’re narcissistic, so cool, yet herd like to the core.

  19. Yesterdays flower children are today’s bloomin’ idiots.

  20. japoa; Dr.E: something in my settings is preventing me from replying to your emails directly
    Tales from the Crypt
    My blood pressure is OK thanks for the kind thoughts

  21. Life is hard.
    And it really sucks when you have to go through the end of it with three remaining brain cells.


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