Sidewalk Art Illusions. Kule Stuff.

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Road 3D arts-accident-railway-station Road 3D arts-Anti-AIDS-campaign Road 3D arts-Brandon-Trust-bridge Road 3D arts-Jamesons-Cult-Film-Club,-Manchester Road 3D arts-lions-gate Road 3D arts-London-this-way Road 3D arts-rescue Road 3D arts-Ropey-bridge Road 3D arts-Swimming-Pool Road 3D arts-Waterfall-Amsterdam-Airport Star-Mild

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0 responses to “Sidewalk Art Illusions. Kule Stuff.

  1. You really have to have some talent in order to create this kind of art!

  2. Wow!!!

    • I’m lucky if I could draw a tic-tac-toe box. LOL
      You know this is done in chalk, so if it rains….

      • I get vertigo and just looking at some of those drawings seems to suck me in. I wonder how many people walking by get dizzy!!
        There is so much creativity and talent out there, just brilliant.

  3. Damn, that made me dizzy.

  4. That’s real talent, instead of (for example) Yoko Ono’s no talent:

    • Ah, but it’s challenging and thought provoking, the highest aim of art (tee hee, hysterical laughing and sarcasm) lol!
      It certainly challenged me, I wondered what the hell it was!! I hope some rich people had to part with some serious cash to go and see it.
      Hitler, not exactly a role model I know, was a failed graphic artist but even he despised the modernistic art of his time and preferred classical art. He tried to ban all modern art.
      For me, art should be inspiring and uplifting. Much of what passes for art these days is aimed at depressing and demoralising people. Colours are drab, subject matter is gross and inhuman and attacks the human spirit.
      This is a sculpture by Damien Hirst called The Virgin Mother.
      Damien Hirst is demonic;lo.jpg
      He has another huge bronze sculpture of a pregnant woman overlooking the harbour at Ilfracombe in the UK –
      I don’t know about thought provoking, but it makes me want to vomit . . .

    • Yoko reminds me of my miss-spent youth in art college.
      Have you ever seen the John Malkovich movie, “Art School Confidential?” In it, there’s a scene where the protagonist visits his professor’s (Malkovich’s) apartment, and remarks that all the paintings on the walls are pictures of triangles. The professor replies, “Yes, I was the first.”
      There is a definition of PTSD that fits the emotions this stirs up in me.
      On the other hand, these street artists are wonderful!

  5. Very nice. 😀 The realism is surreal.

  6. OK, time to clean coffee spew off screen..LOL

  7. Great street art! Really fun.


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