Shocker, not: Hillary's emails contained America’s top secrets

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Maybe, just maybe, the end is near for the Clinton campaign.
Hillary For Prison 2016
I’ve reported on the many lies, twists, and spins on Hillary’s email scandal. A refresher:

The State Department cannot find emails of Clinton IT staffer Bryan Pagliano. Hillary Rodham Clinton said she does not need to apologize for using a private email account and server while at the State Department because “what I did was allowed.” Hillary Clinton’s private server contained information from 5 US spy agencies. Hillary Clinton deleted half of emails from personal account used to conduct business as secretary of state.
And an  intelligence community review reaffirmed that two classified emails were indeed “top secret” when they hit Hillary Clinton’s unsecured personal server despite a challenge to that designation by the State Department.
The FBI is investigating whether members of Hillary Clinton’s inner circle “cut and pasted” material from the government’s classified network so that it could be sent to her private e-mail address.
Former Under Secretary of State Wendy Sherman told an audience that her boss Hillary Clinton used to use her BlackBerry to send info that didn’t belong on unclassified systems.

The beginning of the end?

The beginning of the end?

Now the NY Post reports that The Obama administration confirmed for the first time Friday that Hillary Clinton’s unsecured home server contained some of the US government’s most closely guarded secrets, censoring 22 emails with material demanding one of the highest levels of classification.
The Associated Press has learned that seven email chains are being withheld in full because they contain information deemed to be “top secret.” The 37 pages include messages recently described by a key intelligence official as concerning so-called “special access programs” — a highly restricted subset of classified material that could point to confidential sources or clandestine programs like drone strikes or government eavesdropping.
Read the rest of the story here.
This story broke after the State Department announced they would release some Clinton emails on Friday yet thousands will still be delayed. And how long will they be delayed? Until AFTER voters go to the polls in the first several primary states. What a coinkidink!
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0 responses to “Shocker, not: Hillary's emails contained America’s top secrets

  1. Reblogged this on Scoop Feed.

  2. That close-up photo of her? That woman is insane!
    Look at her eyes.

    • I noticed that when she was campaigning to enact Hillary-Care. Her grasp on reality is little more than as casual wave as she drifts by it.

  3. The FBI is looking into it……What a laugh,
    the FBI is Murder INC. today and involved and a part of all the Obama shenanigans,
    don’t look for any relief from the FBI anytime soon,
    just ask LaVoy Finicum

  4. Someone on here surely knows about this. I am not an Internet Tech. I did have one tell me that even if you delete something…it still is never deleted and destroyed.
    IF so? The FBI(?) someone, needs to get hold of any and all computers she used.

  5. The FBI can be pissed, jump up and down and a host of other emotions, but if BO or VJ tell them NO, it will out be moot. I doubt that Lynch will do the job we were promised she can and will do.

    • Statute of limitations under 18 U.S.C. §798 is only 25 years. So if AG Lynch does not prosecute Hillary the next AG, or the next AG, or the next AG,…could prosecute Hillary and snare Obama in the indictment.

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