Simple Cancer Cure? DCA Causes Cancer Cells to Die

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There’s a lot of buzz about research coming out of Canada about new research that sounds both amazingly simple and simply amazing!  The relatively inexpensive substance  administered in water affects the mitochondria of cancer cell and appears to cause die off  (apoptosis).   The name of the substance is dichloroacetate aka DCA  and the University of Alberta has a good page explaining the research

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0 responses to “Simple Cancer Cure? DCA Causes Cancer Cells to Die

  1. I have heard there are cures out there for many years,and the same reason was given every time when asked why? are they not on the market-it would take the money out of it.

    • Tina, I have heard the same and my dad (who has lost 2 wives to cancer) totally believes this. His claim: “the cancer industry is a money racket”. Chemo, radiation, drugs, etc. I don’t want to believe in this “conspiracy” yet have some doubts…We are so advanced when it comes to R&D, yet why is there no cure? Makes me wonder what is really going on….just my humble opinion…

  2. lowtechgrannie

    It seems like a no-brainer for the insurance industry to fund studies.
    They’d stand to save billions of dollars if this truly is a viable cancer treatment and there are no known side effects! What a blessing that would be.
    Imagine how much money the entire healthcare system could save if a safe, inexpensive treatment for cancer replaced the expensive and painful treatments that are the norm now.

  3. LTG,
    This is fascinating. Thank you for bringing it to our attention!
    I recently read something about lemon juice being a powerful cancer fighter. Have you seen anything on that?

    • lowtechgrannie

      Eo, I haven’t seen anything about lemon juice.
      A few years ago the Univ of Washington was doing research on the old Chinese herbal remedy, Wormwood. Tumor cells died off within a matter of hours. I haven’t heard where they’re at in the research. Wormwood is also used to get rid of intestinal parasites.

  4. It’s a little more complicated than it’s being made out to be. Lab and human host results are often different, lab mice even produce different results during testing. Molecules don’t act the same way from one biological species to the next, for various reasons, different chemical make up, interaction of other biological factors;ie, hormones enzymes, etc.. These promising research results rarely carry over in human trials and testing. The HIV virus is also very easy to kill, “a cure” in the lab setting. heat kills HIV, so does exposure to ambient air. The problem is, the heat would also kill the host, that’s you, and the only way to expose an infected person’s full viral load to ambient air would be to exsanguate them. It will come down to celluar, DNA, Rna manipulation. the cure is in our genes already, we’re getting closer, but we’re also seeing an increase in cancer rates due to various factors, a big one being environmental. In 5 years from now ENT surgeons in Japan are going to overwhelmed with the amount of thyroid glands they’re going to have to remove.

    • lowtechgrannie

      Subsequent to that CBN broadcast, The University of Alberta website gave a link to where their clinical trials were published in a medical journal called CANCER CELL. It’s a subscription website so the info is not available to the general public.

    • Thank you for the informative comment, micro.
      Micro’s a medical professional, so I heed his words.


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