Showing too much "patriotism"

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Via Patriot Action Network:
I swear, I wake up each day and read the news and really wonder is becoming of our country. In Crystal River, Florida, a military mom was cited for flying too many flags at her restaurant. This violates a flag ordinance.
Want to share your opinion about this with the city? Contact Mayor Jim Farley at (352) 795-4216.
Yes, now cited for displaying your patriotism.  Restaurant owner Linda Downey isn’t backing down though – she’s leaving them up….you go girl!

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0 responses to “Showing too much "patriotism"

  1. I will be calling Jim Farley in the morning! will report back-

  2. Peri McMillan

    I say Good for Her! We need a lot more people like her, people who love our country and aren’t afraid to show it, especially under the circumstances today. I wish I was a lot closer. I’d go visit her restaurant and give her my support. Thank you, Linda Downey.

  3. Yep.
    Creeping tyranny just keeps on a creepin.’

  4. Keep wrapping yourselves in the flag. Makes you a distinct and easy ….ah, ah sorry gotta go mommy is calling./S

    • Was that a threat? Where’s your civility?
      Better believe if I have wrapped myself in the American flag that I am armed as well. And I’ve been doing some target practice lately too Adam so bring it on big boy!

    • Is that a threat? I’d be careful if I were you. Afterall, it’s we on the Right who are stereotyped as the gun-toting sharp-shooting nutcases, while you on the Left are the gun-control wusses.

    • Always nice to hear from a true America and freedom-hating kommie Kossack sewer-swimming turd.
      After all, it helps to keep me focused, and it also reminds me that there are some people who simply do not deserve to live in America.
      My guess is you are either a moocher, leech, or tick.
      Or possibly (more like probably) it’s some combination of all three.
      Since you obviously hate this country and everything it stands for, why don’t you pack up your red thongs and your autographed picture of Comrade Chairman Obama and move to North Korea, you sniveling, insignificant little commie puke?
      That way, you can live on tree bark and roots, like the rest of the poor NORK bastards.
      Later, comrade.

    • Something else you need to consider, comrade, is that you stinking commie pukes are significantly outnumbered in this country, and more importantly, seriously out-gunned.
      Of course, that realization would require linear intelligence that your government-educated (barely) useful idiot self cannot even begin to wrap your mind around, as I doubt you possess the linear logic to complete a successful street crossing.
      Now go flush yourself and swim on back to the People’s Repubelic of Kostardistan, little brown trout, as you are in way over your head here.
      If you hurry, you might just get back in time to pick the last of the daily lint out of George Soros’ belly button – assuming Keith Olbermann, Ritchie Maddow, and Red Ed Schultz haven’t beaten you to it.

  5. It wasn’t a threat , it was a promise. Keep wrapping yourselves in the American flag.. PLEASE DO.
    We need to know who our true true patriots are.
    I’m sorry I can’t help you guys, but mommy needs me to clip her toe nails…again. I like that./S
    Your enemy doesn’t wear flags like yesterdays dirty diaper so you will never know who to aim at. But we do smell like dirty diapers /d

    • Nice civility there Adam….why are you libs so obsessed with violence, particularly as it comes to conservatives? Oh yeah, you can’t argue the facts so just threaten us. So intelligent of you.
      Trust me, I’d know exactly who to aim at….I’m outside of Seattle and can spot a commie bas*ard a half a mile out. After all, they are the ones that are proud to be American-hating citizens and display it proudly in their appearance, bumperstickers and crude t-shirts.
      If all you’re going to do is threaten voilence and hurl insults, you’d better move on to your pals at dailykooks. Eowyn and Steve don’t take kindly to voilent threats 🙂

    • “But we do smell like dirty diapers”
      That’s because you are so full of sh*t the whites of your eyes are brown, and there are shiny green flies orbiting about your filthy, malodorous self.
      BTW, I hear your mommy calling, little pre-pubescent pud-knocker.
      I think she just returned from Wal-Mart with a new set of tweezers and a magnifying glass – just for you.
      I guess she had a couple of coupons.
      Sure hope you remembered to put some air in the trailer tires, as you know what happens when it starts to list to one side.
      I mean, you wouldn’t want all those 1970s era Playboys to slide off the shelf onto the floor, as the lava lamp might just topple over, too, and that could set those spiffy polyester curtains on fire.
      I think it is time for your acidic bubble bath and bedtime story, which I believe tonight will be a partial reading of the script from Damien, Omen II.
      Or maybe it’s Rosemary’s Baby?
      I assume the person that spawned you can actually read, right?
      Night-night, little comrade commie puke, and be sure not to let the bedbugs bite – and be careful not to nick yourself with those sharp, shiny new tweezers.
      And whatever you do, don’t scratch the lens of the magnifying glass, as it will be three weeks before the next welfare check arrives, and Ramen noodles are up to $1.25 a six pack.

  6. Just called the city council,no one answered,so left a message for Laurel Black,let her know I recieved this e-mail,let her know not honoring our American and Military flags are disgraceful,I am urging Mayor Jim Farley to look into code enforcement on flag ordinance,and make necessary changes.

  7. ha, just saw this link at NB…I’m guessing this is the type of gun Adam L owns:
    liberal gun


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