Sheriffs take back America!

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Ever heard of the County Sheriff Project?
It’s a project of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) to take back America from the unlawful incursions and overreach of state and federal governments and their agencies. Here’s a video describing the CSPOA:

At the end of this month, CSPOA will hold its first annual Constitutional Sheriffs Convention, Jan. 29-31, in the Tuscany Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas. The Purpose of this convention is twofold:

  1. To increase the understanding and awareness for all sheriffs and peace officers regarding the true power of our constitutional authority and duty to serve and protect the people for whom we work;
  2. To unite in a concerted effort to uphold and defend the United States Constitution.

All sheriffs of the United States are welcome to the convention. Your travel expenses, hotel for two nights, meeting meals, and banquet on Jan. 30 will be paid for. But you need to register now! Go here.
Even if you’re not a sheriff but a “mere” American citizen, you can help out in three ways:

  • Send an invitation to your sheriff to attend the convention. Go here.
  • Donate money to help with the convention expenses. Go here.
  • Participate in a huge public meeting on the final night of the convention. Speakers at the event will include Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Larry Pratt, Sheriff Bradley D. Rodgers, and Sheriff Richard Mack. You can purchase an advance admissions ticket for $10, here, or pay $15 at the door.

H/t my friend Mark S. McGrew. Read his superb article on the County Sheriff Project here!

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0 responses to “Sheriffs take back America!

  1. Thank you, Dr.Eowyn, for this wonderful post! Our country is full of courageous and wonderful sheriffs and police officers! Thank you for the contact information!

  2. Eo, you are a Patriot!! these Sheriffs are heroes. Will send this to everyone I know. 🙂

  3. Our local (Republican) sheriff just got voted out of office after a particularly nasty campaign against him by a nearby city’s newspaper–not just (for once) because he was Republican, but because the city folk regard our rural county as full of bumpkins. Sending the new sheriff an invitation to this will be an interesting test, not just because he’s a Democrat but because seems more interested in Being In Control than law enforcement.

    • watch him Danny,(they) are trying to eliminate Sheriff positions and create Unified Police forces. Don’t let this communistic move happen. A Constitutional Sheriff has alot of power to protect his people! I have a very honorable Sheriff whom believes in the Constitution,the people will stand with him,come what may. There have been Dem. plants get into Sheriffs positions-sellouts such as in an area in Utah. (Which should have been straightened out by now,haven’t heard?)

  4. One convention with all the Sheriffs in the nation that appose the NWO and terrorist federal government. All the enemies of the Fed under one roof? Sounds more like the Titanic is about to set sail again.

  5. The defeatist attitude in the “threat” is utterly baffling.
    Here we have patriots who are intent on upholding the Constitution and using the God Given power that they have to do so, is something that we can celebrate. Hooray for the Sheriffs.
    Now, we need some coverage like OWS.
    MMMM. Maybe OWS is a bit suspicious, they get so much media attention.
    Also the fear of the NWO which is the pathetic “threat” the oligarch’s are talking about is so groundless, it’s just the Old World Order which is pretty much dead as a dodo. The downgrading of the EU countries last week signals it’s failure, and the money that BO is asking for, to increase his debt ceiling, I guess a lot of if went down the drain with the EU debt that he was propping up just recently.
    The Sheriffs are just what the doctor ordered.


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