Shooting victim thought she could communicate with President Lucifer

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Dental hygienist in D.C. chase ‘suffered delusions’ from post-partum depression


The dental hygienist who was gunned down by police yesterday after ramming a White House barrier with her young daughter in the car thought President Obama was electronically monitoring her Connecticut home in order to broadcast her life on television, law enforcement sources told ABC News.

According to sources Carey believed she was the “prophet of Stamford” and was capable of communicating with Obama.

Investigators have found indications Miriam Carey suffered delusions due to a history of mental illness, NBC Connecticut reports.

Carey’s mother claims the woman has suffered from post-partum depression since giving birth to her daughter Erica last year…


TD here: This woman was literally “off her meds”. We knew the story would come into focus given a couple of days. That said, I have a question for the police officers who read this blog: Why didn’t the police blow out her tires, smash the windows and use non-lethal force? I ask this respectfully, knowing the situation looked different to the police on the scene than to me, safely sitting hundreds of miles away watching it on TV. 

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  1. I also wondered why the police didn’t shoot out her tires or use spike strips instead of using lethal force especially in light of all the police chases seen on television that drag on for miles without shots being fired [at least by the police].

  2. Perhaps the police were concerned she would flash a gun when stepping out of the car. I have a hard time buying it, but I’m trying to process this stuff.

  3. I am not normally very supportive of police when they shoot … especially when they shoot people who are un-armed, sleeping, etc … in this case I do have to wonder some though and I have mixed feelings about the actions. As much as I may despise the policies of the current president, we are talking about the nation’s capital (bloated as it may be) and one can hide a lot in a vehicle that a truly determined person could use to create havoc in such a “sensitive” area. While I do not believe that my life is any more valuable than yours or anyone else, or that anyone else has a life more important than mine, there is something to be said for protecting what are effectively … even if not realistically at present, national assets.

  4. 10/3/2013 — Final day of ‘Capital Shield 2014’ (CS 14) = DC shooting False Flag

    Reported Capital Shooting: Like previous pre-planned events there was a “drill” going on in the vicinity

  5. Things keep getting curioser and curioser!

  6. Somewhere out there liberals are disappointed they can’t blame conservatives and AR-15s for “gun violence”…

  7. Suzanne Western

    I would like to offer a few facts that haven’t been mentioned since yesterday. 1. A witness told Washington Post that the woman tried to go around the SS officer (in plain clothes) and the officer began yelling at the driver, and pounding on the hood of her car. 2. The same witness also said a second SS officer tried to use a metal barrier to block her as she was backing up her car. 3. The same witness told WaPo that the woman backed her car completely out and drove away. This is when they first fired shots at her car. 4. Reports last night on infowars was the woman did not pull into the WH gate, but was near the WH when she came up to a random SS security stop. This is something they have done in the past, but not on a daily basis.
    I just feel that this was a “shoot first, ask questions later” incident and trying to liken this to the Navy Yard shooter! Hell was unleashed on one woman with her baby, and her only defenseand shield was her car. No weapons were found, and her actions were to Flee, not use her car to bring harm.

    • I actually had not seen any of this and did not know that the people shooting were not uniformed. Living as I do it is difficult to get all of the details on some stories and some others seem so obvious on the certain that I do not see the need to commit a lot of time (better spent in other endeavors) to get all of the details. Thanks.

  8. Unless Miriam Carey was trying to use her car (the only “weapon” she apparently had) to run down a police officer or civilian, there was no justifiable reason for the government to shoot this woman.

    Government has been getting rather trigger happy over the last couple of decades, particularly when it comes to unarmed Americans (Google Vicki Weaver), and that trend appears to be accelerating.


    • Folks, I’ll tell you the truth as told to me by RCMP, US police, lawyers, and yes, even attorneys general. The ones that share it often disapprove of the changes and try not go along, if at all possible. Others do so unwillingly because ‘it’s my job,’ but I think this is very weak. One attorney general [a client of mine] who complained about the hardships of his C$ 250,000+ job also wondered why he didn’t have any friends. One took early retirement because of it; others say they hope they’re never put into ‘the situation’. One top criminal defense lawyer quit after six years: “Why save someone if they’re going to be killed when they get out?” he said.

      Too much was been spent on equipment and arms, not nearly enough on training and education. Militarisation of the police is parallel to the mega monuments that politicians build to their memories: it shows ‘something’ was done.

      The fact is that it’s ‘easier’ to simply end ‘the situation’ than to see it through what has become an unbelievably complex, tedious, and often fruitless course of seeking redress through the now so-called ‘justice system,’ which has far more of system than it has of justice.

      In situations such as these, someone will take it upon himself [I’ve yet to hear of a women doing so] to simply ‘terminate’ the problem ASAP. As they say over and again, “It saves everybody a lot of time and money.”

      Go ahead and rail at me all you like: I’m just the messenger, not the writer of the message. The system’s rotted like a fish, from the head down. Go fish; go Obama. Hey, I’m NOT blaming him: it’s the system, always the system, as expressed through its operators.

    • I am fully aware of a great many of the events surrounding the tragic deaths of members of the Weaver family including the fact that he was pursued and bothered by a not-so-bright FBI informant for three months before he finally took a hacksaw to the guys shotgun … and cut the barrel to eighteen and a quarter inches … one full quarter inch longer than needed to make absolutely certain it was legal. His boy shot in the back at great distance by a highly trained sniper who claims he can hit a quarter every shot at five-hundred yards … I was as disgusted by that as I was Waco … when was the last time you lit a kerosene anything and had a great big puff of white smoke followed by intense flames? The phosphorous they used there was probably powdered however as it did not flame out the same way the crystalline phosphorous in our grenades used to.

      The one I generally use to describe such egregious abuse was the cop and the prison guard who shot an unarmed, sleeping man sixteen times while he was sleeping and they were conducting an unlawful warrantless search … and got a paid vacation and went back to work despite a whole host of problems with that scenario … including the fact that it was further illegal for the prison guard to be there at all, on top of the warrantless search et al … and yet despite all that, it was determined to be “within departmental standards” or “parameters”. Then we have people like Chris Dorner who may very well be evil incarnate but last time I checked, that does not give the cops on scene the authority to be judge, jury and executioner and their own recordings clearly show them burning it down on purpose yet despite their claims, there is no sound of gunfire on the recordings.

      When I was a kid, my Grampa asked me why I got nervous when I had cops behind me while I was driving … “just don’t do anything illegal” he said. If he was still alive he would be buried under the jail. I am right there with you in my disgust of the blatant abuse of authority and the lack of accountability government agents and agencies have these days!

      • Well-named, anomaly1965! But you already knew that, of course. And yes, what you knowingly relate is the terrible truth for all our lives now. As Dr Richard Weaver perfectly expressed fifty years ago: “Appearance does not exhaust reality.”

        TPTB can layer appearance upon appearance, but that will never fully conceal the reality of the Evil that lies just below the surface. Just as w/the truths of 9-11 and the Pentagon Strike, these realities can be ignored by the MSM and We, the People, because to finally admit their reality would be the same as admitting We, the People, did not take seriously enough what Washington, Jefferson, Madison, and the Adams –to name but a few!– warned us about more than two centuries ago.

        We, the People, are both the first AND the ultimate repository of the nation’s truths and meanings. In our words, in our actions, and in our lives is the nation’s meaning and its destiny. Now, look at what our so-called leaders have given us in their place! Was treason ever so blatant? Was greed ever so immense? But you know the answers…..

  9. Great comments everyone. Thank you for letting me know I’m not alone. The media ignored and talked all around the elephant in the room yesterday, the fact that this woman was simply executed. Have we become Nazi Germany? (the answer is right in front of us)

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  11. Thank you Trail Dust for this important post. From the evidence exposed so far, it appears that this situation could have been handled with much more prudence and self-control. It is such a tragedy that this mentally ill woman is now dead, and most especially, that her infant daughter will not know her or be able to enjoy her mother.

  12. “While I do not believe that my life is any more valuable than yours or anyone else, or that anyone else has a life more important than mine, there is something to be said for protecting what are effectively … even if not realistically at present, national assets.” Years ago I used to share this thought with anyone who would listen: We’re all equal, etc., etc., etc. Then I got older and wiser, with several sons who I prayed would be valuable citizens in my beloved country, and I decided, hey, some are more than equal! Sorry, but if I had to make a choice of whose life I would deem more worthy, I’ll take a doctor’s life over the guy sitting in the streets begging. Once we start with the freebies, it’s all over, folks. Human nature is naturally lazy and grabby and inclined to take the easiest way out. We’re born selfish, but as we mature, we learn to love and to share, if we are fortunate enough to be around people who care how we turn out. Perhaps I’m just getting tired of hearing sob stories, too! Bill Cosby’s book, COME ON PEOPLE, should be read by all who believe that we’re all entitled to the biggest piece of the pie!


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