Shocking video shows Europe's "refugee crisis" is a Muslim invasion

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2015 Muslim invasion of Europe2015 Muslim invasion of Europe22015 Muslim invasion of Europe12015 Muslim invasion of Europe32015 Muslim invasion of Europe4
The images above are among many in the video below which show Europe’s so-called “refugee crisis” actually is an INVASION.

The shocking video shows more images of the “refugees” like swarms of locusts. Do you see children and women among the “refugees”? I see mainly men — military-age young males from the Muslim countries of the Middle East and North Africa. Where are the children and women that the MSM like to parade before us to tug at our heart strings?
Purpose of 2015 Muslim invasion of Europe
Beginning at the 1:21 mark, a Muslim cleric proclaims the real purpose of the invasion:

“They [Europe] wish they were dead! They have lost their fertility! So they look for fertility in our midst! We shall give them fertility! We will breed children with them! Take the ‘refugees’! We shall soon collect them in the name of Caliphate!”

At the 1:52 mark, a black man screams another purpose of the invaders: “Money! Money! Money!”
There are images of the “refugees” rioting and attacking police in riot gear, like this one below.
2015 Muslim invasion of Europe5
Is that how refugees — defined as those fleeing political oppression at home and seeking political asylum in a safe country — behave?
How about assault and rape? Is that how “refugees” behave?
2015 Muslim invasion of Europe6
The video above repeatedly was taken down by YouTube, ostensibly for “copyright violation”. The individual or group, Death of Nations, who uploaded the video, says that copyright takedown of the video is “averted by muting parts of the audio”.
H/t FOTM’s Glenn47 & patrioticgofer
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0 responses to “Shocking video shows Europe's "refugee crisis" is a Muslim invasion

  1. Teufela Merkel and Barbara Lerner Spectre and their ilk appear as self-loathing characters, and, in my opinion, for good reason. Thank you for this much needed posting, everyone should see it.
    Wake up, men, unless you want to see your mothers, sisters, daughters, granddaughters, and nieces raped. Alternatives: dhimmitude until death is announced or rejection of salvation resulting in eternity in hell. Rick Warren and other Chrislamists, take note.

  2. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:
    Some call war peace and peace war.

  3. Locust army?

  4. We must verify that these are true, which is likely fairly easy to do, but I’m not a techy person. If they are –and I believe so– we need to know why we don’t see them on the news. I cancelled my cable last month –more cost cutting– so I don’t know if they have been on TV, but what I see on the Internet confirms to me that this is likely true.
    Some agency –perhaps two or more acting together– wishes to create chaos and civil war in Europe. Prelude to WW3?

    • Not even FOX news has shed much light on this invasion.. Meagan Kelly seems like she’s disgusted with anyone criticizing Islam or it’s evils or labeling all muslims as terrorists in waiting. She’s beginning to tick me right off, like the rest of the liberal media.

  5. Mr. Griffin gets it. It’s all about Hijra. And the elites and press care too much about being PC to see the truth.

    • Absolutely right about Koranic commandments to make the world submissive to the will of Allah and his prophet. However, the elites don’t care about PC, but they want us to so they can use it against us. They know what Islam is about, and they want to Muslims and Christians united in action to fulfil a strong desire, carry out global depopulation by our killing each other.

  6. As has been previously written — what we see is hordes of young military age men. Unless you only have half a brain, the stark reality of this truth should be apparent to everyone. Now the question is . . . what needs to be done about it! I believe that each of us needs to mount an assault on our Congressmen to stop the importation of these unvetted hordes. After all, we were told again and again that these folks were “families” fleeing war torn lands. The pictures prove that is a lie!

  7. Interesting,when I was watching those thousands of Terrorists marching down the streets and roads in Germany and some of the violence they were visiting on German residents,my first thought was,”What if the Germans had 3 or 4 machine guns placed about where the cameras were? They could whittle the problem down considerably in about 2 minutes….If EVERY town would do that,and the residents knew to stay clear of the area,maybe they could effectively stop the onslaught of Terrorist invaders.
    There’s nothing innocent about the “refugees” we’re seeing these days. TRUE refugees don’t act that way in the places gracious enough to welcome them. If they’re not a risk,why are they bringing them so far from their homes for a temporary rescue,when their are so MANY places closer that COULD house them,if they were TRUE refugees?

  8. People have to understand, they will never change, they will never assimilate. If our leaders refuse to protect us, we will do the assimilating or die. Not the life I had in mind for my children.
    Many are just crazily following, not even knowing wth they are doing. Someone told them they will gets lots of money and they blindly follow.
    The consider those not Muslim as weak and it makes them feel empowered. With our President working for them, they are correct.
    The young men that are being so abusive are being financed by Soros for one, and he doesn’t deny it.
    We have seen their nice clothes,and shoes and cell phones, and they have lots of money in their pockets. Coming from countries where making a few hundred a year in the norm, it isn’t hard to figure out.
    Our problem is, we have to have new leadership, or we won’t survive.
    As for Merkel, I hope her karma arrives soon, she is making it hard on the rest. She is throwing people out of their own homes to turn over to the heathens.
    We fight now, or it is all gone. I refuse to be bullied by liberals in this country.

  9. Reblogged this on Patriotic Gofer and commented:
    This is what’s in store for the USA, with king obama bringing in “refugees” by the hundreds of thousands, spreading them across each state, forcefully. It’s a good thing that some states are standing up for their rights and saying “No!!”. If we don’t protect our own people, the government of the US sure won’t. This is all part of a UN plan to interbreed the races, ridding the world of “whites”, creating a more docile (?) and easily controlled population. IMHO … they picked the wrong group to interbreed us “arrogant” white folks.
    WW3 is on the horizon … mark my words. Revolts from local citizenry will result in a global Martial Law, leading to the UN’s plan of a one world government. Think I’m wrong? Methinks, you best think again!
    Wake up people! Stop this invasion and destruction of our ways of life.

  10. According to this interview,
    The Cabalist Freemasons who are orchestrating all this chaos converted to Islam a couple centuries ago. I don’t know if that is true, The interviewee offers some compelling evidence. It is something to ponder in light of some of our officials openly professing to be Muslim and something to research further. No genuine religion denigrates half the human race in women, and sanctifies killing as does Islam.

    • A possibility well worth examining. The Shriners wear red fezzes, and Muslim embellishments are common with them and others. The red fez is to celebrate the Moroccan slaughter of Christians, the red caused by the gleeful scooping up of Christian blood. The fez is further decorated with symbols of Islam such as the scimitar and moon/sun sign.

  11. Albert Pike wrote of this in ” Morals and Dogma ” . WW3 will be Christians vs. those creeps .
    Amazing video . Just got done watching it and have only one thing to say : ” Western Europe , you’re screwed “…………….I can’t believe the people of Germany , France , Britain , et al are opening up their arms and welcoming their own extinction . How damn dumb can you be ?
    Which proves liberalism is truly a mental disease .

  12. This group of demented, destructive, abusive people is the world’s karma for kicking God out of their consciousness, being and world. If mankind maintained their love and reverence for their creator God, I believe this would not be happening and this people would already be contained and stopped. For America, Obama, Jarrett, Soros and their minions, who’re in agreement with this savage group, are the ones bringing America’s karma to her doorstep for kicking God out. The Godless liberals/communists are begging for these savages to destroy them by taking on the ways of evil, such as, abortion, perversions of sex and marriage, drugs, child abuse, etc. Do liberals really expect a positive outcome from having absolutely no morals and standards? They are probably quite a few of the same souls from the time of Pompeii, Soddom & Gomorrah, Roman and Greek Empires, Atlantis and Lemuria – review history and note where they and their country ended up. Atlantis & Lemuria crumbled and sank and now lies deep within the bottom of the ocean. We can still see the end result of Pompeii. What will it take to wake up these people from their hedonistic, anti-self thoughts and feelings??? How many lifetimes will they put themselves and the rest of society through this total destruction of their hearts, minds and souls? “You get what you give” and “whatever energy you put out into the universe returns to your doorstep” is truth. Hedonists are lost, lost, lost in their world of destructive unreality, and only God can pull them out of it. Pray for them and Earth to return to God reality.

  13. I’ve noticed that some of the footage is of local attacks here in America related to the knockout game. Very misleading on that front.

    • Please point us to where in the video you saw that. I didn’t see any U.S. knockout-game footage. Some “refugees” are black ’cause they’re from Muslim countries in North and East Africa.

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  15. Ban Muslim all the world

  16. France and all Europe, get out of the EU; members of NWO/UN, get out. Put both in trash bin of history. France, impeach elected opponents of your country, bring home the French Foreign Legion and put it to needed use.


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