Sinead O'Connor Threatens the Life of the Pope

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O'Connor rips a picture of Pope John Paul II
Very dated pic of O’Connor, before she got fat and ugly (Wikipedia)
O’Connor in 2011

Sinead O’Connor Suggests She’d Cause ‘F—in Bloodbath’ If Pope Comes to Ireland

By Tim Graham | September 26, 2011 | 21:38

One-hit pop singer Sinead O’Connor has been treated like a dignitary on MSNBC by Rachel Maddow and promoted as a moralist by The Huffington Post in her recent and vicious attacks on the Catholic Church. Now, she’s not saying she’s holier than the Pope. She’s saying she’ll shoot him in a “f***in bloodbath.” Let’s hope Sinead hasn’t made any anti-bullying videos.

Irish Central reports her latest ouburst came on Twitter after a poll was carried out on whether Pope Benedict should visit Ireland. She warned that there would be a “f **kin bloodbath”. She tweeted “‘Young people of Ireland I love u’ said Sinead as she pulled the f ***ing trigger.”

`Young People of Ireland I love You” is the phrase made famous by Pope John Paul II when he came to Ireland in 1979. Sinead also wrote; “There’d be a f**kin bloodbath. Me meet the f **ker off the plane myself,” she added.

On her own website, the singer said these profane death threats were a misconstrued attempt at humor:

A newspaper in Ireland chose to report on saturday, as being serious, jocular remarks I made regarding shooting the pope if he comes to Ireland, when that paper knew very well these remarks were in jest. In the course of a conversation as to whether or not the Irish people would accept a visit from the pope… Which frankly, no. They fucking wouldn’t.

In case of any concern. I have no interest in shooting anyone whatsoever and I consider it naughty of the said paper to have put the slant they did on my remarks. I accept my remarks were public, but the context in which they were made was knowingly twisted by the paper to continue the ‘crazy Sinead’ business.

Rest assured.. Neither the pope will come to Ireland nor I will ever contemplate murdering anyone. God will take care of the pope.

There was more blather about how it’s “blasphemous” for the Church to claim to be Christ’s representatives on earth, and then some ridiculous language about how the church should be about love, not mockery. This, just after she hatefully wrote about causing a bloodbath, and then claiming it was only mockery?

The idea was (according to gospels) we’re supposed to love each other and treat people as we want to be treated. One could write volumes on examples of Bishops and or popes behaving in anti-christian fashion, such as the blessing of Mussolini’s bombs in the planes on the runway before they took off to blow up Ethiopia.

I have a foto of the pope blessing the planes.


Let me repeat. Christ never did, doesn’t, and never will, need ‘representatives’. They know very well Christ is the representative. And well they know who He represents. Yet they mock him with their claimings to represent him. While spreading not love but mockery, in so many ways.

Tom in NC
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0 responses to “Sinead O'Connor Threatens the Life of the Pope

  1. LOL – So what’s she going to do, sit on him?
    Sinead O’conner is a nut job.

  2. Well…. alrighty then…whoa! Nothing like the world stirring an already boiling pot. This gal is an $#%@-%#$@ anyway….
    Proverbs 26:18,19 :
    18 Like a madman who throws firebrands, arrows, and death,
    19 Is the man who deceives his neighbor, and says, “I was only joking!”

  3. Sinead O'Connor wants anal sex
    Seeing how this is same woman who describes herself as “a c*nt. And not only a c*nt but a ‘crazy’ c*nt” and advertised on her blog and on Twitter for men to (as she puts it) “buttf*ck” her, I’d say it’s a compliment to Benedict 16th that she’s issuing death threats to the pope. The demon-possessed do so hate holy objects (sacramentals) and holy people.

  4. Narcissitic whackjob for sure…

  5. Narcissistic Sinead thinks she is the spokesperson for the Irish people. She is an idiot! She is no one’s spokesperson but for herself. She claims she is full of love, love and love, and her love is so demonstrated with her bloodthirsty threat against Pope Benedict XVI and our Catholic Faith! She is small potatoes and her comments are meaningless! Indeed, the demon possessed and hate-filled are repulsed by holy individuals and sacramentals. And, in the context in which she make the remarks makes them confirmed HATE! Pope Benedict XVI will decide if he goes to Ireland and if he does go there, he will be welcomed by the wonderful Irish people with open arms of love! Sinead needs spiritual and temporal help. I will include her in my morning prayers which will be the method I will use to towards all hateful individuals!

  6. There is a very old and very true saying: “No one is ever really joking.” Fools and cowards say what they please and then insist “I was only kidding” when called on it.

  7. The nutjob has changed a lot. My gosh I didn’t even recognize her.

  8. Now, if she said she was going to imitate Lady Gaga and get all raunchy on stage if the Pope visited, THAT would be something.

  9. Never liked her. She was married four times, she’s a lesbian and a follower of david Norris. She just makes me want to throw up every time I see her. The leftie media over here love her as much as Omuslim. Hope the Eternal Judge gives her a chance to repent before she kicks the bucket. She is just a tub of lard and who in their right mind would want to copulate with that. sickening thought. Amen brothers and sisters and God bless us all.

  10. Killarney Seminary

    Just a human being who tried to make a positive change. You may call her crazy, but there’s something authentic about her. It took courage to do the things she did. Living in Ireland is a cross to bear. It’s a deeply ignorant and darkly conservative country, perhaps as much governed by its hard climate as much as anything else. Insular and backward, it did much harm to its children, feeding them myths of rebellion and mysticism yet stamping on them if they chose to interpret these impulses in their own way, following their own hearts. I know, brethren, I am one of them. Let it rest at that. Sinead meant well. I feel it in my bones. The music “industry” does strange things to those who work its wheels and their compass may get spun around from time to time. Try to understand all these things. She too is a child of God.

    • So threatening violence against the Pope is a “positive change”?
      As a child of God, she should know better than to solicit sex from men on her web site. That wasn’t very positive either…

    • “Sinead meant well.”
      You mean threatening the life of someone is “meant well” so long as it’s the Pope? And you call yourself “Seminary”? What seminary would that be? God have mercy on your soul.

    • I think I know the Seminary you mean. I went to the same one. Folks here don’t know what Ireland can do to people. Keep up the good work and spread the gospel of forgiveness and understanding. Praise Jesus! I know he changed my life.

  11. she is a ripe old pile of white trash…….;-)


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