Sick Halloween

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Nothing has changed in the two years since I first wrote this post. What a sad commentary on America and Americans. See my updated thoughts, “We have met the Halloween monsters, and they are us.”
~Eowyn (Oct. 31, 2013)

When did Halloween morph from a holiday for little kiddies into an obsession with the morbid, the macabre, the grotesque, and the demonic?
Going through this Knott’s Scary Farm maze cannot be good for your soul.

Wikipedia says Knott’s Scary Farm, aka Knott’s Halloween Haunt, is a seasonal Halloween event at Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, California. It is an event in which the theme park is transformed into “160 acres of horror”, via a series of over 1,000 monsters, 13 mazes and a collection of ‘scare zones’. It is the largest Halloween event to be held at a theme park. Knott’s Halloween Haunt is responsible for producing half of the theme park’s revenue.

All living things have the instinct to live, which expresses itself in our natural attraction to the life-affirming beauty of nature — of flora, fauna, animals, sea and sky — and a concomitant revulsion toward death.
But our society seems increasingly fixated on exactly the opposite — Thanatos — morbid images of decay, mental sickness, and death. Have you noticed the ubiquity of the skull, even in women’s fashion and baby clothes?

Is the ubiquity of these death images designed to numb and desensitize us to the grotesque? And if so, for what purpose?
Last Halloween night, a 17-year-old girl who was working as an actress at the Creepyworld Halloween haunted house in St. Louis, Missouri, accidentally got entangled in a noose. Police said the girl was found unconscious with the prop around her neck, by a colleague at around 8:30 pm. Patrons of Creepyworld had walked past her thinking she was a scary prop. [Source]
In his insightful book, Monsters From the Id: The Rise of Horror in Fiction and Film, Dr. E. Michael Jones’ thesis is that our culture’s obsession with horror and the macabre is a result of our denial and suppression of morality. Horror is a product of a guilty conscience that will not admit its own wrongdoing. Individually and as a culture, we can escape the eternal dynamic of horror only by acknowledging the demands of an objective moral order.
See also Richard Evans’ essays for, “Halloween Celebrates Sex and Death” and “Hidden History of Halloween: Halloween is Christmas for Satanists.”

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16 responses to “Sick Halloween

  1. Thank you, Dr. Eowyn, for the information about some of these sick traditions that society has set out. They are truly horrible!
    Nevertheless, if you characterize this special Holy Day Eve as “Sick Halloween,” then the same characterization can be made for other important religious holidays, “Sick Christmas” or “Sick Easter.” Look at what society has done to Christmas, so much so that it is trying to take Jesus Christ out of Christmas, and replace bunnies and candy for the Resurrected Christ in Easter. I love this Allhallows Eve, where we remember our mortality, but also remember that we can become Saints! God wants all of us to be Saints! On the Church calendar, it is the eve of All Saints Day which is tomorrow, November 1st! I have always, always appreciated and loved the wonderful Allhallows Eve, the Eve before All Saints Day, because I LOVE THE SAINTS! I will not allow any evil traditions brought to this special Eve to ruin the meaning for it under the Church’s tradition. I LOOK FORWARD TO WATCHING THE LITTLE CHILDREN ON EWTN DRESS UP LIKE SAINTS, and I look forward to seeing the little children at my door tonight.
    As for Satan and his evil traditions, just remember that he is suffering while we communicate with each other, whilst the rest of us can pray to the Saints for their intercession and help and have the love of Jesus! Satan can remain miserable with his demons who will never see God!
    Accordingly, I wish everyone on FOTM, especially my dear Sister, Dr. Eowyn, our heroine and wonderful inspiration, a Blessed Allhallows Eve and a Blessed All Saints Day!

    • Joan–thank-you very much for these wonderful words of wisdom!! Because of the geography of the mountains here, trick or treating is not feasible, but our church does a wonderful Trunk-or Treat, complete with games, candy, and hot dogs.

  2. Great article Eowyn! Unfortunately, as you stated, people are fixated on the evils and grotesque to the point of being desensitized to it’s effects. Opening the door to further moral corruption and demonic forces to invade their homes and their lives which, in turn, leads them down paths that we all know is Not of the Lord… It is a shame indeed.

  3. When the skull and crossbones started showing up all over the place, a few years back, I started wondering why?. I took a 3 wk trip to Mexico about 10 years ago and their culture has many skulls, even skull-shaped candy. So I figured that it was their influence on our society, especially teenagers…

  4. I want to throw up when I hear people saying: “Happy Halloween”. I look forward to tomorrow the feast of All Saints..

  5. Could it be a conspiracy? Could it be that the Devil is at his wit’s end, and has to pull out all the stops to make people scared. This year in my tiny village the Halloween turnout was pitiful, hardly any kids knocked at my door and the Main Street was deserted. Hopefully people are saving up for Christmas which is a more comforting prospect. Holiness sounds really desirable all of a sudden compared with the corruption we are confronted with each day. CONTEND FOR THE FAITH CHURCH.

  6. Dia de los meurtos is a holiday created out of respect for the dead.

    • This post is about Halloween, not the Mexican Day of the Dead.
      As for the Day of the Dead, showing respect for the dead doesn’t have to mean an obsession with skulls and other death images. Aren’t Mexicans supposed to be Catholic? Day of the Dead is a pagan idolatrous wallowing in death images.

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  8. Excellent article!

  9. Okay, I have to admit, I just didn’t get it? Was it a “had to be there thing”? I do confess to enjoying a well made horror flick now and then, but mutilated dolls and strobe lights and gas masks must be above my intellect.
    I quit watching about 3/4 of the way through so maybe its my own fault?

    • Christy, why do you doubt your own instincts and judgment?

      • I was just wondering if maybe there was some message that I was missing. And since I just stopped watching, maybe I was lazy too? It has been years since I was in a haunted house, but I did used to enjoy them. I guess after what I saw on this clip I would have felt ripped off.

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