Shocker, not: Macron AWOL as violence, protests continue in Paris

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From Fox News: As France braces for another round of violent protests this weekend in Paris and the rest of the country, embattled French President Emmanuel Macron is a missing man as his government tries to curb the chaos caused in part by his unpopular plan to hike gas taxes.

Macron swept into power in 2017, having emerged out of obscurity less than a year earlier. Espousing his own brand of centrism, he has presented himself on the world stage as a spokesman for multilateralism and internationalism against a nationalist wave moving through Europe.

While he has regularly been seen on world stages, including the United Nations and the U.S. Congress, he has been conspicuous by his absence this week, choosing to keep away from the limelight as his government attempts to deal with the issues being protested by the “yellow jacket” protesters who have protested and even rioted in cities over France in recent weeks.

Macron had initially stood firm on the hikes, saying they were necessary to combat climate change and France’s reliance on oil. But on Wednesday, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced that the government was scrapping the tax hike altogether. A government spokesman also suggested on French radio that a wealth tax that Macron ended last year could be re-introduced.

The French government has said that 89,000 additional police officers and law enforcement personnel — with 8,000 in Paris — had been mobilized ahead of Saturday to head off planned protests, which show no sign of slowing down, despite the damage control by the government.

But as ministers scramble, Macron himself has been neither seen nor heard, leading to criticism from his political opponents. Marine Le Pen, Macron’s right-wing 2017 presidential election rival, urged Macron on Wednesday to meet with the protesters before Saturday.

“Do not hide at the Elysee, do not ask others to do what the French expect of you, listen to them, hear them before Saturday,” she told reporters.

“Is Macron still in Argentina? He must surely have an opinion,” left-wing 2017 presidential candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon tweeted, a reference to Macron’s recent visit to the G20 summit in Buenos Aires.

According to Reuters, Macron intends to address the nation early next week. The Associated Press reported Friday that Macron has spent the week holding closed-door meetings in the Elysee Palace, with his office announcing that he would not speak before Saturday’s protests.

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18 responses to “Shocker, not: Macron AWOL as violence, protests continue in Paris

  1. Macron is playing the fiddle while France burns; he is telling the French people, “Let them eat cake.”

  2. Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric “Marie Antoinette” Macron, RIP.

  3. As always “they” go awol concocting new strategies, the people revolting and the Champs-Élysées ruined, no tourism, no money and the New World Order celebrates.

  4. As the gas tax hike has been taken off the table and the wealth tax might be reintroduced, these prove that the protests are about so much more than just those, including the government’s neoliberal and globalist policies, though the mainstream media want you to believe otherwise. The neoliberal- and globalist-controlled MSM are also branding the yellow vesters selfish and lazy. As Tacitus said, it is the tendency of men to despise those whom they have wronged.

  5. Like every other liberial progressive inititive they have to sneak it in because it is so wrong headed that nobody will go for it. They don’t seem to realize no mattter how you package the fertilizer it is still nothing but manure. No matter what they do. No matter how much pain they inflic. They can never ultimitally succeed. They will destroy themselves as has been demonstrated throughout history. Good will prevail to those that hold out faith.

  6. Macron is France’s Obama and they are welcomed to him. Elections have consequences ….something we BARELY learned here. Even so, we have a glut of old Obamanites who are in their 20’s and early 30’s (“millenials”) who’ve really never KNOWN any other government or economy except Obama…and these people are now twisting in the wind, whining and taking a HUGE temper tantrum on almost every level on almost every issue…..because they miss their “Dear Leader” and his governance by “pen and phone.” I keep wondering through this latest thing in France if they will somehow experience the same thing? Maybe not, b/c Macron peeved the middle class with his tax. When that happened here, we elected Trump. So, we’ll see…….Meanwhile, here in CA the sheeple rejected the repeal of OUR OWN recent gas tax……

  7. It’s long overdue for the cultural Marxist puppet politicians and their billionaire puppetmasters to be hung, or electrocuted.

  8. Patrick Cornell

    These riots portend the end of the European Union.

    • If only that were true! Many of them regret it. Look how hard it is to get out of. The UK really doesn’t want to leave (I’m talking about the politicians). Only a fool would enslave themselves. That means us too.

      None of these “Trade Agreements” are good for the citizens. They are all back-handed attempts to put unelected rulers in charge. Some are waking up. That’s good. I can hardly believe it took them THIS long.

      They should be chasing that little copy of Louis XVI through the streets.

  9. This time it was an egg…… time it may be a bullet.

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