Shouldn’t Naturalized Citizens Registering to Vote Be Able to Read English?

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By the time an immigrant has gone through the entire process of naturalization to gain citizenship and the right to vote, they should be able to speak and read English, the language of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution.

Why then, does the  Washington State Secretary of State Voter Registration website provide for so many non-English speakers? 

All that is required to register to vote online is to provide your state-issued Drivers License or Washington ID number and click the boxes to affirm you meet the criteria to register to vote.

Washington State also has long had a policy of providing Drivers Licenses to illegal aliens who only have to pay the fee, take the test and document their residency with a utility bill. 


Most counties in Washington State are “vote by mail”.  We have no polling places.  The ballots are received in the mail about 10 days before the election. Voters must sign the back of the return envelope and mail them on or before election day.

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0 responses to “Shouldn’t Naturalized Citizens Registering to Vote Be Able to Read English?

  1. Democrat Governor Christine Gregoire explains why illegal aliens are allowed state-issued drivers licenses in Washington State.

  2. If they can’t read/speak English, how could they have passed the U.S. citizenship exam to become naturalized citizens???

    • From the United States Customs and Immigration Service website:
      ” English Language Exemptions

      You Are Exempt From The English Language Requirement, But Are Still Required To Take The Civics Test If You Are:

      Age 50 or older at the time of filing for naturalization and have lived as a permanent resident (green card holder) in the United States for 20 years (commonly referred to as the “50/20” exception).
      Age 55 or older at the time of filing for naturalization and have lived as a permanent resident in the United States for 15 years (commonly referred to as the “55/15” exception).”

  3. Article I section 4 of the Constitution leaves the requirements to the states. There is no requirement for language or even citizenship.

    • racefish; that is true, but the Founding Fathers didn’t think Americans would get Dumber as time goes by….

  4. The United States always has been a multilingual country and always will. You’re not a bad American just because you speak a language other than English. One of our non-English languages came in very handy during WWII:

    • My Spanish high school teacher taught me that you learn the language of a country you visit and use it when in their country, out of respect. English is the de facto recognized language of the US, and the language you need to know to comprehensively communicate with the majority of the population.

      I get many speak another language yet Americans can’t be expected to learn all the languages of all immigrants.

    • When I attended the University of Mexico, I interacted with many foreign students. We communicated in Spanish as we all learned the language of Mexico before going there.

  5. Washington and Oregon states completely vote by mail now. No chance of fraud happening here, for sure. /s

  6. In Washington State, it’s register online using ID the state issues to both citizens and aliens, and all vote by mail.. I believe the ballots are available in all the languages specified on the Secretary of State’s website.


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