Shoppers banned from praying in Dublin, Georgia mall

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Dublin MallA shopping mall in Dublin — a city of 16,201 in the state of Georgia — bans shoppers from praying, not even over their meals.
Todd Starnes reports for Fox News, Aug. 5, 2014, that’s what Tammy Brantley — wife, mom, avid power walker, and a person of faith — discovered.
Brantley is the co-founder of “Dublin Girls Run,” a group of ten local women devoted to physical fitness and the Christian faith, who accessorize their running attire with tutus and feather boas and have been seen running road races in southeast Georgia dressed up like Chick-fil-A cows and superheroes. The group begins and ends their runs with prayer.

Dublin Girls RunThree members of the Dublin Girls Run. Brantley on far right.

A few weeks ago the Dublin Girls had gathered inside Dublin’s local mall for an evening power walk. They formed a small circle and as they had done many times before, they bowed their heads to petition the Almighty.
But they were interrupted by a mall cop barreling down a corridor. Brantley said, “The security guard came running toward us and said, ‘You are not allowed to pray at the mall. That’s against the policy.’”
Brantley told the mall cop that the Dublin Girls have been praying in the mall since last November and no one ever said anything about it. “We’ve never had any problems.”
The security guard told her they’d had a problem with a previous religious group trying to proselytize shoppers. But Brantley said they weren’t trying to convert anybody – they were just trying to pray. Nor were they loud. “You can’t hear us unless you are in the circle,” she said.
The ladies thought the security guard was simply mistaken so they asked him to call the mall manager who verified that prayer is not allowed at the mall because the mall is private property. He said that even shoppers in the food court are banned from praying over their food.
Mall officials did not return calls from Fox News reporter Starnes.
Meanwhile, the Dublin Girls are searching for a new place to power walk. “It’s really heartbreaking,” Brantley said. “Who would have thought something like this could happen in the teeny-tiny town we live in?”
Dublin MallStarnes did not name the mall, so I did a search for shopping malls in Dublin, Georgia.
The biggest mall there is the Dublin Mall, an enclosed mall with 275,000 sq. feet of gross leasable area. Judging by the outraged comments on its Google page, that is the mall that bans shoppers from praying.
Confirmed! An article today by Kristen D. Swilley for WMAZ identifies the mall as Dublin Mall. Swilley writes:

Today, we spoke by phone to John Ingler, Vice President of McKnight Properties, the company that owns the Dublin Mall. He says he’s releasing a formal statement Tuesday afternoon. He would not confirm or deny whether a policy banning prayer is in place.


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0 responses to “Shoppers banned from praying in Dublin, Georgia mall

  1. They just issued a statement on their FB page: “Therefore Dublin Mall will not allow any congregating, soliciting, or disturbances from any group, religious group (no matter the denomination), or any organization in the Mall to disrupt or hinder any patron, guest, merchant, or employee with-in the private property of the Mall. These rules are in place for the safety and support of the tenants with-in the mall and will allow all who shop here to feel comfortable. The Dublin Mall and the management are not opposed to prayer or any religious affiliations which has also been stated in the last week; however, these practices should be done in the appropriate locations under the appropriate laws and confines with-in Dublin or anywhere in the state of Georgia.”

    • So if I prayed over my food in Dublin Mall’s food court, that’s “disrupting or hindering.” If I lived in or near Dublin, Georgia, I would make it a point to NEVER go to Dublin Mall and I’ll let all the stores in the mall, including JCPenney, know it.

    • OMG! How clueless can people be? Tell the mall manger to stick it where the sun don’t shine. So what would you do if the mall adopted a policy that the mall only served WHITE people. Would you accept that? What if the mall adopted a policy that colored people had to use a drinking fountain labeled “colored” but were prohibited from using any water fountain labeled “Whites”? Or only use restrooms labeled “colored” but not the ones labeled “Whites”?
      Sound familiar?
      The bottom line is that if you are not interfering with any of the businesses at the mall and are not creating a disturbance that might make people feel threatened then you have not broken any law. So what are these idiots going to do if you refuse to obey their asinine rules?
      Oh so you’re afraid they will call the cops on you. SO WHAT!!! The cops are paid to enforce the law, NOT mall policies. If you have not broken any laws THEY CAN DO NOTHING TO YOU!!!
      For Christ’s sake people GROW A BACK BONE!!!
      Good thing Rosa Parks had a back bone or black people would still be drinking from the “colored” fountain!

  2. The pieces of filth that run the Dublin Mall have the audacity to use an Irish name and symbols in their signage. Does anyone know what corporation owns Dublin Mall so we can avoid their stores?

  3. So prayer is considered a “disturbance.” Lol, to the unsaved, indeed.
    And “congregating” is also “outlawed” by them. I guess they’ll be running off a ton of teenage girls who love to window-shop at malls, “congregate” & giggle/gossip/yak it up as they do so. Not to mention the teenage boys who tend to “congregate” around the girls.
    The FB statement says “with-IN the private property of the mall.” Not sure why they hyphenated “within,” but it could be a legal-loophole-hint that the Power-Walking Ladies are free to congregate/pray with-OUT the mall, ie, in the parking lot before going INside. 🙂

  4. These young ladies are setting a positive example, yet they are criticized.
    I suppose the mall owners would be happier if they were shoplifting.

  5. Once word of this lunacy gets out, I’ll just bet the idiot mall managers are going to reverse themselves.
    Pissing off a large percentage of your customer base is never a good business model.
    And I’m pretty sure that what they are doing is unconstitutional – regardless of whether it is private property or not.
    You don’t surrender your 1st Amendment rights just because you happen to be on someone else’s property.

    • I wondered about that as well. I know they cannot discriminate on government properties (schools, city streets, etc.), but wasn’t sure re Commercial/Open to the Public/Private Property. That’s probably why the security guard said, “It’s our Policy.” (Remember the young guy who hung the giant American Flag on his apt. balcony in a Private Property apt. complex. I wonder what became of that situation?)

      • Re the “idiot mall managers reversing themselves”… Some good news in that regard on another front:
        An atheist org that brought a lawsuit two years ago to get the IRS to act as censor against preachers who preach to their congregations re subjects the atheists disapprove of (boohoohoo, lol), well, they dropped their lawsuit like a hot potato & went scramming like cockroaches in light when the Big Guns showed up (a Christian defense org), lol! Great news:
        8/4/14: “Victory: Atheists Sound Retreat; Give Up on Forcing IRS to Censor Sermons”:

        • Yeah, somehow I didn’t think the athiests were going to prevail in that case.
          But these days, ya just never know.

      • I’m no lawyer, but as I understand it, the SCOTUS ruled that students 1st. Amendment rights applied not just to government schools, but to private one’s, as well.
        Of course, when it comes to HoA NAZIs, who knows, as I have seen those cases go both ways?

    • Great statement, Dave, many thanks!

  6. I am in Georgia… I THINK I MIGHT JUST GO TO THAT MALL AND PRAY LOUD IN THE NAME OF JESUS!! Let’s see what they say. Because THEY DON’T MAKE THE RULES AND THEY ARE NOT GREATER THAN GOD!! They have no right on the soil of a Christian nation to ban prayer… and I’ll take it to them if they don’t repent!! (I’ll see how far away they are from me here where I am in Georgia.

  7. Reblogged this on Catholic Glasses and commented:

  8. The current generation of corporate executives and managers think “corporate responsibility” means being politically correct… what exactly does enforcing a leftist ideological slant have to do with making money?

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  10. we can pray over our meal any where!

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  12. There really is a lot more to the story than this article includes. I am both a Christian and live very near Dublin and I agree with the mall management on this issue.

  13. Clearly, people need to boycott this mall. This is an absolute violation of everyone’s religious freedom and freedom of speech. Shame on them!


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