Shocker, not: Social media sides with the abortion industry

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Truth is like kryptonite to proggies. Ideology is their one and only faith.

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7 responses to “Shocker, not: Social media sides with the abortion industry

  1. Selective censorship continues…YouTube is now deleting Cody Wilson’s vids:

  2. I am most pleasantly surprised by Tucker Carlson, whom I have previously avoided only because I have avoided watching Fox News. I have avoided watching Fox News primarily because they have been sliding leftward, and Bill O’Reilly really peaked two years ago. (Also, although I do value some of what she has to say, Ann Coulter is nothing but a bomb-thrower!)
    In other words, Fox News did not provide the analysis and commentary power that Infowars & Co. have. Until Alex Jones started playing clips by Tucker Carlson.

    So it comes down to this. The Left CANNOT win one single argument on the merits. All they have left are Alinsky and Leninist-Trotskyist tactics and dirty tricks. Emotional hysteria and theatricality (histrionics). Tantrums and violence.
    They are DESPERATE. They are also being FUNDED: The name of George Soros comes to mind. But there are others beside and behind Soros as well, and these people, a good number of them unknown as of yet, are also funding groups and directing things behind the scenes.

    We’re in a CULTURE WAR, and we’ve been in one ever since John XXIII ascended to the Throne of Peter.

    This is how I used to look at it. I used to look at things from President to President. Kennedy did some good things, Kennedy gets killed, Johnson takes over. LBJ starts a nasty war, the war drags on and splits America in two, Nixon takes over, etc., etc., etc.

    Yes, things do change from one leader to another. But we’ve been on a downward projectory for over 50 years now, with no relief in sight. (This is why, although I support Donald Trump, my support is only as limited as HIS UNDERSTANDING AND VISION—not mine.) Yes, political things happen that ignite other political things.

    But the War we are in is a SPIRITUAL WAR, and that War is, essentially, METAPHYSICAL and ONTOLOGICAL. The War is, ultimately, between Jesus Christ and Satan. So it only makes sense that we trace it back to the one Institution both have their Eye on, and that Institution is the Roman Catholic Church.
    I am NOT looking for legend or folklore or conspiracy theories. I am looking at the PURE HISTORY of what has happened, and taking it from there.
    In a nutshell, that History is this:
    1. Christ Established an Institution we call the Catholic Church, and He Declared that “the Gates of Hell shall not PREVAIL against it.” (He never said there would never be any trouble!)
    2. Freemasonry—essentially a Babylonian sex and power CULT—declared, from its founding, that it would infiltrate, subvert and TAKE OVER this Institution. HISTORICAL FACT DICTATES THAT THEY DID JUST THIS WITH THE ELECTION OF JOHN XXIII IN 1958. The reason why no one seems to notice or care is that too many Catholics—of whatever variety—are still asleep.
    3. The Illuminati—which unleashed modern Masonry upon the world—is real. For over 100 years they convinced the world they were not real. But the truth slipped out anyway.

    So it comes down to this. Every society has practiced one sort of human sacrifice or another. Eugenics is the name of the game, and its object is this: HUMAN EXTINCTION. Eugenics IS NOT about “improving the stock,” No: It is about, as Margaret Sanger truthfully admitted, “killing human weeds.”
    We have been looking at it wrong all these years. I used to think it was the soldiers who were on the front lines.

    IT TURNS OUT THE UNBORN ARE ON THE FRONT LINES IN THIS WAR. It has been this way since the days of Babylon.

    There are only two mysteries. One is the Mystery of Good. The other is the Mystery of Evil. We know Who Wins: GOD WINS. How long does this War continue? Again, the only thing I can guess it that it lasts until Christ Comes Again in Glory to judge the Living and the Dead.

    Again, The Left cannot win one single argument on its merits. All they can do is HOWL. And these Jacobins keep cropping up with every new generation that comes along. And with a Church now crippled, they have been unchained!

  3. I guess this is indicative of them having moved the boundaries yet again. Now censorship is consider normal. They are at a new level of frenzy in pushing their Odorist agenda.

    • Yes, Sanger—the Madame of Carnage—wound up killing more people than Lenin, Trotsky, Molotov, Beria, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and Castro COMBINED! Sanger, the GENOCIDAL MADWOMAN who keeps on killing 52 years after her death on September 6, 1966!!!

      And she did it with the public’s very—CONSENT!!! And today, a mere 48% of black babies make it out of the womb alive.

      Sanger was not alone in her evil: The Rockefeller Foundation took her up on her offer and funded it. No sociological study was ever conducted (or at least PUBLISHED, anyway) that it was not the poor who would abort—at first—but the upwardly mobile, after WW II. For it was the upwardly mobile who would seek out CONVENIENCE in their quest to remain upwardly mobile.
      No, the targeting of the poor would begin, in earnest, with LBJ’s Great Society, which targeted—successfully!—the black family.

      So Sanger—who actually addressed Klan meetings and actually MET WITH ADOLF HITLER HIMSELF!—started something, and then the Rockefeller Foundation and LBJ (and by extension, the Democratic Party itself)—picked up her banner, her plan, and ran with it.

      But it boils down to this: “We British Eugenicists do not want the word to go out that we wish to EXTINCT THE ENTIRE HUMAN POPULATION.”
      THIS is what we are up against.

  4. Alveda King has gone much farther, in dignity, than her late and famous uncle. It was Martin Luther King, the Prince Hall Freemason, who regularly BEAT HIS WIFE, to the point where she had to be taken to the E.R. on at least three occasions. It was Martin Luther King who said, in committing adultery and fornicating with at least two other women on the night before he died, who said, “I’m acting like a white man tonight!”

    Don’t get me wrong: King, whose contribution to American Society was, like RFK’s, more mythic than substantial, took us across to the other side, leaving Jim Crow segregation behind. But King was, regrettably (and this was not his fault, at least directly) but a TOOL of the Elites, and I fear that, even if he knew this, did not take the steps to address this danger. In his last public address, to Memphis sanitation strikers, he compared himself to Moses, saying he had “been to the mountain top,” and he admitted, “I might not get there with you.”
    J. Edgar Hoover and LBJ took King’s staff and turned it into a SNAKE.


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