Should Huck Run?

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I’ll be up front with you. I like Mike Huckabee: not everything about him, but I don’t like everything about anyone, including (especially) myself. As a governor, he demonstrated the ability to be successful in an executive position, while maintaining his integrity as a Christian. My only question is, “Can he win?” If he can’t win, then we need a candidate who can. As my title implies, I’m asking you, our readers and writers, for your thoughts. ~ TD


Huckabee: ‘Don’t Make Me Come’ to Washington

(A president needs the…)’Patience of Job, the strength of Samson, the courage of David, the perseverance of Noah, the intellect of Paul, the wisdom of Solomon, and the forgiveness of Jesus ‘

By Daniel Halper Jan 3, 2015

Mike Huckabee kicked off his final show on Fox News with a lesson on governing — and a warning:
The front page of Friday’s Wall Street Journal was a story about White House officials indicating that President Obama was planning on doing less by executive order in the coming year and instead working through the normal process of negotiating with Congress. What a novel idea: a president, after six years in office, suddenly discovering the constitutional process of legislation that involves all three branches of government. Look, I hope it is true, but if past performance is an indicator of future performance I got no reason to be overly optimistic.
“My own frustration with President Obama is not merely the dramatic point of view that I have with him, between his liberal views and my conservative ones. It’s as much with his squandering the opportunity that he had that he do he said he would do … back in 2008. …
“Quite frankly governing is hard work. It requires the patience of Job, the strength of Samson, the courage of David, the perseverance of Noah, the intellect of Paul, the wisdom of Solomon, and the forgiveness of Jesus. And there is no substitute for time spent building relationships with people who don’t like you and who don’t want to work with you. In the words of that great political philosopher Mick Jagger, ‘You can’t always get what you want.’ …
“Now we haven’t seen much of that out of Washington. But I would welcome the approach. So here’s hoping that in the new year of 2015, we see the fine art of governing and if not, I will say what parents often say to their kids, Don’t make me come up there.”
Huckabee will reportedly end his TV show with tonight’s episode to explore a run for president.


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0 responses to “Should Huck Run?

  1. Good post, Traildust. And, yes, he can win. Against Hillary, ANYONE can win. If intelligent Americans organize and counter-balance the leftwing media and Democrat Party attempts at voter fraud, he can win.

    • Thanks, Mike. I can’t imagine Huckabee ever using terms like “peaceful religion,” in relationship to islam. I also think that a guy who suggests firing the IRS would have no fear of systematically rooting out all the muslims that have inveigled their way into positions in the Pentagon and the CIA. On the other hand, Chris Christy has been very open about his friendship with CAIR, a front organization for Muslim Brotherhood.

  2. I would have to take another look at Huckabee. I was not impressed with him when he first came on the scene but things change, people change and quite frankly I forgot what it was about him that “put me off.” If he runs, I would definitely take another look. Anything would be better than a Jeb / Hillary choice.

    • MA, I concur. I was thinking of Huck as a defense against Chris Christy or anyone named Bush. He did say some things about firing the IRS during his last run, and I thought, “better the devil you know,” wondering if the replacement might be worse. But now, in light of IRS actions against the TEA Party, I see things differently. However, I have lots of questions.

  3. No please! I am hoping for someone more on the order of a Trey Gowdy, who unfortunately does not want to run. While I do like Huckabee, I don’t think he can win. Sorry. 😞

    • I love Governor Huckabee. I love that he is a devout Christian, but I agree with you Northerngirl–I don’t think that he has that certain spark that would sweep him into the White House. Heaven knows, we need a change! I just don’t know for sure what that change would be. I love Ben Carson, but I don’t know that he has the name recognition to enter the frey. I am going to look up who Trey Gowdy is; this is only the second time I have heard of him??? I just hope that The Lord watches over our nation, and brings someone to the forefront who will be a blessing to the nation.

    • Yea, Northerngirl, I know.
      And my favorite would be the movie character, payed by Clint Eastwood, in High Plains Drifter. Really. It’s that bad in Washington today.
      And Trey Goudy would definitely get my vote, too.

      • I know what you mean but I still think we can do a bit better than Huckabee. There’s still a bit of time left and this is all assuming there will be anything left after the Putting Princess is done with his destructive rule.

  4. I think it’ll come down to Rand Paul. I’d prefer Ted Cruz but the argument about his eligibility is still so contentious. My all time favorite is Palin,but though she has a very loyal base,there are too many out there who would discard her because of things the Media says. She and Mike Huck share some traits I like a lot though-they’d BOTH fight to the death for Constitutional Government,and both are fearless in the face of opposition to their beliefs. Both have the ability to lead and get people enthused with the idea of making America GREAT again. On this basis I think Huck SHOULD run,but he really has to work on getting EVERYBODY to see what he sees for America’s FUTURE with him in charge.

    • truckjunkie, you remind me that we actually have “an embarrassment of riches,” when it comes to good candidates, except for Bush and Christy.

    • I agree that Palin would be excellent but the media has painted her as a fool which she is FAR from. The problem with that is the voters who can look no further than what mainstream media says; they take it all in as gospel truth. They are much too busy watching “Dancing With The Stars” to be expected to look into things themselves though. And besides, it’s only the well being of our country we’re speaking of, nothing of importance to them.😳(sarcasm alert of course)

  5. Rand Paul and Rick Santorum looked good last time. Santorum failed to gain traction. Rand wasn’t running at the time. Ted Cruz is awesome. But don’t even mention Marco Rubio, who in my opinion, has already disqualified himself because of his support for amnesty.

    • Neither Ted Cruz nor Marco Rubio are “natural born citizens” (born in the U.S. of two U.S. citizens) and are therefore constitutionally ineligible for the presidency. Not that anybody actually cares. 🙁

      • I care. That’s a door we really need to close.

      • Cruz and Rubio may not be “natural born citizens” but they could be a VP, cabinet position, or taking a page from our current prez’s playbook, a consultant. At least if they were consultants they would not belong to the muslim brotherhood. Although no cares about the current prez’s foreign background, I assure you that if the Republicans put forth someone with questionable eligibility, the lame stream media would make sure they talked about it 24/7 365 days/year until that person was forced out of office.

        • Exactly right-they’re brilliant enough to be of immeasurable help to whomever DOES become President.People forget that the President doesn’t run the Country by himself (or HERself,if that comes to be) THAT is why the President has a “Cabinet”. Those are people he relies upon to help and advise him in areas where he knows he may be a little weak or less skilled. Now we have some EXCELLENT people who may not be President material for various reasons,but who could help the next President bring back the Country we all love.

      • I think we all,at least those of us on this board,care. That’s the BIG reason it pi$$es me off that so LITTLE has been said and done about this trained imposter who occupies the White House. He isn’t eligible to RUN for President,on at least 3 different counts,but Pelosi (Yes-I lay this at HER feet) vetted him as a Candidate without ONE PAGE of documented proof of eligibility. Inherently,then,ANYONE can become President;all they need to do is appeal to the right Senator,kiss the right butt.

      • Yes, the Muslim UFO has set a new precendence for this one I believe. But much like most Liberal things it’s do as I say not as I do.

  6. My first choice is Trey Gowdy, but maybe he can do more good where he is.
    Then maybe the Huckster as VP and Carson as the head of HHS. I keep hoping for a new shining star to emerge and get everyone’s attention. There is still time. I do hope Hillary is the Dem’s choice, it will be so much fun watching that crash and burn.

    • Ben Carson! I forgot! The man who had the guts to calmly read Obama the Riot Act while standing right next to him. Ben must have ice water in his veins. He might be closer to Clint Eastwood than I had thought! 😀

  7. Should Huck Run?

  8. Wow, loaded question, there is good and bad about everyone and anyone that wants to run. As for Huck, as much as I like the man and most of what he stands for, his earlier stanch on Common Core left a bad taste in my mouth. Can we do better, who knows, we have a large corral, but there is something about everyone of them. But, when I look at what the DEMs may toss out, ie, Warren, I get nauseous.
    Cruz, we all know Constitionally he isn’t eligible, but then the guy sitting there now isn’t either. His father was a British subject and never an American. But Cruz is amazing. Perhaps, Vice President, at least we know he will fight.
    Gowdy would be great, but also as AG would fit him.
    Carson is a good guy, can he handle the scum playing? Who knows? Surgeon General maybe?
    West, might be a good choice, at least he could take care of our military and he feels strong about protecting our borders. Or Sec of State.
    Santorum, something last time just didn’t feel right and he pulled some dirty punches.
    Palin, I have no doubt could pull it off and with great finesse, but the media will lie and trample her, sadly. Just shows the fear they have of her. And not one of them can tell you why they dislike her, they are just little parrots.
    Regardless of who we pick and I think the people should have more of a say, we need someone that will stand for something, then stand up for it. We need to circle the wagons and protect and support like never before. For once, we have to fight as a unit, to not do so, will finish off our country. It will be gone, forever.
    We have to stand up, and push back. We have to make the media accountable and stomp all over them. We have to get the real word out, don’t let the lies take over. We have to explain ourselves,and make it understood what we are going to do. We have to make it understood the Constitution will be followed and rules and laws will be obeyed. Nothing less.
    The person that can accomplish that and surround themselves with true patriots will have my vote and support.
    This time we have to fight to the death, because it means death. No one can penetrate our circle, we have to be stronger than ever before or we say goodbye to this country.
    Our ancestors didn’t fight and die to build this country for us to hand it over to those that want to see her destroyed.
    Whatever the left pulls, we have to be ready for the largest campaign of voter fraud available. They will pull out all of the stops. They are famous for denying ballots to our military.
    So, back to Huck, let’s see what he has to say and if he is willing to get very muddy.

    • Glenn, I was unaware that Huckabee was friendly to Common Core. If he thinks Common Core is okay, then he will not get my support.

      • It came out several months ago and I just about fell off my chair, it took me by such a surprise., then someone made a comment to him and he was actually snarky. My computer threw up, so not sure I can find it.

      • TD after poking around,mI couldn’t find it, so I googled Huckabee supports CC and it jumped out all over. First in 2013 in the Washington Times, then Red State and others. He was on the Governors Board. Then he started back tracking and saying he was misconstrued, but I don’t think so. And I like the guy, he just got caught.

  9. The only votes up for grabs next election are the folks who can’t decide whether to grab a dime bag or a 40 for party time

  10. Doesn’t matter who the repubs/RINOs put in the race. The SRM, Soros, Media Matters, DNC, etc. will do everything in their power to smear, lie, misinform, and misconstrue the truth to the masses and LIVs. Public indoctrination and Pravda-media are designed to make you care more about the wrongs of the evil, rich, white repubs; the wrongs done by Wall Street; the struggle of perpetual victims (minorities, LGBT, feminists, etc.); and make you believe how the TEA Party wants to destroy America (i.e., take away any God-given government benefit you are entitled to).
    Yeah, I’m cynical. But two terms of hopeandchange has proved to me that any hope of common sense returning to DC, with the hyper-driven Pravda and a lack of real leadership once entrenched in the Beltway, is a lost cause.

    • Yes DCG, but we did kick their butts in the 2014 elections, and I am holding out some glimmer of hope. Still, I know why you feel that way. 🙁

      • True. But I’m not sure the SRM played a big role in those wins. But the presidential election? Well, we know how Pravda will report that.
        There’s always hope 🙂

  11. Lisa, can you support those statement? If you can, we need to know.

  12. I have to say,though,that in MY opinion,Palin weathered the Media storm better than anyone else I can recall,except MAYBE Reagan. She can take it,and she can DISH it when needed.
    The sad thing about the office of President is that the people who would be the BEST for the job are people I wouldn’t WISH the job on. Believe me-I’ve seen a job AGE the worker faster than their years. (An example is the Miners in my area-at the age of 45,they look 70. Long hours per shift,rotating shifts,early mornings,the dust,the chlorine smell that wafts through the air every day,the knowledge that no matter how tired you are,you still have 6 days before you get a day off. I don’t know how they do it. They make good money for their work,but they pay a terrible price for it.) Notice how,if you compare pictures of our Presidents before and after their Terms They look much more than 4 years older,they sound older,and less-happy.

    • Truckjunkie . . . your comments are so profoundly true. Any person of “good moral character” who chooses to run for POTUS is someone who is also selfless. The gift they would give the nation is beyond measure–their lives are forever changed; it can be seen in how much they appear to have biologically aged during their tenure.

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  14. Gov. Huckabee is the type of person we need in the White House. Having watched his TV show for the past six years, I noticed his compassion as well as his opinions on how to handle terrorists. Huckabee is a very strong person. And when having to make a choice between his religious beliefs and protecting the USA and its citizens,and not will not give up either one. I belief his faith will be how he is judged as a leader, however. If he runs. I will definitely vote for him and help him in anyway that I can.
    Thank you Gov. Huckabee for your service, your faith, and wanting to protecting this nation.

  15. I LOVE the Huck & he’d have my vote. But, I dont’ think he can win. We need a WINNER almost above all (except for moral/human/Constitutional issues). So far….I see only one or so possibilities…like Ben Carson…for instance…but could HE win? If we (Conservatives) can’t successfully get a member into the White House…what does it matter WHO we “run?”

    • “If we (Conservatives) can’t successfully get a member into the White House…what does it matter WHO we “run?” and to this I say AMEN.
      I made a commitment to my Lord and Saviour years ago (I believe it was the last Clinton v. ?? election) that I would never again vote for the lesser of two evils. I know there are those who think if we don’t vote for whatever Republican they put forth, we guarantee a Demo win. Well so be it! If the Republican’s put forth a RHINO or maybe I should say anyone but a firm believer in the Constitution of these United States of America they will not get my vote.
      The only difference between a DemocRAT and a RHINO is: If a Demo is elected, we the people get sold down the river as in white water rafting — Violent, soaking wet and the paddles are hard to hold onto. If a RHINO is elected, we the people get sold down the river as in a float trip — smooth, leisurely and tipped over by a rock or undercurrent.

  16. TD: I forgot to mention this: Huckabee pardoned a violent criminal (he had 5 felony convictions in AK), Maurice Clemmons, who went on to murder four cops in Lakewood, Washington. It was bad….this didn’t set well with me.,_Washington_police_officer_shooting


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