Shoppers on WA Health Benefit Exchange report sticker shock

obamacare Some shoppers on the Washington Health Benefit Exchange say they’re finding the Affordable Care Act is anything but affordable.

Eric Levy is a self-employed financial accountant in Seattle who pays a monthly premium of $541 for health insurance for his wife and two kids.
Last month he received this letter from Regence informing him that under the ACA, his plan will no longer be available January 1, 2014.

The plan that Regence suggested as a replacement had higher premiums and out-of-pocket costs of almost $300 more a month.

“I thought, oh my God. I have to revisit budget items,” said Levy.
So he jumped online to the Washington Health Benefit Exchange and the sticker shock for a comparable plan was double the price he pays now.  “It’s another $500 a month that you have to think about how you’re going to pay for,” said Levy.

Levy admits the new premiums “won’t break the bank,” since he and his wife bring in about $150,000 a year. But they will force them to make sacrifices, like saving for college tuition, or providing music classes for their children.

Other viewers emailed KING 5, describing a similar situation.

“Noble idea, poorly executed,” wrote Mike. “Obama’s 2009 promise that we could keep what we had for plan if we liked it…it just wasn’t true.

“My wife is 62,” wrote Dave. “Her insurance will go up by over $200 a month to about $750.”

“Our insurance rates will go up $385 a month,” Mary wrote, who is self-employed with a family of four. “I  am wondering what I am suppose to do now?”

What’s worse for Levy, he is paying for certain coverage he doesn’t need“The real thing that jumped out at me is all of a sudden I’m required to have maternity coverage,” he said.

Michael Marchand, director of communications for the Washington Health Benefit Exchange, explains that maternity coverage is one of the benefits mandated by the ACA.  “Any state has the ability to change that or modify that, but that would take a legislative action,” said Marchand.

Levy hopes enough people speak out and changes can come soon. “I want the person who makes $15,000 a year at McDonald’s to have health care coverage,” said Levy. “I just want to know why you have to double my insurance cost to make sure that person has it.”

I tried the basic calculator for WA ST and I will probably end up on Medicaid, because of my part-time salary. Today on the radio, I heard a Washington women, who makes $5,000 a year (she’s a student with one child), and she said she will have to go on Medicaid. And get this – she’ll be paying $440/month – yikes! I’m dreading having to sign up for this baloney.


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Hello all,

Did you happen to catch the article where this regime over stepped their power after feeling cocky about blocking the WW11 memorial, and were feeling their oats and blocked off Washington’s house? The thing is, it is under private ownership. Ulsterman had an article on it. This really needs to be made public. Massive government overstepping.

Take care, and we are hanging in there with our job shut down, after the furloughs, geesh.


Dr. Eowyn

SURPRISE! — not.

Jerry Lingle

Reblogged this on Articles,blogs,books,videos,etc. and commented:
Mr. Obama please sign up for the Health care you Harry & Nancy wanted for all American’s and now REFUSE to apply to yourselves-YOU Democrat Politicians are ALL a bunch of HYPOCRITES or even worse. You are destroying the future of this country. -jlingle

Harriet Nelson

There is going to be such a revolution in this country, the likes of which have never been seen. Hope everybody is ready. I’m not a “prepper” but it’s going to get ugly.


Headline on Drudge Today:

President Sits For Portrait During Shutdown.

This is so typical of a dictator.


At $750 a month, people are better off putting the money in the bank and paying out of pocket. It’s madness.


Higher costs, worse healthcare, less freedom… for “social justice,” comrade– those evil selfish people who actually work and have jobs must be made to pay!!


I have in my hand, between my thumb and forefinger, the world’s smallest violin, and it is currently playing My Ass Cries for Thee.

While I’m playing it, I’m writing a song in my head called My Heart Bleeds.

After all, when you make your bed, sooner or later you are going to have to sleep in it.