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In the last week, there’s been an accleration of UFO and ET (extraterrestrial) events.
First, we learnt on September 26, 2010, that the United Nations has appointed a female Malaysian astrophysicist as Earth’s first ambassador to space aliens. Then on September 27, 2010, a group of retired/former US Air Force officers held a press conference in Washington, DC’s National Press Club to tell the world about unidentified aerial objects having been seen above US and UK nuclear weapons sites, in some cases disabling the weapons.
Less well known is a cluster of UFO sightings across the world (h/t LookUpFellowship).
UFO pyramid over Paris, France (September 2010):

“Flying dragon” over China (9/1/2010):

Another* pyramid UFO over Moscow, Russia (Sept 15, 2010):

*The first pyramid UFOs were seen in Russia last year.
UFOs in night sky over Brazil (Sept 22, 2010):

“Lifesaver” UFO over Amsterdam (Sept 24, 2010):

So what are these oddities in the skies? Pick your choice:

On the last possibility — that purported UFOs and ETs may well be angels — is given tantalizing credibility by accounts of men and women who succeeded in stopping being abducted by malevolent aliens (demons) by calling out the name of Jesus Christ. The CE4 Research Group has compiled many case files of individual testimonies.
See also my March 7 post, Rings in the Sky,” for more unexplained aerial phenomena.

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  1. I’m loving this renewed interest in UFO’s. I don’t know what they are, but like I’ve said, I absolutely believe somethng is going on, I’ve spent years as an interest looking into this. Scientists, military, police, pilots, astronauts, politicians and at least 3 presidents have come forward declaring them real, not including official declarations from the gov’t of Brazil, Mexico, Belgium and France. The fallen angel theory is an interesting one, other theories abound as well; interdimensional, another universe, etc.. In any case something is happening and it seems to be progressing. Just the other night a surgeon I work with was on his way home from emergency surgery at 1 a.m. and stopped his car along the highway with several other people to watch a UFO, it was in the papers and all over the news as the police were called, airport radars checked……. high caliber people are stepping forward, I believe we’ll know the truth soon enough.

  2. To add, The Vatican has also come forward recently saying it is o.k. to believe in aliens and UFO’s, stating that it does not go against christian or catholic teachings and dogma; instead, just proving that God is truly wonderous and created life throughout the universe.

  3. Here’s what the Vatican’s chief astronomer says as reported by AP

  4. Another Vatican High Ranking memeber, monsigneur Balducci says this:


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