Signs In the Heavens?

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“And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars….” – Luke 21:25

First, it was a strange halo cloud over Moscow. Then, a similar cloud appeared over Romania. Then, it was a blue spiral light over Norway, followed by NASA images of a massive hexagon over the northern pole of the planet Saturn.
I have no idea what these are or mean, other than that they are very very strange. Take a look. Your guess is as good as mine!
On October 8, 2009, as reported by Russia Today, this very strange cloud, resembling a halo or an UFO, was seen over Moscow, Russia. Your eyes can’t help but focus on the cloud, but pay close attention beginning around the 0:04-second mark. Do you see a small black object, looking no bigger than a dot, darting from the bottom center part of the cloud towards the lower right hand side of the cloud? I had to play that segment again and again to see it. [Stop and start the video to see it frame by frame. -Steve] What is it? Is it just some glitch in the video recording?

Then, a couple of weeks later in the same month, October 2009, this video was taken of a similar donut-shaped cloud over Romania. Pay attention around the 0:15-second mark. There’s a “thing” that appears on the upper left hand side of the frame (just under the ‘LiveLeak’ Logo), then rapidly descends towards the top of the power lines before disappearing from the rest of the video completely. (H/t JRed of LookUpFellowship!)

Then, on December 9, 2009, a big blue-and-white squiggly light suddenly appeared in the sky over northern Norway, baffling its residents. A blue-green beam of light was reported to have come shooting out of the center of the spiral. Speculations are that the light display was the result of a failed test launch of a new Russian Bulava missile.

The next day, on December 10, 2009, we were told that after years of waiting for the Sun to illuminate the planet Saturn’s North Pole again, cameras aboard NASA’s Cassini spacecraft captured the most detailed images yet of a fascinating hexagon shape crowning the planet. NASA’s Voyager spacecraft had last captured images of the entire hexagon nearly 30 years ago. After the sunlight faded, darkness engulfed the north pole for 15 years.
Much to the delight and bafflement of Cassini scientists, the location and shape of the hexagon in the latest images, taken this January, match those they saw in the Voyager pictures. The hexagon was originally discovered in images taken by the Voyager spacecraft in the early 1980s. It encircles Saturn at about 77 degrees north latitude and has been estimated to have a diameter wider than two Earths. The new images show the hexagon is nearly stationary and extends 60 miles deep into Saturn’s atmosphere. The hexagon shape is the path of a jet stream flowing around the north pole, revealing concentric circles, curlicues, walls, and streamers not seen in previous images. The jet stream is believed to whip backward along the hexagon at around 100 meters per second, making 60 degrees turn!
BTW, Saturn, the 2nd largest planet in our solar system, is an entirely gas planet, composed mainly of hydrogen, with a small core of rock and ice in its interior. 
I’m no astrophysicist. But let me ask you this question: Do you know of any force in nature — be it wind, cloud, cyclone, or a jet stream — that has straight lines and angles and is hexagonal in shape?


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4 responses to “Signs In the Heavens?

  1. Lying, signs and wonders?

  2. We must listen to the heavens and observe the heavens! This reminds me of the very interesting and amazing lights that formed on January 26, 1938. The Blessed Mother Mary told the children at Fatima, Portugal, to expect heavenly night lights which would be a prelude to events leading to a great war. And, we know what happened after that! And the astronomers and scientists had no explanation for the lights, nor could it be explained as an aurora borealis event.
    A good friend told me once, “Look for the signs in life.”

  3. As Jesus said in Saint Mark’s Gospel: “Watch!”


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