Should the Federal GS Pay Scale Be on the Chopping Block?

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In the private sector, payroll is a huge make or break part of the budget.  Here’s the 2011 Federal Payscale for federal workers.  I wonder how much money could be saved by re-evaluating those job descriptions to a lower GS level?  What about capping the GS levels at 10 or 11?  That ought to save a tidy sum!

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0 responses to “Should the Federal GS Pay Scale Be on the Chopping Block?

  1. The Federal Government does not operate in reality. Their illegal budgeting and cost calculations would land private sector executives in prison.

  2. Nothing can be changed until we change Presidents. This is a shame, because if Congress and Obama wanted to change what is happening in our nation right now, they could, but, for some reason, they won’t. It is almost as if they are working over time to guarantee that our nation fail and no one can figure out why. I imagine that Obama is doing it because he has been ordered by Soros to do it, but, unless Soros is buying the whole Congress, why are they going along with it? Soros has carefully covered his back with the mainstream media so he can walk away and never look back. We won’t be so lucky.
    Clifton Lee West

  3. Before restructuring the salaries of people, let’s “restructure” the unions. Strip all public sector of collective bargaining rights. For the life of me, I don’t know why Walker (WI) said there was no cost benefit to removing the CBR’s. What about the man-hours spent responding to nonsense demands from the unions? Cost in paper? Arbitration costs? Settlements due to the FLRA being in the union’s pocket? Pensions strong-armed by the union backed by paid-for-democrats. Why should management have to negotiate over the location of the copy machine, change something that isn’t working (even though the lazy love it) or how to more efficiently run programs??? Furthermore, it appalls me that Federal Law Enforcement Agencies charged with protecting citizens is hamstrung by collective bargaining rights.
    I’m not against taking a look at all things in order to balance the budget, but I say we start with the true fraud, waste and abuse…end unions NOW!

  4. – I agree there is too much fat in the federal government, however, my point was, before taking people’s pay or jobs away just to cut spending may not be the fairest way to go, given that there are SOME very hard working and well intentioned government workers often doing the work of two or three others. So to cut those folks’ pay from a GS-13 to a GS-10 (as cited above), might not fairly achieve what we’re going after.
    You strip collective bargaining and union rights (possibly even restructure Title 5) and managers could cull the deadwood. Currently, It’s nearly impossible to terminate federal workers without either an EEOC appeal or some union challenge because a counseling form wasn’t correctly dated…
    I am willing to bet that if Title 5 was reformed, union’s wings clipped and reform EEOC case acceptance policy, there would be a lot of FORMER federal workers.

  5. For your information, not everyone gets a high pay within the GS Scale! Leave the little peons alone, for God’s sake! We are barely getting by and they have frozen salaries for two years and want to make it five, they want us to contribute more to our health benefits, and retirement funds, and that is just the beginning. So just quit picking on the little guy. You want to moan and groan, and we all are, then deal with the politicians in Washington, not the regular federal employee, at least at the local level, who is struggling just like you!


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