Sinclair: I did oral sex and coke with Obama

Remember this iconic photo of Obama flaunting his 6-pack on a Honolulu beach in December 2008, mere days before his inauguration?

Now look at this photo of Obama taken on April 10, 2012, three years and three months after his inauguration:

Being President of the United States is a high-stress job and, after a few years in the White House, every President visibly aged. In Obama’s case, however, not only has his hair gone grey, he’s lost a lot of weight (some say 30 lbs.) and looks like he’s aged 20 years.

Some attribute the weight loss to his basketball and golf, or Michelle’s healthy-foods regimen.

Others whisper it’s cocaine.

Most shocking of all is Rev. James David Manning’s speculation that Obama may have AIDS.

In its Dec. 20, 2011-Jan.5, 2012 issue, the New Hampshire Herald published an exclusive interview with Larry Sinclair, the gay man who claims he had oral sex and cocaine with Barack Obama, who was then an Illinois state legislator. Sinclair first made those claims during the presidential election year in 2008, but he was ignored by the establishment media. Sinclair has nothing to gain by his story, only mockery, grief, and a $30 million defamation lawsuit. In view of Obama’s rapid and significant weight loss, Sinclair’s testimony deserves to be revisited.

What follows is the bulk of Sinclair’s interview with New Hampshire Herald‘s Chris Anu. (To read the entire interview for yourself, go here.) Warning: Sinclair’s narrative is graphic and contains four-letter words. That aside, his account carries the unvarnished air of authenticity.


Larry Sinclair: recent photo (l); in 1999 (r)

From “Obama’s Nemesis?: A Tell-It-All Interview,” New Hampshire Herald, vol. 3, #19 (Dec. 20-Jan. 5, 2012):

Herald: If we may go back to the genesis of the story. When was it you first met then (state) senator Barack Obama?
Larry: It was Nov. 6, 1999.

Herald: How many other times did you meet him after your initial meeting of Nov. 6?

Larry: I had engaged with him on the 6th and Nov.7. I flew out of Chicago, going back to my house in Colorado on Nov. 8, 1999.

Herald: How did your meeting with him come about? Did you know him prior to that or what?
Larry: No. I didn’t know him. In fact I was introduced to him by a limo driver that worked for 5 Star Limousine services in the Chicago area by the name of Jagir Multani.

Herald: So this limo guy introduced you to Obama?
Larry: Yes. I had a 5 Star Limo service. I was in the Chicago area as of Nov. 3. I went for the basic training graduation of my godson at the Great Lake Navy training facility. I had already arranged to use 5 Star Limo service for several days while I was there. On the fifth, I had told Mr. Multani that if my godson could not leave the base; because once they graduated basic training, they were allowed to leave with family and friends up until they get their orders. And their orders could come through at any minute of the day or night. So if they received their orders they could no longer leave the base. I had made it a point to let Mr. Multani know that if Lee could not leave the base on Saturday, I would still be using his limo services. And I had specifically asked him if that turned out to be the case, if he knew anyone in the area that knew Chicago that may want to go out and just socialize and show me around. He assured me that he has a friend that he could introduce me to who will enjoy doing that.

Herald: That’s the Limo driver correct?
Larry: Yes. At the time, I was given no names, no conditions on the meetings. I did not say that this was about a sex thing or anything like that. It was just simply that I just enjoyed going around Chicago.

Herald: I understand you are openly Gay. Right?
Larry: Yes. I have always been gay.

Herald: Were you expecting that the limo driver will bring another gay friend or you were just expecting any body?
Larry: No. And that’s what I’m saying. I never specified. I just simply said that if he knew any one that will enjoy going out and showing me around Chicago. When he picked me up on Saturday Nov. 6, he had assured me that he has a friend we were going to pick up. We get into the Chicago area, because I was actually staying out in Gurnee which was close to the Navy base. When we got there, he pulled up to the left side of the street and by the time he gets out and opened the back door of the limo for me, there was a gentleman standing there with him who was introduced to me as Barack Obama. I had never met the guy before, never knew anything about him.

Herald: You mean Obama was already outside waiting for your limo to arrive or what?
Larry: Yeah. Actually, I think he had walked outside of the bar area that we went to just as we had pulled up. Because I did not see him standing there as we were driving up. But once the driver opened my back door he was standing right next to the driver.

Herald: This bar, was it a gay bar or regular bar?
Larry: Actually it was a regular bar.

Herald: So Obama was there waiting as you came out of the limo?
Larry: Yah! We went in, sat down and started having a drink and just started casually talking. Eh! As I had made clear from the very beginning, I made a comment to him that I could use a line to wake up. Because, I said, I had just finished traveling from Colorado to South Carolina and back to driving to Chicago, I had not have much rest that week.

Herald: What did you mean by you needed a line to wake up?
Larry: I said that I could use a line to wake up, figuring if he had any idea what I was talking about, he will respond. If he didn’t he will say so. And he asked me whether I’m referring to coke and I said yes. He said he actually knew someone, he could arrange it. So we left, drove around for about 45 minutes. I had given him $250 in the limo, then we stopped, he said he’ll be right back. He comes back about 5 or 10 minutes later with eightballs of coke.

Herald: Where did you think he brought it from? From his house or some friend’s house?
Larry: No. I don’t think it was his house. We drove around, it was dark. I really have no idea where we went at that time to pick it up. I just know that we drove around for 30-45 minutes before we came to a stop and he gets out and within 5-10 minutes he’s back in the car. I started doing a line of coke on a CD case rested on his knee cap and that’s how things moved from there.

Herald: What do you mean by you doing a line of coke on his knee cap?
Larry: I had set up a couple of lines on a CD case that I had resting on his knee. Herald: So you both left the spot where he brought out the coke. Where did you go from there?
Larry: We were just driving around actually. Like I said, I had begun doing a couple of lines on CDs I had  resting on his knee. And I had started to rub up his lap and realized he wasn’t giving any resistance. So one thing led to another. In fact, he himself had ended up opening his pants.

Herald: That was right inside the limo?
Larry: Yes. It was a progressive stage. I eventually moved up to start performing oral sex on him and it was right shortly after the beginning of that that he reaches into his right hand pocket and pulled out a cylinder pipe and a baggie of crack cocaine.

Herald: You said you started performing oral sex on him. For how long did this go on?
Larry: You mean before he pulled the pipe out or from beginning to end?

Herald: From beginning to end.
Larry: The oral sex started, and then stopped for a minute, long enough for me to actually retrieve a lighter from the cup holder behind me for him to light the pipe. And then I returned performing the oral sex on him after he had started kidding the crack pipe saying it actually made him harder during sex. I didn’t believe that. But you know some people have different fantasies. I would say the oral sex from beginning to end probably was 10-15 minutes at the most.

Herald: And what was his reaction as you performed the oral sex on him?
Larry: His reaction was it wasn’t something he was not used to. You could tell that it was something that had definitely been done before. During the performance of the sex, he had no problem with the kissing at the back of the neck. So this was not something that was foreign to him. OK! It wasn’t his first time.

Herald: Did he turn around and kiss you too?
Larry: No no. He was actually the one kissing on the side of my neck.
Herald: For how long did he do this?
Larry: The entire incident, from getting the drugs to the oral sex and completion, I will say about 30, 35, 45 minutes at the most.
Herald: All this took place in the limo?
Larry: Yes, inside the limo.

Herald: So how long did you both stay inside the limo?
Larry: I will say two and three hours before I had started to get a little tired and told the driver I was ready to call it a night. I had already explained to Obama that I was ready to call it a night. When I told the driver I was calling it a night, he had suggested taking me to the hotel and then dropping Obama back to his car or wherever. In other words, it was made clear I wasn’t going to see where they were going to drop him off at. So we drove back to my hotel in Gurnee.

Herald: For how long did you stay in Chicago after this particular night?
Larry: Actually I was in Chicago from Nov. 3 until the morning of Nov. 8.
Herald: And you first met Obama on Nov. 6?
Larry: Yes, on the 6th. We met again on the 7th.

Herald: What went on on the 7th?
Larry: He showed up at my hotel room.
Herald: How did he get to know your hotel room?
Larry: Well he knew the hotel because he was actually in the limo when the driver had driven me back to the hotel that Saturday. That was the only way he could have known. The only way he would have known the room number was to get it from the driver himself.
Herald: Did he know your name?
Larry: Obama? Obama definitely know my names. I didn’t have anything to hide.

Herald: He showed up at your hotel room. About what time was this?
Larry: It was early evening. He showed up, I heard a knock on the door. I went to the door and was somewhat surprised because I just never in a million years anticipated this guy was going to show up at my hotel room. I opened the door, and he’s standing there, I invite him in, he brings out yet another bag of coke and I made clear to him I still had some from the night before.

Herald: How was he dressed when he showed up?
Larry: Very casually. There was nothing he was shy about as for his intentions. When I opened the door he shared one intention that he had shown up for one reason and one reason only. He was looking for another blow job. He said as much, he got as much within the hour he got there till the time he was gone. And it was nothing other than he shows up, he is looking for another blow job, he is laying back on a hotel room bed, he’s smoking crack yet again, I perform oral sex on him a second time.

Herald: This second time you perform oral sex, did he pull down his pants?
Larry: Yes. In the hotel room his pants were actually down. His pants were completely down in the hotel room.

Herald: So if his pants were down and you were in a hotel room, what stopped you from having sex?
Larry: First of all, it wasn’t about sleeping with each other. In all honesty, I wasn’t going into this evening planning to do oral sex on him. It was the fact that
we were in the car. There is something that I explain to people and people ask, how do you know that a guy is into it? And I’m like look; I have been gay all my entire life. I can pretty much tell you after being around someone for five minutes whether or not you are with someone who will fight if you make advances or someone who is actually hoping that you do make the first move. I had told a radio host out of Minneapolis, because he said to me, if you start robbing at my knees I will punch you out. I said look, I grew up fighting every kid and I know you touch a man and he doesn’t want to be touched , he’s not gonna sit there and just giggle don’t do that. He’s either gonna sling at you, or walk up and leave the area and walk away and never come back. Barack Obama didn’t do either one. When I started rubbing on his legs, he didn’t even as much as push my hands away, much less tried to move away. When he showed up in the hotel room, it wasn’t about having anal sex; there wasn’t any intent, at least on my part.

Herald: You never asked for it?
Larry: No, I never did. And he didn’t either. I never even knew that he was into anal sex until I had contacted the campaign in 2007 just trying to get him to get honest with his drug use in 1999. This was never about the sex at all.

Herald: So he comes into the hotel room, he sells you the cocaine, you have oral sex, he leaves and what happens after?
Larry: He’s gone. I’m all packed up and flying out of Chicago the next morning. I go back to Colorado. I go back to doing what I was doing. I didn’t think about it because at the time I was very busy commuting in between Colorado to the East Coast on regular basis transporting something that made me a whole lot of money. He will not be the first and I guaranty you that he will not be the last individual that I have met on a spur of the moment and ended up having a quick fling with and going my merry way and never thinking about it after.

What was interesting is in 2004, I’m sitting in my living room in Mexico watching the Democratic national convention and I see this guy up on the stage giving a speech. I just started cracking up laughter. And I was telling a friend of mind at the time that you not gonna believe this; I actually sucked that sucker up twice. I mean I never went home bothering to know who he was. It wasn’t till 2004 that I even knew who he was for sure. And people said why did you wait until 2008 to say anything? And I’m like look, I’m living in Mexico, I’m living in California, I’m living in Arizona, I could show you, I could show you a list, at least 15 pages long of prominent politicians and business men who will go out and do certain things with certain people and you will never in a million years think that person will do it. But they do.

Herald: Between 1999 and 2004 it was five years. You met Obama only very briefly. So five years after you could still recognize his face?
Larry: Let me explain something to you. My grandmother is 96 years old. She will tell you when I visit her I can tell her things that happened in her house when I was a kid, when my grandfather was still alive all the way down to the type of clothes that either one of us was wearing at the time. My memory is excellent.

Herald: So you are sitting there in Mexico and Obama is addressing the convention?
Larry: I see him at the convention on TV. And again, I am in Mexico. It doesn’t bother me at all. I don’t care. I’m just looking at another politician, winding his mouth, and I’m thinking ok, he’s definitely in the right line of business! And again, it didn’t make any difference to me. I’m not from Chicago. I’m not represented by the guy. It doesn’t bother me. What bothers me was in 2007, I happened to be watching TV. I saw some female young people talking about how excited they were about Barack Obama. Saying that he was this new kind of politician who was very transparent. That everybody knew everything about him. And I’m like you don’t know everything about him. And they kept talking about the fact that he has been so open and honest about his drug use and I’m like no, he hasn’t. Because his official stand was that he hasn’t used drugs since high school. Then a couple of months later, it changed to well, when I was in college I used this and now every now and then a little coke when we could afford it. Then the campaign changed again to yeah, he hasn’t used drugs since high school. So when I saw that, it just kind of appealed to me the wrong way. And that’s when I contacted his campaign and told them he needs to come clean about the extent of his drug use.

Herald: You called the campaign headquarters. Who did you speak to and what did they say?
Larry: Well they said someone will get back with me. I had left my cell phone number with them.

Herald: Do you remember who you spoke to?
Larry: No. It was someone in the Chicago office. They won’t give a name. I had just simply told them I have never mentioned the sexual contact at all to anyone. They told me someone is going to get back with me. So I get this phone call about early or mid-September from a guy who told me his name was Mr. Young. He said he was with the Obama campaign. He asked me why I didn’t ask the campaign to come clean about the sexual encounters between me and Obama and that’s when I knew this guy could not be working for the campaign. Because I never mentioned the sexual encounter to the campaign.

Herald: Was he the same guy who first answered your call when you called the campaign office?
Larry: But even when I first called the campaign office, I never once said anything about having sex with Obama. I just simply said I knew he was using cocaine and crack cocaine as recently as Nov. 1999. I never once said anything to the campaign about any sexual contact between me and Barack Obama.

Herald: So who was this Young guy? What did you learn about him after? Was he calling you from the campaign office of Obama?
Larry: He claimed he called from the campaign. But I couldn’t tell if in fact the phone he called from was the campaign phone. I wasn’t paying much attention to the caller ID. But it turned out he was the former choir director of Obama’s Church. A gentleman by the name of Donald Young who was killed in Nov. of 2007.

Herald: What month did you say you had a conversation with him?
Larry: He originally contacted me in September but we had multiple communications via text and phone calls after that.

Herald: And do you have any of those text message records?

Larry: No. Actually it was the Chicago Police department that got all the phone records from Sprint/Nextel. I didn’t get any of them at the time. I had absolutely no idea who the guy was. It didn’t dawn on me who the guy was until I believe March or April, 2008.

Herald: If he wasn’t with the campaign, how could he have gotten your phone number?
Larry: I found out from him he was given the number I had left with the campaign by Barack Obama himself.

Herald: You said you found out later that he too had had sexual encounters with Obama.
Larry: According to him, he was actually involved in an intimate sexual relationship with Obama for several years.

Herald: Did he give you some of the details of this relationship like when, where and stuff like that?

Larry: No. He just simply said he was sexually involved for several years. Actually Donald Young’s mother came out in July of 2010 and said she knows her son and Obama were very close and that she knows the son was killed to protect Obama. […] [Read more about the murder of Donald Young here. ~Eowyn]

Herald: So what did Young tell you about the relationship between him and Obama? How long did he say it went on?
Larry: What I had been told by Young eventually was he himself, like I said, had been involved in an intimate sexual relationship with Obama for years. He had made it clear to me that he was personally given the cell phone number I had left with the campaign by Barack Obama himself and he had been asked to call me and try to find out exactly who I had been talking to, exactly who I had contacted to tell the story to and exactly what I had told to any one I had been speaking with.

Herald: That was in 2008, correct?
Larry: No. It was in the fall of 2007. I went public in 2008. January 17 of 2008. Almost immediately after I went public, because I had been talking to several different journalists out of different newspapers in New York. And what they kept telling me was that one reporter had been told to get the story written only to have the political editor tell him I’m not running this. Everybody was scared. They were scared they were going to be attacked by the Obama campaign. They said anybody who was going to break a story on Obama was going to be labeled racist or oh, you can’t stand it when a black man is running for office. So after dealing with the New York Post for a little more than a month, I had decided, you know what? To hell with it. I will just make the video, put it on YouTube and let the chips fall where they may. Almost as soon as I put the video out on YouTube, Bill Burton who was the spokesperson for the Obama 08 campaign, started putting out statements in the Internet claiming that someone had contacted the Obama campaign in November, 2007, claiming they represented me. That the person had said if the campaign paid me $100,000, they could make the story go away. This is something the Obama campaign started circulating in the Internet with all of their allies in the Daily Kos, Democratic Underground, Obama for America and I never have had anyone contact the Obama campaign representing me. The contact made to the campaign specifically in 2007 was made directly by me. I have never once asked the campaign to pay me anything. I have never once told the campaign that the story will go away if they did this or if they did that.

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8 years ago

WOW!!!!! Wish the main stream media would pick this up and give it as much attention as the Treyvon Martin story. Might open a few eyes.

Ed Haskell
8 years ago

Most of us have heard this convincing story multiple times over the past four years. If it didn’t gain traction in ’08 how will it be a factor now? America is being led by a cocaine-addicted homosexual. Will God continue to look with favor on this once-blessed country?

5 years ago
Reply to  Ed Haskell

you forgot muslim

8 years ago

For those of you who may be unaware of the timing of the Sinclair confession and consequential reactions, it took place in May 2008. A good account of it can be found at the following website > and Sinclair’s confession is on YouTube >
Even more shocking and revealing is that the Trojan Horse got through all this as a result of the dedicated protection of the LSM and the Marxist orchestrators.

8 years ago

First of all I hope Larry Sinclair is well protected because if he isn’t, he could end up dead like three other ‘partners’ of obama from chicago did. This story has got to get out there. Many of us have known for a long time. Maybe we should all be sending it to the media. America will go down in flames if this imposter is re-elected. America will be punished for electing him. No wonder obama doesn’t know anything that rev. wright said in his sermons in 20 years! His mind was definitely on something else. When you see the… Read more »

8 years ago

The President of the USA of AIDS.

8 years ago

FUCK YOU, YOU disgusting homophobic, racist, bigoted, sick, demanted asshole. And you, Klansman Terry and Klansman the rest of the racist assholes! Stop calling this man a POS & SCOAMF, you disgusting racist hateful a-holes. That’s what you are disgusting racist hateful a-holes and it shows. I really, truly do pity you. You’re so consumed with hatred, with absolute surety that the black guy in the White House is out to destroy America…and your hatred has blinded you to all that he’s done that is good and right. Has he been perfect? You’d find precisely zero liberals who would think… Read more »

8 years ago
Reply to  Questionman

Where is the racism? You aren’t doing your cause any good by constantly screaming racism, we know we aren’t racists no matter how often you say it. It’s Obama’s policies and lies we hate, not his skin color.

8 years ago
Reply to  Questionman

The black guy in the WH? All you see is skin color? Shame on you.
All the good he’s done? Like $5T in deficit in 3 years? Unemployment? Foreclosures? Food stamp increases? Wars? Closing Gitmo?
Pity you for being part of the sheeple…and one that sees race before character and qualifications.

c sharp
c sharp
8 years ago
Reply to  Questionman

just anger coming from you no facts or relevant information just a primal response. what is that good and right you refer to? if someone wanted to bash me oh well have at it. you speak of having free speech taken away. this would take constitutional amendment. an attempt to do so would only solidify the fact that our constitution is being dismantled.

8 years ago

I’ve wondered if Obama is an acoholic. How many people are told by their doctor to drink less? Obama is often seen lifting a few, and drinking and weight loss go hand in hand. Drug abuse fits right in there.

8 years ago
Reply to  nova1984

While I support your comment, heavy drinking doesn’t mean weight loss, as calories are calories are calories. It takes between 3500 to 5000 calories to create one pound of fat, depending on one’s metabolism and diet outside the booze. And alcohol is alcohol is alcohol, no matter what form it is in: read the percentages and do the math. I know, because I drink 5000 calories a week, thus I cannot lose any more weight that I’ve already done, at 260 lbs. But at 69, one assumes the consequences of one’s choices, I’d hope and think….

8 years ago

I can’t help but notice in the Hawaiian vacation picture his chest is almost white while the normally exposed parts of him are darker. Does he also use makeup or bronzer to appear more than half black? We don’t judge a man by the color of his skin but by the content of his character so if his observation is true he fails on both counts.

8 years ago
Reply to  Mommamia

Yep. White people voted him in because they wanted a first black president, especially one who was claiming transparency. No, it’s not because he’s black that he is so hated, it’s because he’s red and we will kick this imposter out of the WH in November fer sure.

Robert Hall
8 years ago

He’s looks better than Michelle.

whitehead barela
8 years ago

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8 years ago

“Questionman”, That explains it all, “Question everything = do nothing = 0.

Sylvia Strang
Sylvia Strang
7 years ago

This story is not surprising. It does make me even angrier!!


[…] “You know, when Trayvon Martin was first shot, I said that this could have been my son. Another way of saying that is Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago.” (That’s so true, Mr. President! Both you and Martin did dope! You admitted in your memoirs you had “done” cocaine in high school and college and, if you’re honest, even in adulthood while you were an Illinois state senator. Just ask Larry Sinclair!) […]


[…] “Sinclair: I did oral sex and coke with Obama,” April 16, 2012. […]


[…] o modus operandi (o método de operação) de como nos enganam com tanta facilidade…E por falar em “enganos”Não tem um dia que não estejamos sendo ludibriados com a contra informação. Temos que ficar […]

5 years ago

i could care less who sucks him off….but i do know HE sucks as a President.

sam heller
sam heller
4 years ago

The best Possible way to put the story