Shocker, not: Washington state gun laws didn’t prevent ICE detention center Antifa goon from illegally obtaining firearm

Antifa terrorist Van Spronsen taken out by law enforcement

The man who was shot to death outside of the Tacoma immigration detention center was a self-described Antifa anarchist identified as William Van Spronsen (69 years old). He showed up at the facility armed with a rifle and was throwing “incendiary devices.”

Police shot him dead.

According to journalist Andy Ngo, who himself was attacked by Antifa goons in Portland, Tacoma police say the dead man aimed his rifle at officers & refused to drop the gun. He was shot & killed by them. The rifle was recovered at the scene & appears to have malfunctioned during his attack.

Now the News Tribune reports that this dead Antifa anarchist should never have been in possession of a gun. From their report:

“His now ex-wife wrote in a petition seeking a protection orders in January that Van Spronsen talked of dying at the hands of police or of an intentional heroin overdose and that he took their school-age son to what she called militia meetings.

“He would also talk about dying for a cause and anarchist actions,” she wrote, among other concerns. “This was near the end of our marriage. I found it very scary and upsetting because I believed he would do it, even if it hurt someone and even if he died as a result.”

The protection order that followed in February made it illegal for him to have firearms.

Read the whole story here.


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1 year ago

Congratulations and a round of applause to the policemen who shot the bastard, he should have died long ago from an overdose of heroine instead of having the policemen waist the bullets on him. Good riddance.

Dr. Eowyn
1 year ago

Gun-control laws have never prevented criminals from obtaining guns!

1 year ago

Ha, ha! Here’s a living (past tense) example of what a “civil war” would look like. His rifle “misfunctioned”? Guess that’s what you call a “fatal mistake”.

None of these latter-day “Che’s” can operate a can opener. This is at least two now. The shooting at the ballfields and this that the “media” is silent about. Oh, and Ngo.

They are doing vigils for this nut job as if he’s a hero. They should be rounding these agitators up and jailing them.