Shootings disband swarm of Obama’s sons

“If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”

-Barack Hussein Obama, March 23, 2012.


Jodie Jackson Jr. reports for the Columbia Daily Tribune, that at 12:26 am on June 15, 2013, according to Columbia police Capt. Jill Schlude, a “crowd” of some 30 people were “gathered” in the area of Tenth and Broadway in downtown Columbia, MO, when several loud gun shots were heard.

Officers later found a “person” near 920 E. Broadway with multiple gunshot wounds to the lower body. A second victim, who was dropped off at University Hospital by personal vehicle, had a gunshot wound to the hand. A third victim was found during a traffic stop. Police don’t have information about the third victim’s injuries.

Police found eight spent shell casings on the west sidewalk on Tenth between Broadway and Walnut Street.

Police do not have a suspect description and are continuing to “investigate,” Officer Latisha Stroer said. A video of the incident has gone viral (see above), though it is unclear who recorded it and posted it. Police declined to comment on the video.

Sgt Shultz2

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And, I am VERY sure none of those guns were “purchased” legally.
He is, obviously, after the wrong people to give up their guns.

Case Closed.


Thank you Dr. Eowyn for preparing this post. What a mob and what was the purpose of their gathering? The shots were horrible!


Sons of oboma. Isn’t that about right.


If I was outside and heard those bangs, I wouldn’t knowit was gunfire and start running. But they’re like Pavlov’s dogs. They’ve created the bell that causes the reaction.

After seeing this all I can say is, Molon Labe.

Nancy Coleman

Columbia has been out of control for decades. There has been an element kept in check — I kid you not — by volunteers and good people doing their business. It has a wealth of health and education facilities. That’s what’s helped them in the past. Now that they’ve outgrown that, there isn’t much to stop crime. People on parole do not want to come to Columbia because there are too many gangs.


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