Simple Trick During Cold & Flu Season

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Slick trick that really works!

Over 40 years ago my pediatrician introduced me  to the use   3% hydrogen peroxide in the ears of my toddler to address excessive ear wax.   We later learned it was useful for sinus conditions and colds.  We use an eye dropper and set a timer for 2 minutes– longer is a little irritating to the ear.   Cost is less than a dollar a pint!

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0 responses to “Simple Trick During Cold & Flu Season

  1. THANK YOU, grannie! Tomorrow, I’ll buy me a bottle of hydrogen peroxide! 😀

  2. Dr. Mercola is one everyone should follow and pay attention to. Just google him, go to his site and sign up for his online newsletter.

  3. Thank you grannie for this valuable information. I also keep in my kitchen sink, a mister that contains one-half water and one-half hydrogen peroxide. It kills bacteria and is not harmful to you; you can use it on your kitchen counter tops, et al.

  4. This is one of several ways that I avoid colds, etc. I have never found an over-the-counter medication that can work as well as simple home remedies like this.

  5. THIS IS GREAT!!!!!!!! Thanks so much. Now I knwo why my mom did stuff like this to me as a kid! lol

  6. I use my nose-spray bottle filled with hydrogen peroxide whenever my ears itch
    Also always have Colloidal Silver handy


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