Singapore rolls out voluntary Wuhan virus contact-tracing devices

Singapore has a population of 5.7 million. They have had 57,627 cases of Wuhan virus with 27 deaths.

You do the math.

Yet apparently these numbers are so frightening that the government feels the need to disperse devices to track your movement. All in the name of helping to “curb the spread” of Wuhan virus. Kinda sounds like “flatten the curve,” no?

But rest assured, this device doesn’t actually track your “exact” location.

Also, data on the device is “deleted” after 25 days. Yeah, riiiiiiiiight.

Check out this video:

Read the Bloomberg article on this tracing device here.

That would be a hard pass for me on volunteering for a tracing device.


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Auntie Lulu
Auntie Lulu
1 month ago

DCG, I am absolutely with you regarding a big fat “NO” to having folks track me via my phone. Most of the time when I run to the store or do errands, I do not even take my phone with me. I also purchased a “faraday bag” (that might be misspelled)–it blocks any devices that may be tracking. I drive my nephew crazy by not having my phone with me 24/7, but being 74, I did not grow up with having a phone permanently attached to me, and have no intention of starting that game at this point in time.

1 month ago

Suuuuurrree-The info gets deleted-JUST like your personal information when you get a Background Check done to buy a gun was SUPPOSED to be deleted. And even after all the “trouble” they got into for that-they STILL kept the information archived.

1 month ago

No iPhone for me ever. And my husband has been in tech for a long time. Yes, people have told me for years to get one. Anyone heard of 5g? The towers are up.

1 month ago

Just saying “Wuhan virus” can get you in trouble with the wackos today… A science professor was recently put onto “paid administrative leave” for telling a student he would receive a zero for a lab missed due to the student being “in quarantine” with the “Chinese Virus” (the prof’s words). It initially looked like a nothing burger, as the prof’s policy was to allow one missed lab per course without penalty. But then somebody got wind of the phrase, “Chinese Virus”, and went after the prof for writing that in his letter to the student. The university president seemed partial… Read more »

Dr. Eowyn
29 days ago

Coming soon to the United States….