Shocking video of second ‘migrant caravan’ tearing down Mexico-Guatemala border fence; one invader killed

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Last night, a shocking 4-hour long video was posted to Facebook — of swarthy young males, some with their faces concealed by scarves, throwing rocks at, pushing against, and tearing down a metal border fence.

Beginning at around the 3:07:00 mark, some of the invaders are carrying homemade shields, as if preparing to do battle. Beginning at the 3:10:00 mark is the sound of a helicopter. At the 3:11:26 mark, the low-flying helicopter can be seen. The helicopter hovers but does not land.

At the 3:31:44 mark, one of the invaders throws a rock at the helicopter (and missed), followed by others also trying to hit the helicopter with rocks. By this time, the skyline is pink as daylight fades.

As the dark of night encroaches, suddenly smoke (from tear gas?) is seen.

Throughout the four-hour long video, you can hear the invaders yell and chatter. One word, intermittently uttered, stands out: “Americano”.

Below is a very short video of the invaders crashing the Mexico-Guatemala border. I urge you to watch the full video on Facebook or here, to get its full impact.

El Informador, the person who posted the video to Facebook wrote in Spanish, “Second # Caravana Migrant collapses the border fence with Mexico. These are the people who are looking to enter the country,” but didn’t specify whether it’s the Mexico-Guatemala or Mexico-US border.

It’s the Mexico-Guatemala border.

Citing the Associated Press, Jazz Shaw reports for Hot Air this morning that a second, smaller “caravan” out of Guatemala, consisting of several hundred “migrants”, stormed Mexico’s southern border in the Guatemala town of Tecun Uman and forced their way across.

Some of the “migrants” were carrying rocks and bottles to throw at the police. Others were reportedly armed with guns and firebombs.

One “migrant” was killed as Mexican police sought to hold them off, but reports differ as to who actually killed the man.

Guatemalan firefighters said a 26-year-old Honduran was killed from a rubber bullet hitting his head, but at a news conference late Sunday, Mexican Interior Secretary Alfonso Navarrete Prida denied that his country’s forces were responsible. The Mexican government says their police couldn’t have killed the man because they were deployed without firearms “or anything that could fire rubber bullets.”

Shaw writes:

The caravan arrived in sufficient numbers to eventually overwhelm the border security forces around the bridge and make it into Mexico. If they manage to catch up to the main body of the original caravan north of Tepanatepec they will no doubt blend into the massive crowd and disappear….

You’ve just seen how they smashed through the border and resorted to violence to achieve their goals on the border between Mexico and Guatemala. If and when they arrive at the American border, is it your opinion that they will quietly wait in line and stay in Mexican refugee camps while their requests for asylum or visas are systematically processed?

President Trump and the Pentagon are preparing for violence when the “caravan” invaders, now numbering more than 14,000, reach the US-Mexico border. See “Operation Faithful Patriot: more than 5,200 U.S. troops deployed to secure US-Mexico border will be armed“.

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43 responses to “Shocking video of second ‘migrant caravan’ tearing down Mexico-Guatemala border fence; one invader killed

  1. Notice no other country is lining up to offer to take them.

    • Patrick Cornell


      • Hmmm… I guess you don’t read the papers or know much recent history….

        IsraHell has NO concern for anyone other than Chosen Ones: anyone else are simply cattle, fodder to be used to support the Chosen Ones.

      • Freemsonry Ruined My Family

        If you have your own country make it great. White Christians got pissed and left Europe to make their own country for religous and financial freedom. Jews have Israel and Muslims have caliphates because they want to live their own way but then come to America expecting the majority white, Christians to bow to the usurious banking jews and the barbaric muslims. The problem with America is the evil loanshark jew bankers who won’t let America print our own interest free money or be given a depression or war or presidential assasination or all of the above. The other half of the problem with America is what and who those jewish federal reserve bankers buy with their fiat pecunia. PEOPLE. Money buys loyalty. Freemasons swear loyalty to become an honorary “lion of the tribe of Judah” and get exorbitant paychecks and titles and any job they want in exchange for a DEATH OATH to the jews. Buy off or fund the campaign to get your freemason in office and soon you take over the entire govt. A freemasons breaks his oath and gets killed or his family does or they can’t find a job again.

        So there it is. Money being printed at will to pay those who swear loyalty to the ORDER (jewish freemasonry) under penalty of death in order to have a middle, upper middle or upper class lifestyle. Problem is, the internet has exposed them. The PTB install a BS placation white, Christian, new york, multi-gen billionaire after a black, muslim extremist in an attempt to placate the masses as if Trump is “one of them” and not “beholden”. BS.

        The PTB learned after JFK to NEVER allow both the POTUS and the AG to not be a member of the ORDER. Session, obviously, is beholden.

        Lastly don’t be fooled by the many different names freemasonry goes by (judaism, mormonins, wicca, kabbalah, scientology, etc..) they are all run by jewish freemasonry at the top. If a new group arises, they infiltrate and insurrect it if necessary but the more front groups the better for plausible deniability. The worst is most Christian priests are secretly, some even admit it, freemasons working for jews and I PROMISE you that a Catholic confession is not confidential. It’s an intelligence network. The other “CIA”.

        God bless.

        ps. this is my life story, not conjecture and I ‘m pushing 70 and terminal so I’m telling the truth. Peace.

      • “Trump: We Will Hold Asylum Seekers in Tent Cities Until Their Trial”

    • Nor are the Hollyweird types offering up rooms in their spacious, massive mansions…

    • Correct, and why would they? We all have enough of our own problems without importing more of someone else’s to solve because they cannot.

    • 10 – 31 – 2018 Wednesday, 11:32 am {pst} time…
      Mad Celt, Punky and I think that after being given firm warning to not arrive here illegally and the illegal invasive caravans refusal to accept all of the assistance from Mexico, …They should be shot on site at the Boarder. They’ve already been notified. But apparently many of them are hoping to die…or they wouldn’t gleefully and defiantly continue on their invasive trek into our country. We say, “Do a Gaza” on all of them right there at the Boarder. Neither she nor I are in anyway sympathetic to these obvious criminal elements who have made their motives against our laws v-e-r-y, v-e-r-y clear and it’s not to our benefit. This is an obvious invasion by thousands upon thousands of young strong, angry military aged males putting a teeny sprinkling of females and children at the fronts as “human shields”. 90% of them are male. Criminal elements who seem to feel like they “run” this USA and will definitely “own it” after their arrival. Thanks to Soros, Venezuela and some other shadowy figures, an INVASION into our country is now on the way with the goal of completely destroying it like they’ve effectively done with Europe. Have you ever been to Europe?…if not, you’ve missed it. …and that’s what they want to do to us.. Men and women will be murdered, women will be raped, young men raped, children raped, machete stabbings and murders galore, running people over with cars…and other things most folks could never even imagine of…But they can imagine them…and proudly act on those imaginations, often. From what Punky and I have seen, most of these male criminal elements seem to prefer using knives…beheadings are commonplace as well as cutting off of a persons limbs while they are alive, skinning a person alive, taking their heart out while they are alive and disemboweling them while they are alive. They literally make up s*** to do to people. What a sick way to be “creative”. These sick f**** are possessed and angry young men who proudly show off their “sick and disgusting abilities” on Instagram and several snuff film sites that openly and enthusiastically cater to all of them. They like to “one up one another ” on who is the sickest and most sadistic in how they murder folks. These satanically possessed young men are not limited to Latin America either. They proudly “show off” their killings “all over the world.” She and I have seen some from the Middle east, Philippines, China, Ukraine, Russia, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico…it goes on and on all over the planet. It’s something to see. It’s indeed horrific but I feel it’s stuff that’s necessary to be aware of so that you can “see for yourself” and it’s not just “a story”. These days, ignorance is no longer bliss. It’s severely limiting and detrimental.. This kind of stuff is reality and it’s happening now. In life, you cant “unhear” what you’ve heard or “unsee” what you’ve seen, therefore I wish everyone could check out what these satanically possessed criminal element young men {and sadly, some women} actually do to one another with their “bare hands”. If only most people knew…there would no longer be discussions about welcoming illegal criminal elements into this country to destroy it. Punky and I are not in anyway sympathetic to the plight of any of these INVADERS at all. WHERE ARE THE “BUNDY TYPE” PATRIOTS WITH GUNS AT THOSE BOARDERS PROTECTING ALL OF US FROM THIS HORRIFIC INVASION? WE NEED THEM THERE IN FORCE NOW AND IN AN ABUNDANCE!! Have a great day everyone! {smile} Pam&Punky

  2. From something I read previously, the US troops being sent to our Southern Boarder will not be armed. What good is that going to do when opposed to an army of invaders who mask their identity, and threaten to kill or maim those who are manning the boarder? This kind of assault on our sovereignty is something we have never faced before. Truly, how can our country, or any country handle such masses of uneducated, non-English speaking thugs such as this? There is no doubt that we need to pray over this matter, that the Heaven’s intervene.

    • I hope what you said about the military being unarmed is not rue Auntie. I can’t even imagine what they point would be. I said before if Trump is not serious about doing all he can to keep these hordes out then that will be proof positive he is nothing but a cowardly empty suit like all the others. I believe in prayer, but somehow I don’t think God is going to help us with this one- what would we pray for? A a simultaneous earthquake and typhoon to swallow them up, because that is what would be needed to stop such a massive group of people

    • Auntie Lulu, pardon the phrase -we are up sh. creek!, unarmed troops mean nothing, when the hordes start pushing through it will be an stampede never seen before, people running, trampled, moving and unable to get caught, mass confusion, and we will bear condemnation. These invading locusts are determined to come in regardless, they come in full force and should be met with a mightier force.

      • Alma . . . I can only agree with you 100%. When push comes to shove, if our countrymen have to resort to using weapons to defend the sanctity of our boarder, and the promise of Our Constitution and our laws–then so be it. Let the condemnation be upon the heads of those who have chosen to violate our laws and the sanctity of our boarder.

    • CogitoErgoSumantra

      And if these smaller incursions succeed, enabled by idiots in our own country urging them on and offering assistance, what’s to then stop Mexico itself from deciding, “What the Hell, let’s take back Texas and the rest!” Remember the Alamo! You can already see this happening through subversion in California…

      Now if there are good and decent and able-bodied refugees, and those who seek to enter the country LEGALLY and become English-speaking American Citizens and pay taxes and such, that’s all fine and good. But I don’t think those are the individuals the wacky progressives are agitating to caravan up here. It’s like Trump campaigned on — bring us your good and decent people, LEGALLY, but keep your criminals to yourselves. Don’t bring them here just to vote for Democrats and cost us taxes for goods & services we can’t afford, and to destabilize our society!

      We must remain the UNITED States of America, ONE Nation Under GOD.

    • Auntie, I’m surprised at you!

      Please remember what we said during World War II: Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!

    • Worse: “Trump: We Will Hold Asylum Seekers in Tent Cities Until Their Trial”

  3. I’m sorry, I thought it was US/Mex border. My error :O
    still, it was a shocking video. I’m okay with legal immigrants, but they don’t want to wait. Nah, it’s that typical TIRED old replay of election game showing the love with an “October Surprise”
    1 1964 Goldwater vs. Johnson
    2 1968 Humphrey vs. Nixon
    3 1972 McGovern vs. Nixon
    4 1980 Carter vs. Reagan
    5 1992 Bush vs. Clinton
    6 2000 Gore vs. Bush
    7 2003 California governor recall election
    8 2004 Kerry vs. Bush
    9 2006 midterm elections
    10 2008 McCain vs. Obama
    11 2012 Romney vs. Obama
    12 2016 Clinton vs. Trump

  4. I often hear about how these are “hard workers” who will take the jobs Americans are way too cool to work, so why don’t they get to work fixing up their own country.

  5. This is not going to end well. The US Army School of Americas, has a long history, their other name School of Assassins. SOA. Recently changed to WHINSEC. Look up School of Americas on web. UGLY history!

    SOAW – School of Assassins Watch – SOA Watch Border Encuentro 2018
    Oct 29th, 17 days left & countdown!
    Time is flying and in less than 2 months we will converge at the US/Mexico border in ambos Nogales for our 3rd SOA Watch Border Encuentro this November 16-18: Nogales Arizona to Dismantle Border Imperialism! Struggle, Create, Power to the People!
    Our demands:
    – An end to US economic, military and political intervention in Latin America, and the closure of SOA/WHINSEC
    – An end to Plan Merida and the Alliance for Prosperity
    – Demilitarization and divestment of borders (open borders)
    – An end to the racist systems of oppression that criminalize and kill migrants, refugees and communities of color
    – Respect, dignity, justice and the right to self-determination of communities

    This is not a joke, there were 2 articles I could find, one is NYT article
    “Can Mexico get their land back?”
    By repealing their Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, which Mexico’s peoples was never happy about, they do want to take back their land!
    The thing is, they’ve been working on it for a number of years, I know back in 2014, but probably before that.

    • It’s not a joke. Remember when Obongo was emperor and they wanted to start sending trucks through the borders on a dedicated highway? They backed away from that (temporarily). This is the same thing. They have already made their agreements.

      The remaining question is, will Trump stand for America or will he “honor” the agreement? Bush and Obongo had already given the country away, in theory. That’s what these “trade agreements” really are. Just like the EU, they say, “if you like your government you can keep your government”. Of course, these unelected business interests take precedence over any countries laws.

      So the “officials” in Mexico and Guatemala give the “appearance” of resistance. They have been told to let them through. The hope is that the US will shrug its shoulders and say “what are you gonna do?” and allow this. Just like they caved to all the shrieking Marxists over the “separated children” nonsense.

  6. There is already a NWO plan for a “corridor” all the way up the continent. This is the push for that. The countries involved have agreed to allow this. That is why Mexico offered to give the invaders legal status.

    They don’t want to do that, however, because many are criminal and from other parts of the world not subject to this agreement. The idea here is to force open this corridor (it will remain permanent) and pressure the US to drop restrictions.

    This is part of how they get their global dictatorship. In essence they are refusing to acknowledge other countries laws. It is truly a war.

    • Right on, Lophatt. This link has a map of the CANAMEX trade corridor. Click on the map to enlarge it.

      “This blog is based in the Phoenix-area which is occupied O’odham land, hence the focus on this regional area, despite being opposed to the entire CANAMEX trade corridor that runs from Canada to Mexico through Arizona.”

      • Yes Anne, thank you. This is what I’m talking about. Of course this is part of a larger “corridor” that goes all the way to South America. The basic idea is to eliminate “barriers to trade” (formerly known as national laws).

        Just like we now have a “100 mile swathe of Constitution-Free Zones) around borders, this will do the same with the remainder. All of this will be governed by The Tribe through their agents. Just like the EU.

        So all it took to meet new friends was to give up your freedom. There are names for politicians that do things like this to their constituents when they are under oath to protect their interests.

  7. I saw a tweet today saying POTUS was now sending 5,000 troops total to the border vs. the prior 800-1,000 troops. Per Brietbart, it is WSJ who is giving the 5,000 figure:

    10/29/18: “Trump escalates threats against migrant caravan”:

    Problem is, those troops are “military police & engineers” (mechanical or electrical engineers? Do they plan to ply or fry the lnvaders?)

    This is Potus’ today tweet on the subject. He gave no troop figures:

    Donald J. Trump
    10/29/18 @ circa 10:20am EDT
    *Many Gang Members and some very bad people are mixed into the Caravan heading to our Southern Border. Please go back, you will not be admitted into the United States UNLESS you go through the legal process. This is an invasion of our Country and our Military is waiting for you!*

    I capped “UNLESS” since that is probably the “get out of jail free” Excuse that will end up being used as to why 14k invaders were allowed in afterall.

    Who says PLEASE to enemies behaving illegally anyway?! :-/

    Did Andrew Jackson say, *”PLEASE Banksters, rout yourselves out!”?*

    Did JFK say, *”PLEASE USSR, get your missiles out of Cuba!”?*

    I don’t know any George Patton quotes but I’m sure he never said *PLEASE* when dealing with enemies. SMH.

    I sometimes wonder WHO is writing Trump’s tweets. John Kelly? Stephen Miller? Jared Kushner? Sigh.

    • There is a time for “dialog” and there is a time for “action”. The dialog comes later, not before. Just like with the whole anti-Second Amendment crowd, anytime you engage them you lose something. It has to be. You already have what you need, anything less is a giveaway.

      I don’t care about the Democrap’s votes. I don’t care about the New World Odor’s plans. We have a border, lets keep it.

      There are LEGAL ways to come here. Those are available to them. Anyone who can’t get in legally is not someone we want here anyway. How hard is that?

      How on Earth did they get all these morons singing this tune? There is no “right” to illegal immigration…..ANYWHERE! Just like the Jews didn’t have a “right” to Palestinian land. Oh, I think I just answered my own question.

    • What I read listed several logistical functions, but no engagement. That doesn’t bode well for success, if you ask me.

  8. Totally prepared!🙏🏻

  9. Five thousand (5,0090+) troops with no weapons? Will they also wear pink flowered uniforms and high heels and Trannies in tutus? They’ll be trampled by the invaders. And what is all this “posse comitatus” baloney? This is not a police action on U.S. soil .. this is about repelling an outside foreign invasion! Trump should pull us out of the 1951 UN refugee convention and stop this BS in its tracks. We should never have joined or allowed this evil, hateful, globalist, anti-American organization to occupy space here.

  10. While all this is going on there is another globalist initiative in the works:

    Again, the purpose of this is to supersede national laws and establish a ‘right’ for anyone to “migrate” anywhere. They would call it a step toward Global Citizenry. I would call it “free range cattle”.

    Soon there will just be a Sanhedrin that controls the world. Won’t that be fun?

  11. CogitoErgoSumantra

    FrontLine tonight and tomorrow (2-part):
    Facebook’s Dilemma — their primary goal?
    Open borders and connect people…
    Literally, Zuckerberg wanted to connect the entire planet as one.
    Do things without first worrying about breaking rules.

    When they first noticed the real-world implications:
    The Arab Spring rebellions. Yeah, Tunisia, Egypt? Facebook.
    Then came the immense data collection and ad targeting.
    Then the data breaches and abuses, and the control of the “news”.
    And now we’re considering privacy rights, and who gets to censor who/what is allowed to post online.
    Too big to succeed (ethically/morally).
    Too successful (financially) to control.
    Are they the force behind globalism/socialism?

  12. Guess it’s time to air the movie, “Red Dawn, ” 24/7 for the next several years on every station (fat chance) to remind us that, even in the 1980’s…… SOMEONE postulated that the worst threat to the US sovereighnty and BORDERS was not really from the old USSR…but from the SOUTH…. MEXICO & Central America in specific. I’m not kidding….arm up…..put by your own supply of food and WATER (esp in the SW) against weeks of “hard time” when these could be disrupted due to “caravans” of thousands of “migrants” from the South. Furthermore…need I say…..DO NOT ELECT PEOPLE TO THE US GOV’T. WHO WILL GIVE YOUR TAXES AWAY SUMMARILY WITHOUT YOUR SPECIFIC VOTE TO ILLEGAL ENTRANT S TO THE USA………

  13. The many Profitable businesses, including HIAS who was seen at the borders, and their very high profits. This is a 2015 report, which barely grazed the surface of hidden profits by these NGOs who’re high lever promoters & Pro-Immigration in USA, PDF download here…

    Winter is coming.

  14. Do NOT send the army if you do not intend to use them.
    Warn them that invaders will be shot if attempting to enter our country.
    Shoot a few dozen. That’ll stop it.

  15. Trump has said he will make NICE tents for the migrants while they wait for a response to their asylum claims, anf IF tgheu dont get the asylum they will be send to their countries. That means he wants to give them asylum. (to all?) And if they wait IN USA land, USA will be spending big money in them. Why cant they wait IN Mexico? Besides if they enter USA to wait, then Mexico will not want to take them back. Mexico will say.”no they are not Mexicans, we dont want them here”. It will ask USA to send them by plane but who pays the planes? Trump must not let them to be in USA land. not even for one minute. If he lets them in it is a big mistake.

  16. So he’s going to build tent cities in the US for them? He wants to use the military to do this. He says 15,000. This may be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard, and that statement has a lot of competition.

    They also discovered documents showing that the UN is funding a lot of this and is helping to coordinate it. So, he either knows this, or they’re doing it behind his back.

    • Maybe this will explain Trump’s inability to do what he knows is right, an evil plot by LBJ and our evil UN enemies. I copied this following from an online comment .. sorry, but I didn’t capture the writer’s name:

      “United States asylum law derives from the United Nations. The 1951 UN refugee convention and the 1967 protocol, to which we became a signatory in 1968, have been baked into our legal codes. Article 3 precludes a Muslim travel ban, Article 16 mandates free legal aid for refugees, Article 17 requires allowing a refugee to work, Article 22 mandates free education, Article 23, welfare, Article 26, travel anywhere within the United States, Article 28, travel outside the country, Articles 32 and 33 make deportation very difficult, and Article 31 prohibits imposing, “penalties, on account of their illegal entry or presence, on refugees”. United States courts have debated how to interpret these articles, but a leftist Supreme Court could easily use Article 33 to open up our borders.

      And we would be obligated to process and possibly take in every refugee anywhere in the world.

      When the United States signed on to the convention in ’68, LBJ and his people lied to the Senate and to Americans and assured them that it wouldn’t change anything about our system. The convention however is the most damaging piece of immigration law that doesn’t carry Ted Kennedy’s name.

      “Accession to the Protocol would not impinge adversely upon established practices under existing laws in the United States,” LBJ had claimed. “State laws are not superseded by the Convention or Protocol.”

      He described it as a “symbolic element” in his message to the Senate. There’s nothing symbolic about it. And until it’s gone, our borders can never be secure.

      • No laws, treaties or any other documents, internal or signed with any foreign power or organization, is above the laws of our Constitution. Every state in the union has the authority, power and duty to nullify any and everything that is in contradiction to our Constitution as stated in the sections relating to immigration. Read it for yourself, check with Publius Huldah and Kris Hall, two of the most learned people with regard to our founding documents, with Huldah being the best source. The sections on immigration clearly give the President the authority to decide who can and cannot enter our country and congress is duty-bound to make laws that support his decisions. The judiciary, in cases where constitutionality is questioned, may hear such cases but with the power to only render an “opinion”, not make law. We are a union of States, not a federal hierarchy, but even the states’ constitutions must adhere to and abide by the Constitution. Not one of these migrants qualify for asylum and in fact, no muslim, by nature of the dictates of their “religion” meets the criteria, set out in our Constitution’s qualifications of immigrants are even permitted entry into our country – but that’s obviously another fight for another day. A Republic requires the participation of the citizens of the states to be watchful and to object to violations of our safety, security, freedoms, liberties, and general welfare. It’s the reason our founders put into our Constitution our need to establish citizen militias in every state and the right to keep and bear arms. But a silent majority can lose its power when it doesn’t exercise it. Unfortunately, we lost it a long time ago. However, a strict and literal interpretation of our Constitution by a President willing to be advised accordingly is the only way the President can do this if he had the staff to so advise him. Trump obviously doesn’t have such advisers. President Trump told us many times in his tweets that he needed our support and to give him a congress that will work with him and for us. But all he got were the seditious factions created by our enemies, factions such as antifa which is now armed and staging riots across the country, all supported by the bought and sold mainstream media to “fundamentally change” the minds of the people, like us, who know the difference between freedom and servitude and want no part of their totalitarian oligarchy. There are numerous NGO organizations and even churches running roughshod over our Republic and this has been going on for a very long time. Citizen militias have all but disappeared from our states, so what are we to do? Have you seen those pictures of massive demonstration by people in foreign country – millions of them taking to the streets to protest something? I envy those people for their courage. It’s up to us now to learn the applicable parts of our Constitution relating to immigration and make our demands heard, loud and clear. The saddest thing we’ve witnessed was the lack of protesters at the border since the migrant caravans began their warpath of invasion. Let’s hope it’s not too late but we won’t know if we don’t try.


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