Shocker, not: Criminally insane in Oregon commit more crimes after release from state hospital

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Another reason to exercise your Second Amendment right.

From Oregon Live: About 30 percent of people found criminally insane in Oregon and then let out of supervised psychiatric treatment were charged with new crimes within three years of being freed by state officials, according to a comprehensive new analysis by ProPublica and the Malheur Enterprise.

The analysis and interviews show that Oregon releases people found not guilty by reason of insanity from supervision and treatment more quickly than nearly every other state in the nation. The speed at which the state releases the criminally insane from custody is driven by both Oregon’s unique-in-the-nation law and state officials’ expansive interpretation of applicable federal court rulings.

In Oregon, those decisions are made by the Psychiatric Security Review Board. The five-member panel of mental health and probation experts has custody of defendants found “guilty except for insanity” and oversees their treatment.

Between Jan. 1, 2008, and Oct. 15, 2015, the state freed 418 defendants who had been acquitted of felonies because they could not tell right from wrong or control their actions. About 20 percent of them, or 83 people, were charged with attacking others within three years. Thirty-five were charged with lesser crimes. Fifty others were charged more than three years later, including 30 people for violent incidents.

They were charged with felonies more often than people freed after serving prison terms — 23 percent compared to 16 percent within three years — according to the Enterprise analysis and the Oregon Department of Corrections.

The frequency of new crimes and violence startled experts who have long hailed Oregon as a leader in balancing the civil rights of patients against the need to protect the community. Many mistakenly believed that only a tiny percentage of the people released by state officials went on to commit new crimes.

“I didn’t know that,” said Dr. Landy Sparr, who directs the Forensic Psychiatry Training Program at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland and has evaluated hundreds of insanity defendants in the state. “I’m totally surprised.”

One reason for Sparr’s misimpression was that the Psychiatric Security Review Board has not publicly disclosed what it has learned about this issue.

On its website, the board assures Oregonians that repeat offenses by people it supervises are exceedingly rare events, with only 0.46 percent of defendants committing new crimes each year.

That rosy statistic does not encompass the significant problem of what happens after defendants are freed, and the board knows it. Almost three years ago, internal documents show, board officials exchanged emails about the rate of crimes committed by clients released from oversight. The officials launched a preliminary study of three sample years, which found from one-third to one-half of the people freed by the board had since been arrested on new charges. They limited that search to Oregon records, which means the real number of crimes is almost certainly larger.

Those numbers are “higher than I was expecting given how well our clients do on supervision,’’ Juliet Britton, the board’s former executive director, wrote in a September 2017 email.

Read the whole story here.


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11 responses to “Shocker, not: Criminally insane in Oregon commit more crimes after release from state hospital

  1. It seems the states in the Northeast and Northwest are run by malicious lunatics whose unspoken agenda is the destruction of our republic.

  2. Well, that helps explain why I see so many kooks and weirdos on the street.
    I think the city of Cave Junction is a haven for such low-life homeless, druggies, thief’s and other assorted sub-humans.

    Just yesterday was the second time I’ve witnessed the same adult male, (physically adult, not mentally), as he stands on a street corner and screams all the obscenities one has ever heard. He doesn’t aim his foulness at anyone in particular; he turns in different directions and yells at the top of his lungs for everyone and anyone to be a part of his insanity.

  3. I believe that this answeres our question, as to were ALL the leftist fools out of D.C. came from. Well that solved that mystery.

  4. Unless they can show when and how they suddenly learned right from wrong and self-control why would they EVER release them?

    So, we pay them to ignore reality. They probably go on to write books about their miraculous successes. For people who commit violent crimes and are insane the mental health facilities should be no different than the prisons. Making the distinction is for the inmates of the prison’s benefit.

    This follows the same logic as “its OK to do insane things if you’re a Democrat. It’s expected”.

    • Apparently the criminally insane somehow end up not being mentally ill after just as little as five months!

      For example, from the story:

      There was Timothy Ashmus, a man from a coastal Oregon town who was found not guilty by reason of insanity in a December 2010 burglary, mischief and theft case. Within five months of his sentencing, the Psychiatric Security Review Board decided he was no longer mentally ill and freed him. Seven months later, Ashmus got high on meth, strangled his 8-year-old relative and then threw a toddler across the room. He was sentenced to probation for criminal mistreatment and strangulation. He accrued other minor charges until, about two years later, he was sent to prison for raping a woman. In a letter to the Enterprise, Ashmus denied the rape and said he had been wrongly convicted.

      And others just fake their mental illness! The board released a man who they claim faked his mental illness for two decades. He then went on to kill a woman after he was freed.

      You should read the whole story. It will make your blood boil as to how bureaucracy and privacy laws endanger the public and make us unsafe.

      • I’m not arguing. The only difference I may have to some is that I’m not as worried about “punishment” as I am exclusion. I’ll leave “punishment” to God.

        What I’m saying is that if a shrink can declare that “the state freed 418 defendants who had been acquitted of felonies because they could not tell right from wrong or control their actions.”, how can they release them into the general public without a declaration that they suddenly regained or learned right from wrong or self-control?

        Then, as you point out, they attempt to remain willfully ignorant and/or lie about recidivism. I’m always amazed (although I’m not sure why) at how they see doing insane things as beneficial. Obviously they care more about the homicidal maniac than the toddler or the lady who was raped.

        At a minimum, would you not expect this “panel” to be expert at this? They’ve taken this from a jury of one’s peers and given it to a panel of shrinks and behavior “experts”. What could go wrong?

  5. The progressives who rule the roost are themselves mentally ill and criminally insane; They just don’t know it yet because they are in denial. It’s a riddle, all right: Just as the alcoholic is the last to discover his condition, so it is with the insane.

    And that insanity does not originate from the intellect; It proceeds from the WILL. This is the one thing the insane cannot or will not admit to themselves, and they take it out on others who cannot tolerate their presence. And Michael Savage is correct: Liberalism is a mental disorder! Liberalism is a SIN.


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